Thursday, February 12, 2015

Two bags Full!

As promised, I am back to share the items I bought when I bought my new vanity last weekend. You might remember me mentioning that this sale was a $5 a bag sale and that along with the $5 vanity, I bought two bags of junk treasures as well.

This canvas bin had a price sticker on it, but it was part of the stuff a bag deal as well. I have three more like this one already. They come in handy for lots of things.

I got these four large tassels. The two gold ones are hanging in my bedroom. The ball part of these is bigger than a golf ball. 

Still new with tags and look at the original price.

I love this strawberry and stripe patterned runner. It will be pretty with a strawberry themed tablescape this spring or summer.

I didn't need it as I have a large bolt of it already, but it was too easy to shove it in a bag, so I picked up this piece of burlap as well. It's about 2 yards.

This fabric is so pretty. I love red and aqua together. I am not sure what to do with this. It would make a pretty top as it is a sheer, lightweight fabric. Too bad I don't sew clothing.

I got all of the hoops I saw...there are7 or 8 of them in different sizes.

This hammered aluminum ice bucket was made in Italy. I priced them on Etsy and Ebay and they range from $15 up to $30 or more. This will probably be saved to put in the hubby's man cave when we get to it.

This silver plated basket had to come with me. I love these types of baskets. 

The rope detail around the edges is pretty. I chose not to polish it up, for now anyway!

She had several pieces of milk glass, but I only chose three that I didn't already have. I love these larger, pedestal style vases to hold greenery and other things around the house. This one is currently holding my kitchen sponge, sink plug, and a small nail brush that is used to scrub things occasionally beside the sink.

This one is really pretty and a decent size for bouquets of fresh flowers.

It's hard to see, but I like the design on this one,

This one was the most unique one I have found though. Isn't it the cutest thing!

Here's the top view.

This little gold claw foot tub was too cute to pass up. It will hold soaps or something in my bathroom after we remodel. It is made of plastic and will paint easily if I decide to change the gold. So cute!

Last thing I found was two vintage tablecloths. They were both well loved, but also easy to shove in a bag , so in they went. This one is gold and white. 

This one has a pale aqua blue part in the center and pinks and browns. It is really pretty and will be going on my table after I take the Valentine's vignette down.

I hope you enjoyed looking at all my finds. Not too shabby for $10! I averaged less than $0.50 per piece! If I had more room to store things, I would have bought several more things, but I left lots of good stuff for someone else...:) Hope you have a fabulous Friday. Tomorrow is our Valentine's Day party and the kids are so excited.....the teacher not so much! LOL! I'm just tired and ready for this three day weekend. The hubs and I are about to get all our trim finished and I hope we can start on our kitchen reno soon!

Until next time.....


  1. Great Finds Vicky.. really like that table runner! So cute..
    Have a great Valentine's Day weekend.

  2. I can't believe what you got for $10 - so much fun stuff.

  3. Wonderful stuff for $10! Love those table cloths and the runner!

  4. Whaaaat???? 10 bucks is amazing. Way to go girl!

  5. Love everything you bought. The last milk glass piece is awesome! Love love that cute table runner! I also love to use vintage containers for odds n ends. Pretty in the kitchen or bathroom! Glad you have a three day weekend coming up. Tiger is sick today and missing his V-day party but I'm heading over to give him some Grandma love!

  6. Excuse me while a push my mouth closed....$10.00 for ALL of that! No way, my friend! :) You found some wonderful items and I know you are going to have fun with them.

    Have a beautiful Valentine's Day, Vicky! Hugs to you!

  7. Hi Vicky,

    Happy Valentine's Day! LOL! I got a new computer monitor, mine quit this morning.
    Love the deal you got at the sale! I also like the table runner!
    Hugs from me, Linda

  8. So many fantastic things. I love the embroidery hoops because you can do so much with them and the gold and white tablecloth because it is so lovely! xx

  9. After reading the title, I thought surely there would be sheep involved. Does the aqua floral cloth go with the vintage tablecloth? Of course I would tear that cloth into strips and hand baste down the middle to make a raggedy ruffle. Love the milk glass vases.

  10. You really scored Vicky! I think I can ID the round milk glass for you, Westmoreland glass, English hobnail pattern. I've had a few pieces. Search online a little, they fetch a good price. Of course I love your tablecloths and the ice bucket is very cool.

  11. Nice haul! Love that very unusual milk glass piece:-)

  12. Once again you have dazzled us with the bargains you find! I tried to think of my favourite... but they are all just perfect! Take care xx

  13. Great finds! I love the hobnail? vase. I've never seen one shaped like that. I love milkglass. As you well know :)


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