Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sharing Hearts

Hello everyone and Happy Wednesday! As you know, I am in Pennsylvania on vacation with my daughter and mother-in-law. I have another wonderful post for you today from my sweet friend Roxy from Living From Glory to Glory. Roxy is an amazing lady and has such a heart for God. She blesses my heart each time she posts because her wisdom always speaks to me. She is so poetic in her writing and has a gift for ministering to ladies of all ages through her words. Please go pay her a visit and leave her some love. Thank you so much Roxy for this sweet post today! 

Sharing Hearts
This world would be a very lonely place if we did not share.
There is a race in this world that is going on for many .
A race to get to the top,
A race to get to the finishing line.
A race to be the first.
A race to be the best or number one UNO.
It is good to want to achieve good or great things!
But we must remember those around us who need help.
Some of us do not find everything easy peasie,
but rather we must be taught and encouraged.
May we have the motto;
Leave no one behind, (who is trying)
I can not push you, and I do not want to pull you.
But I can share!
May we share the love of Christ!
We can share our toys.
We can share our joys.
We can share what we are learning as women, wives and mothers.
We are called to train, and to encourage one another.
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Wasn't that the sweetest...:) 
Roxy felt that this post was fitting for me since I am a school teacher. She said she felt my heart had to be full of giving, sharing, and teaching. She is just such a kind-hearted lady and I am blessed to have met her through this blogging adventure! Thanks again are a blessing to me!


  1. This was absolutely wonderful! I will have to write the poem down - such beautiful words.


  2. Thanks for sharing Roxy with us. I'm going to go visit her blog! Stay safe on your travels.

    Blessings to you, Theresa @ Finding Grace, Going Mobile

  3. That was very precious. It is a wonderful reminder, and there is definitely a sweet strength that is given to us in the Lord when we share and encourage one another.. we were made for it. It is so nice to meet you, Vicky, and to read your lovely blog. I am a friend of Roxy's. I hope you have a wonderful day.

  4. Such a great reminder to all of us that we indeed have a sharing heart with Christ. Roxy is my mom in law and she is such a sweet inspiration to not only me, but to everyone she comes in contact with. I am so glad that we all can encourage one another through our Blogs. Thank you for letting me take a glimpse into your world of Blogging. Now, that I know you and Roxy are friends, I'll stop by more.
    Thanks Vicky!
    Have a blessed day!

  5. Hi Vicki- Roxy is just a great gal. It was fun to read her post here. I am your newest follower-xo Diana

  6. Hmmmm...It won't let me sign up as a follower and says to check back later. I will give it a try later on- xo Diana

  7. What a wonderful poem - it is going on my refrigerator to look at daily. It is a reminder to not push or pull people along but to walk alongside them and share our experiences with them.


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