Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Music, Angels, & Mercury Glass

Well, I finally got around to clearing the Valentine's Day decor off the buffet and replacing it with something new! I have been collecting white pieces and although I don't have many, I tried to display them together along with a few other items. I know it's not perfect, but I shopped at home to come up with some things I think work of together.  Since I don't have enough pieces to fill up the buffet, I had to choose some other items to fill space. My inspiration for putting it together came with the piece you see below. The inspiration for this came from Pottery Barn's Evleen Mercury Glass Vase. Since I don't have the extra cash to spend on one of these gorgeous vases, I made my own! I got the mercury glass pillar candle holder from Bath & Body Works at Christmas....for free! I had a coupon for a free item with a $10 purchase....woo hoo for a freebie! The vase on top was purchased for a couple bucks a year or so ago, so I'm saying it was free too since I already had it.  I am thrilled with the way it looks!

I needed something to fill it with and couldn't think of anything I had on hand that I wanted to use. Then it just hit me! I could use some of my old sheet music from this old book of music that my Aunt Loretta gave me. Check it is definitely vintage!

I took three sheets and rolled them into long tubes, taped a piece of ribbon around them, and stuck them in the vase. What do you think?

Below is one of the vignettes on the buffet....a small black mirror on a stand, a thrifted white pitcher made in Portugal, and a creamer and sugar bowl from TJ Maxx. 

On the other end is a white plate I bought at TJ Maxx, my new (old) covered dish I bought over the weekend, and a large music note I bought at a yard sale a couple of years ago! I thought it would go nicely with the sheet music.

In the center is the Pottery Barn knock-off vase, a white vase I bought a couple of weeks ago at a local consignment, and my angel I use often. She is a favorite piece of mine and I bought her on clearance after Christmas in 2011 from....of all places....Big Lots! I think I gave $5 or $6 for her. I also have the little white candle holder in the front that I thrifted last week! All of it sits on a sweet little white piece I bought for $1 a while back. I know I need something in the white vase but can't decide what! Ideas? 
I'm new at this vignette thing! it is all together. What do you think? Be honest, but remember I am fairly new to the art of creating vignettes...:) I would appreciate suggestions on how to improve it!

Here's a close-up of my sweet angel...reminds me how thankful I am to have 13 followers now! I am so happy about that and can't wait to get to 25 so I can have a giveaway! I am itching to go shopping for some goodies to put together for one lucky follower! I am going to use a random number generator to pick the number and whoever was that number follower will win! So excited and can't wait to reach 25, so tell your friends!

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  1. I love what you did with the sheet music and it seems you and I have the same tastes with the white dinnerware :) love it!

    1. Thank you Teresa and thanks for visiting! I do have a recent addiction to white dinnerware....just one of my many decor addictions!


  2. Isn't it fun to take a bunch of pieces you've been collecting, and finally bring them all together? This looks lovely! I really like all the white ironstone ware together, and the mirror is unique and pretty! Great solution with the sheet music, too!

    1. Thanks Janet....I couldn't decide if it looked ok or not! I like getting opinions from others...:) Hope to see a post from you soon!



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