Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Stroll Around My Yard

Hi friends....:) Thanks for stopping by! I am in Pennsylvania as you read this, but I wanted to share a post today especially for my dear friend Donna from Distressed Donna Down Home. Donna tells me she always looks forward to reading my Sunday post before she goes to bed. So, since she was such a sweetie in helping me out by guest posting, I thought the least I could do was prepare a Sunday post for her! ya go Donna!

I decided to take a stroll around my yard and snap a few photos of things that captured my attention! Many things capture my attention, so please bear with me...:) If you're not a nature loving gal like me, then you might not want to stick around, but I do hope you will!

First thing I noticed was  the watermelon on my front porch. My sweet mother-in-law sent us three the other day. I cut up two for the 4th and this one will be going to my mom since I won't be around to eat it! I love the shades of green on a watermelon...:)

Next up is the tiny little pink flowers of one of my plants. Don't remember what it's called though!

Here's a china plate I placed in the planter. It had a chip in it and I saw this idea on Pinterest and loved it. I'll be looking for pretty, chipped plates and saucers for my yard now!

He's a little blurry (I seriously want a new camera!) but do you see the Grandaddy Long Legs spider in the photo below? 

One of my gorgeous hibiscus blooms. This thing blooms like crazy!

See all the buds? At least one or two opens every day....and sometimes there are more than two!

Love the shade of green on the new fronds of my Sago Palm.

A pretty garden stake...:) I enjoy dreaming with my eyes about you?

This sweet ladybug garden stone that I placed in the fork of my red maple a year or so ago. The tree has grown around it and you can see where it is cracking on the front. The back has a huge crack in it. I know eventually it will break and fall out, but I like watching the tree grow around it for now!

This may seem a little morbid to some of you, but my sweet dog Honey is buried in my yard. She was a gift from my mother-in-law a long time ago. She was a golden Cocker Spaniel....the color of honey, thus the name! She was such a gentle spirit and I was so sad when she passed away. Hard to believe May made 10 years ago that she passed. This is our little tribute to her. My dad made the cross...:)

Fronds of one of my pretty ferns with wild grape vine growing in the background!

I like this photo because for several reasons. First, I love how it's sunny and shady...see the difference. I also love how there are three different things growing on the trunk of this tree. So pretty...:)

A little mushroom in my freshly cleared back yard.

Look at all the wild grape vine on the edge of the yard. We own 5 acres, but the majority isn't cleared.

I just had to get a shot of the beautiful blue sky!

This is my power meter....just playing around with the camera at this point!

My magnloia tree.

This is a shot of the berries on my Sparkle Berry Tree. Yes, they are edible, however they aren't ripe yet!

And lastly, I leave you with a little garden bench under my red maple tree. I have had it for years. It came from Cracker Barrel I believe. I usually sit a plant on it since it is too small to really sit on...:) I love words, and peace is such a lovely word. I pray you all have peace today and throughout the week. 

Be sure to check in this week...I have a couple guest posters and you don't want to miss what they are sharing! Have a wonderful week and I will be back soon!

Until next time.....


  1. I enjoyed, very much, the stroll around your garden. It's so interesting to see things close up, instead of just the larger view. You also gave me some neat ideas! Have a great week!

  2. A lovely trip around your garden. I love the stone with the ladybird and your monument to your lovely Honey. Have a great week. Chel x

  3. I hope your trip to Pennsylvania is as lovely as the trip we just took in your garden!

    Blessings, Theresa @ Finding Grace, Going Mobile

  4. Thanks for the tour. Fun to see what is going on in your yard. Have a fun trip. I'm looking forward to Donna's guest post!

  5. Thank you, Vicky, for sending me softly into the night of sweet dreams with beautiful photographs. Love the china with the flowers, the incredibly blue sky, and the touching memorial to your dog Honey. Believe it or not, my favorite is the power meter! See you in the morning! Hope you are having a great time.

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed the stroll through your delightful yard. I love the way you placed the china plate in the planter, it looks so pretty. Your dad did a nice job making the cross for your sweet dog - very sentimental. Have fun in Pennsylvania :)

    Hugs to you!

  7. Mama V, I can picture your yard so easily. I had so many wonderful memories there and I can never thank you enough for your kindness while growing up. I hope you're having an amazing trip ❤!!


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