Monday, February 11, 2013

Tile-Topped Treasure

If you follow my blog, you know by now that I love thrift shopping! Today I decided to share a little treasure I picked up for $5 at an estate sale last year. My intention when I bought this little tile-topped table was to paint it and use it as an end table somewhere. Well, I've had it for several months and never did get around to painting it. Something kept telling me not to...:) 
I usually research items after I buy them....just to see what I can find out about the piece and also to see what a good deal I got. I have found several items over the past year or two that were going for at least ten times as much online as I paid for them. (One reason I want to start an ETSY store!) Well, for some reason, I didn't research that little table until recently. I glad I didn't paint it! Turns out, the table is collectible and worth a LOT more that I paid for it. It is by a company called Marshall Studios. The story of Marshall Studios is really neat...if you are a vintage lamp lover, you may want to check it out! I recently contacted an expert on these tables, and he asked me to send him some pictures so he could tell me if it is one of theirs. I am excited to find out and to see if he can put me in touch with a collector who might want to purchase it! I would love to see it go to a good home and make a few bucks off it too!
 Here are a few more pictures....

So....have you ever found a little treasure that actually turned out to be a treasure? Please share your stories! I would love to hear them...:)

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