Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ready For the Weekend!

I don't know about you, but I am so ready for the weekend! I am excited because my daughter, Miranda and her boyfriend, John are coming to spend the night tomorrow and spend Saturday with us! I haven't seen her since right after Christmas...too long! Here's a picture of them....

Aren't they the cutest couple? I'm so proud of Miranda....she's always has a good head on her shoulders and is such a good person. She is my heart and although I miss her being close to home, I know she made a good decision moving to Tallahassee. She graduated from Florida State University last August with a Bachelor's in Social Science and is currently working as a state employee. She is an aspiring author and is hoping to someday make that her occupation. John is in his second year of Med School and is planning to go into gastroenterology. He is an amazing young man and I do believe one of the most intelligent and interesting people I have ever known as well as one of the nicest. He is the perfect guy for Miranda and together they make the perfect couple. So.....I just wanted to share a little about them. I can't wait for tomorrow evening. Miranda text me a couple weeks ago requesting lasagna on her next trip home, so that's what we are having! I also have a fun day planned for Saturday and will share pictures soon!

I'm off to's getting late and I have a busy day tomorrow! I'm working half the day then going to pick up my new fridge and run to Publix to pick up some groceries so I can come home and get to cooking! Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

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