Monday, February 25, 2013

From Sugar & Spice to Frogs & Snails!

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Today I'm sharing a gorgeous chair my Aunt Loretta painted and recovered. It is adorable and would look oh so cute in a little girl's room! I wish I had taken a before picture because trust looked nothing like this! Check it out...

Love the two fabrics she used...coordinating floral and stripes....:)

I also love the pretty ruffle around the finishes it off perfectly! She is planning to sell this little beauty since it doesn't match any room in her house. Isn't it too cute?

Now on to..... 

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So...after my loooong post yesterday, I couldn't add this to it, but I did want to share! After my very successful thrifty shopping trip, I went to watch the rest of my son's soccer game and then we went to look at trucks. Now, my son has had a truck for a while, but it was older and has been giving us some trouble. So, hubby and I  decided since we bought our daughter, Miranda a car for graduation, that we should also buy our son, Dakota, a vehicle as well. So, we did! is not brand new. We do not buy brand new vehicles....but it is in excellent condition for the year. It is a 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 4 wheel drive. He has wanted a 4wd for as long as he's been loving trucks. This one only had one owner and had only 55,000 miles on it. The exterior & interior are truly like new....minus the new car smell. It doesn't have power windows or door locks, or cruise control, but we couldn't pass up this deal. We gave him the choice though and he really loved the truck and decided he didn't care if it didn't have the bells & whistles. He really isn't a bells & whistles kind of kid anyway! He is so happy....even though you may not think so in his pictures below. The kid doesn't smile in pictures....but isn't he a handsome fella? I joke that he only smiles when someone gets hurt! Typical boy....he truly is ALL boy and always has been! 

Of course he wants to do some things to it....different wheels, a grill guard, etc, but he can do that over time. He is just thrilled to have it and I am thrilled we were able to provide him with it. 

Man...I love this kid! He keeps me young and has a contagious love for life! I can't believe he is graduating high school this year and turning 18 shortly after. I truly don't know where the years have gone!

A little different from my regular posts, but I wanted to share. Have a blessed Monday! always........

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