Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My New Lemon Cypress Trees

I can't believe I'm posting two days in a row in the middle of a work week! 
I only worked half a day today. I needed an afternoon of rest to get rid of a nagging headache. Fortunately it went away after a few hours. Just after I arrived home the FedEx van pulled up to deliver a package. Last week I ordered two Lemon Cypress plants to use as decoration in my home and they arrived today. The arrival of these little beauties helped to inspire me to tweak a few vignettes around the house after my headache went away. If you read yesterday's post, then you saw this lantern I received from Decor Steals. For now,  it is hanging in the opening between the living room and dining room. 

Here's another shot. I am going to repaint that coral frame on my plank wall. I am having a hard time deciding on a color though! Suggestions?

Another tweak I made was changing the saying on my chalkboard. This one is more suitable for Valentine's Day and it will last for a few weeks after. I also hung that wall pocket planter from the bracket on the other side of the opening.

I love this chalkboard. It was originally a mirror. The mirror remains unharmed. I just turned it around and spray painted the back side with chalkboard paint. I can easily change it back to a mirror at any time.

Now, let me share my new Lemon Cypress plants. I added one to my dining table centerpiece.

I love these little mini trees. They are so cute and the bright green color is so pretty!

I added a few vintage figurines to my centerpiece as well as the new February calendar. I know I have had this same basic vignette going for a while, but tweaking it a little every few days makes it feel fresh and new.

My other little tree ended up in the kitchen for now. These little plants will travel around the house quite frequently I'm sure. I hope they don't grow too fast and I hope they do well indoors!

The last tweak was pretty simple. I rearranged the bottom, center shelf  on my built in bookshelves a little. I also added a cute little garland I bought after Christmas on clearance. It isn't Christmasy at all to me. It is just little ivory colored felt circles strung together. I thought it was cute and it was just a dollar or two. I am still in love with my bookshelves and my handy hubby! If you're a new reader you can click on the link to see the entire wall of bookshelves.

So, those are my simple changes. Have you tweaked anything lately? 
Take care and until next time.....


  1. Vicky, do you know how lucky you are to have the ability to have lemon trees?? Oh wow, that would be SOOOOO cool!! I'd be making lemon bars, and lemon frosting, and lemon sorbet...come to think of it, maybe it's a good thing we can't grow them ;).

    Glad your headache is gone. They can be so debilitating! Your vignettes look lovely, and no, I haven't been doing any tweaking, but I have a good excuse :).


  2. Oh my goodness your plants are so adorable where you have them! You got them really quickly too! Make sure they get a fair amount of light, I have mine in the kitchen where a lot of light comes in and a couple of days at week at set them at the window. I love your frame turned chalkboard, the shape of the frame is perfect and so unusual. Lots on goodness in this post and yesterdays, You GO GIRL :)

  3. Oh how sweet, Vicky! And how I love your mirrow/blackboard - such a fabulous and beautiful idea:). Hope your day is lovely! Hugs, Kelly

  4. You have been tweaking up a storm. I think the framed chalkboard/ mirror is a winner. How about a mustard color for the frame? Loving the lantern hanging in that space.

  5. I am glad your headache went away quickly and that you felt well enough to tweak.

    I bought a lemon cypress tree at Christmas and was so disappointed that it didn't make it past the holidays. I thought it was such a cute little tree.

    Enjoy the new looks around your house.

  6. I love the mirror turned chalkboard. And what a plus that you can reverse it when you want a mirror again! Your lemon cypress trees are adorable!

  7. Those lemon cypress trees are so cute and I can't wait to see the many ways that you will use them. Love the way that lantern looks!

  8. Your little trees are so cute. Living green plants on the home are always a good thing. Love your creative idea for chalk boarding the back pf the mirror. Nice tweaks! :)

  9. It looks great Vicky! I love those little trees too.


  10. Vicky, everything looks so good. Not sure what color to change that coral frame to, do you still want a pop of color there? Love the Lemon Cypress trees. Where did you order them from? I may have to get one, so cute and love the green. I'm ready to do some tweaking today myself.

  11. Hey there, cutie patootie! I love where you put your lantern! As for the coral frame.....the only color I thought of what aqua since that is YOUR color :) I know whatever you decide it will look perfect in your sweet home.

    Enjoy your day and have a wonderful weekend, my friend! Hugs!

  12. Blah to those darn headaches! Everything looks fantastic. I have to ask, does a lemon cypress tree produce lemons?


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