Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Lovely Weekend Getaway!

Hello friends and Happy February! I can't believe January is gone already.
 I've was out of town this weekend and haven't had a chance to visit and comment on your blogs. I had a wonderful weekend in Tallahassee with my beautiful daughter, Miranda. The following photos were all taken with our phones so sorry they're not the best. I drove up early Saturday morning and we set out for Thomasville, Georgia. It's just a short drive from Tallahassee. We visited there last March (post here) and had a great time, so we decided another trip was in order. Once again, we had a lovely day. The weather was beautiful, a little chilly in the shade, but just gorgeous. As soon as we parked and started walking, I spotted this cool old Studebaker. It looks like it belongs there on that brick paved street!

There are so many quaint little shops to meander in and out of. I love looking a the storefront window displays. What a fun job this would be! This was a little village made out of painted and decorated cardboard boxes. So cute...:)

Huge mosaic flower pots adorn the sidewalks. They are so colorful!

Another cute and clever window display. This snowman and the "snow" hanging behind him is made from cotton. Sorry about the reflection.

We ate lunch at Jonah's again and it was just as delicious as last time!

The waitress offered to take our picture...:)

After lunch, we walked around a bit more. Last year we almost went into Smallcakes, a cupcakery but ended up not going in. This year we did! Check out the cupcakes! And look at the chalkboard menu in the colorful!

The cupcakes are huge!

The place is decorated so cute...mostly pink and white, but so colorful. I loved this table made from a door and the bench made from an old headboard!

Here's Miranda holding out cupcake box.

And here's what we picked! She got peanut butter cup and I chose cookies and cream. We didn't end up eating them until this morning, but they were amazingly delicious!

A little more walking and we stumbled upon the cutest shop called the Fuzzy Goat. I was wondering what kind of shop it could be and then I noticed the knitting needles on the sign. We crossed the street so we could go in and have a look around. 

I am not skilled in the knitting or crocheting department, but have often wished I was. Seeing all the beautiful yarns, I now really wish I knew how!

The window was too cute! It's hard to see, but that's a goat riding a bicycle. There were heart shaped yarn balls in the bike cute!

We enjoyed riding around looking at some of the beautiful old houses after that and then we headed back to Tally. We stopped by the Goodwill where I only purchased 2 items....neither of which I am keeping. One is for the hubby and one is a little makeover project for my sister. We went to a few favorite being World Market. I bought a couple items for myself over the weekend. I bought the little ceramic milk bottle in Thomasville. I thought it was the cutest thing! It's holding my paper straws in the coffee station now.

I also bought a mug tree at World Market. I've been wanting one for a while now and finally bought one. This was the last one they had! It was only $14.99 and I had a 15% off coupon to use too!

I bought three of these little spice containers. They are magnetic on the back.

I also bought this beautiful top. It is ivory colored lace and a sheer fabric. Miranda bought one just like it but in a jade color.

I love the pattern of the lace and I just love World Market. They have such unique items and such a variety of things.

That's about all I bought...the only things worth sharing anyway. We went to a movie while I was there too.....Black Or White. We really liked it. 

We hung out at her apartment for the remainder of the evening and most of this morning. We left to go get some lunch and brought it back to her place to eat. I left shortly after. I always have a wonderful time in Tallahassee, but any time I get to spend with my beautiful daughter is wonderful. It wouldn't matter where we were or what we did! Time spent with those we love the most is time well spent. Thanks for stopping by and joining me on my little weekend getaway. I hope you had a lovely weekend and I hope the upcoming week is as well.

Until next time.....


  1. Vicky you and your daughter look exactly alike! So glad you had happy times with her, I love mother daughter times together. That goat on a bike cracked me up, how fun! I see you found some wonderful treasures too!

  2. What fun, Vicky! Sounds like a wonderful trip. I miss visiting my daughter in the different places she's lived (she's back home right now). Those were always fun trips. :) love the goat on the bike and that cupcake shop! Yummy! Quiet weekend here - my plans fell through but it ended up ok anyway.

  3. The mug rack is a miniature of a French bottle drying rack. We now have a World Market within 20 miles. I might have to go and see if there is one. I love the top. You and Randa always seem to have a wonderful time together.

  4. That car is so cool! Lately, I've been seeing so many interesting cars like that. Lake Worth seemed to have more than its fair share. The flower pots really caught my eye too. I bet they were even prettier in person.

    What a lovely way to spend some time with your beautiful daughter, who by the way looks exactly like you!

  5. So nice you had a great time with your daughter! The cupcakes looked yummy! Have a nice week!

  6. So wonderful that you and your daughter had such great quality time together. Glad ya'll got in a special day and the trip sounds wonderful. Love your finds!

  7. Love a cute little town with sweet shopping. Perfect way to spend the day with your daughter. Miranda sure is a beauty. Love World Market also, fun and unique things.

  8. Looks like a fun trip! Your daughter is adorable. I love World Market, as well. I always find SOMETHING that I "need" from there!

  9. What nicer way to send a day than shopping with your daughter. The two of you look so cute together. I have to say that I love those flower pots along the street. They add so much cheeriness as your stroll.
    Have a lovely week.
    Connie :)

  10. Looks like you too had a fun time!


  11. Isn't it lovely to spend some quiet time with your daughter and just wander around the shops. I love it! You seem to have had the same trouble as me with reflections from the windows - two pictures for the price of one :-) The cupcakes look and sound so delicious especially the peanut butter one. Have a wonderful week xx

  12. It looks like you had a wonderful time and I agree.. any time that we get with our kids and loved ones is always a good time. By the way... those cupcakes look UH-MAZE-IIIIING :0)
    Have a great Monday.

  13. Hi Vicky, so glad yiu had a nice weekend spendings time shopping and eating out with yiu daughter! It so special that you both get along so well! I love the little white bottle holding the straws! The cupcakes look amazing too. Have a lovely week.

  14. What a fun weekend it must have been making memories with your daughter!

  15. So sweet Vickie! I loved reading about your mini mother daughter vacation. Love that cupcake shop! And a goat riding a bicycle is one of a kind! I see why you like visiting this place. Glad you ladies had a good time. Have a great week friend!

  16. Dearest Vicky, what a delightful time you and your daughter must have had together! The places you visited look so very lovely:). It is so special to have time as a mother and daughter...
    And thank you so much for paying me a sweet visit on my blog - thank you for your kind words, too! I am so happy to have found your blog and hope to stay awhile...:).
    Many blessings and hugs to you!

  17. Looks like a great time! That Studebaker is beautiful :)

  18. That's totally understandable! I wouldn't want to keep you away from enjoying a lovely weekend getaway either. The days have been creeping up on me as well, can you believe it's March already? Anyway, I hope you'll be enjoying more trips like that this year! Thanks for sharing that, Vicky! All the best to you and your family! :)

    Marci Deegan @ Twin Pine Casino & Hotel™


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