Monday, July 1, 2013

Lemony Goodness & Smile!

Hello and Happy Monday! Today I want to share with you how I make fresh squeezed lemonade! I'm sure most of you probably already know how to make lemonade, so feel free to scroll down a little further and check out a few photos of things that made me smile over the past week...:) Just making lemonade made me smile! It's the first time this summer I made it. My family loves fresh squeezed's so much better than that stuff in the bottle! All you need is lemons and sugar...super simple!

Lemons are so pretty to me....I love the vibrant, sunny yellow peel!

For this lemonade I used my handy, dandy new handheld juicer. I bought this at TJ Maxx a while back and have been wanting to try it out. It worked really well, but didn't give me enough pulp!

Before I cut my lemons in half, I roll them, pressing down with my hand as I roll. This makes them easier to juice.

Place half in the juicer and.....


I juiced 3 lemons to start and after I made the lemonade it was weak so I went back and juiced one more. Here is the juice. This juicer didn't keep all the seeds from spilling out, but it was easy enough to remove them with a fork.

Add the juice to one cup (give or take) of sugar. I use real sugar, but you could use a sugar substitute if need be. 

Add water to your pitcher or in my case, carafe. I found this one last year at a yard sale for a couple bucks. It's vintage pyrex...:)

Pour yourself a glass, add a couple lemon slices and enjoy...:)

Now...I also want to share a few photos I took over the past few days that made me smile. First up is a frog in my mother-in-law's fish pond. Now....I do NOT want a frog on me at all, but I do think they're cute little guys. This one was really pretty....bright green with spots. 

My son got the net and finally caught him so he could hold him.....gross! He pretended like he was going to throw him on me and of course I screamed and ran, but after he promised he wouldn't, I came back to snap a photo. Isn't he the prettiest color? My son will also pick up a snake...ugh! But.....let a tiny little spider get within a foot of him, he squeals and runs away! LOL!

I also snapped a photo of the pretty purple pond flower that was blooming in her fish pond. Check out the alligator in the background.'s not real, but if it was, my son would pick it up too!

I snapped this photo of an old pitcher pump in my mother-in-laws yard. I love the way it looks with the lichen growing on it.

Speaking of lichen....check this out growing on the side of an old storage trailer. I think it is so pretty and love the shades of grey and green.

While walking around in her yard, I spotted this old steel grate leaning up against the fence. I love the look of it and immediately thought it would make a nice trellis if turned vertically and placed on a couple of stakes. My hubby is going to bring it home for me and set it up. I think I will plant either wisteria, jasmine, or honeysuckle in front of it. Probably whichever one I find first! Since it's so big and sturdy, I might plant something on both sides.

Another smile was this ice cream bar I treated myself to after my dental appointment this morning. I love these strawberry shortcake ice cream bars and remember them from childhood. I rarely eat one but spotted them while I was in the Dollar General and had to have one. And, speaking of going to the dentist....
  no cavities....yay! I had a lovely chat with my hygienist, Krystal. She is such a sweetie! She asked me how my summer was going and when I mentioned leaving for Pennsylvania soon, she asked me if I would be near the Amish country. Anywho....we got to talking about the Amish people and what a simple life they lead which eventually led into me telling her about my blog. She has been considering starting her own and is going to check mine, if you're reading this Krystal...hello! I'm glad you stopped by for a visit...:)

Last pic is my kitten Farah. She is growing so fast...:) She is quite mischievous and loves to attack our feet! She is a funny little thing and a little funny looking too. She looks like two cats blended into one. She is tabby everywhere except all down her back, which is calico colored....weird! We love the little stinker and she can be so very sweet.....:)

I hope you enjoyed your visit. I know I always enjoy hearing from you, so leave me a comment to let me know you stopped by! I really want to start a couple projects, but with the rainy weather we're having, I can't paint! Maybe tomorrow! Oh, and if you want to guest post for me while I'm away, please check out this post! Have a blessed day my friends.
Until next time.....


  1. That reminds me of my grandmother. She made the best lemonade. :)

  2. I love fresh lemonade especially served in a vintage pitcher! Beautiful photography of beauty in unexpected places. Farah has such an intense look on her face - I am sure trouble is brewing!

  3. I just love my daughter's fresh lemonade, I think she puts the juice from an orange in it if she has one. Your's certainly looks good! I was thinking of making some, but I'd have to buy some lemons first.

  4. I love lemonade, so refreshing! Cute Farah!


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