Sunday, May 5, 2013

Before & After Times 3!

I don't know about you, but I've been a busy bee this weekend! I got lots accomplished and had some fun too! I have three before and after thrifty find projects to share today. Here you go! You may remember this ugly medicine cabinet I got a couple weeks ago at a yard sale for $2. Nothing special, but good storage for the price and I knew I could pretty it up a bit...:) 

The cream color left a lot to be desired, so of course I took it all apart, took the mirror out, and painted the frame Ocean Breeze by Krylon. I also turned the mirror around and sprayed it with chalkboard paint (my first time using this stuff....LOVE it). Here's the inside.....

And here it is after! I am in love with it...:) It turned out better than I expected!

I am using it to store my scented wax for my warmer and glitter so far. Not sure what I will put in the middle shelf yet, but it works perfectly for the things I have in there now...:)

I covered the inside of the door with wrapping paper to cover the old, ugly piece that holds the mirror in.

The next project I have to share is these letters I bought on Friday. I bought an a, d, and f and turned the d into an a and the f into a t to spell EAT! 

I have seen this done in several kitchens in blog land and just love it, so when I found the box of letters, I had to have the word EAT in my kitchen too. I am so happy my hubby was able to cut parts of the d and f off to create the letters I needed! I love that man...:)

And I love my new kitchen decor! What do you think? I painted them with the chalkboard paint as well. I love the flat finish...:)

And last, but certainly not least is the $5 file cabinet I found Friday. 
Not too much to look at here, but.....

with a little TLC and a new chalk paint job, some washi tape and painted hardware, she's looking pretty stylish! Well, stylish to me anyway!

It was a little plain until I thought to put some of my washi tape from Pick Your Plum on it. I love the pop of color and it can be easily removed when I get tired of it or want to change it...:) The numbers are written on black card stock with my chalk pen......another thing I am in LOVE with. 
It writes so smoothly!

The brass hardware was painted with Krylon brushed nickel and sealed with a coat of poly. I tried to match them to the hardware of the piece that sits on top. You can see below.

Here she is with her companion piece. I need to redo the labels in it to match the file cabinet. I'll get to it later. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how it all turned out and am ready to tackle a few more projects! Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think. I truly value your opinions...:) 

Well, I'm off to's getting late! Just a few more weeks of school! I don't know who's more or my 5th graders!!!

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  1. You have to be thrilled with all you accomplished. How did you hang the craft cabinet? You used one of my favorite Krylon colors. Very clever to turn the mirror into a chalkboard. Instead of "eat" I thought you would spell "fed"! I do not know if I would have thought of sawing off parts to get the necessary letters. BUT the best you saved for last. The file cabinet turned out to be a wonderful transformation. I love the way you painted the hardware and the washi tape accents make it special. I bought the same tape from Plum, but missed out on the scarves!

  2. You obviously love numbers just like me. What great finds and what a great job you did sprucing them up.

  3. Well, "busy" seems an understatement. You were a whirlwind of accomplishment. Talk about just getting it done! Love that you had the foresight to have your husband turn the letters into what you needed! Don't you just love making something you love from something else? Makes all that hunting for treasure worthwhile.

  4. You have been a busy bee! Wowswer! Love all that you are doing and your new to old decor is fantastic!

    As I was dusting this morning I was thinking how I wanted to paint my 60s china hutch... not sure what color I want to go yet since we don't have an official color for our living room and we aren't in any real hurry to get it done. But I still want to do it...

    ... So your post reminded me again of that desire!

    I just wanted to tell you that I always smile when you come and visit my blog! (((hugz)))

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. You have been a busy lady! Love the bathroom cabinet and how clever to make it a chalkboard! Love how pretty you made the file cabinet, and the 'eat' is perfect!

  6. Back to visit and thank you for linking to TTF!!


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