Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lady in Red.....& Aqua!

Hello! I am excited to be sharing a sweet little project I finished yesterday. I ended up painting this one in my kitchen just so I could finish it. I have so many little projects I am working on for my home as well as my classroom and I am quickly running out of summer days! So....here goes! This homely lovely little poop chocolate brown colored shelf jumped out in my path while I was walking at the flea market last Saturday. I asked the seller what they wanted for it and she said $3, so I said....I'll take it! I know you're probably wondering why, but it is a solid wood shelf and the size is just perfect to hold lots of  read aloud books and a few other items in my reading corner at school. I knew I could fix her right up and have her looking good in no time! Here she is, scratches, scrapes, seam filler, new feet, and all! 
Ain't she purty y'all? LOL
Don't forget you can click on the photos to enlarge them.

Ok....phase two! I painted her with a homemade chalk paint concoction. She is a very pale aqua which is not showing up too well in these photos. I had a terrible time trying to get good photos in the dreary light from all the rain! I left the back unpainted for a reason. My hubby added these little feet for me. I had a basket full of wood shapes that I rescued from the trash pile at my old school. These little cubes worked well for her feet....at least I think they do. I would have preferred something a little taller and maybe a little curvy, but I'm working with what I have! The feet got a snazzy red paint job!

Ok....I didn't take any more pictures until I was finished, so.....Ta Da! Here's the little lady, all dressed up and looking quite snazzy! I added the red and white polka dot gift wrap to the back for a pop of color and the red rick rack trip to the front for cuteness (is that a word). I also added buttons to the corners to cover the uneven edges of the rick rack. I already had all this in my craft room stash...:) So far....I still only have $3 in it. 

While I was shopping for a few necessities at Wal Mart after the trip to the flea, I spotted these sweet little decals. I was looking for something else when I saw these and thought they were too cute. I love dandelions and this whole set was only $2.47. I thought they would be sweet on the sides of my little shelf, so into the cart they went! Now I am up to just under $6.00 if you include sales tax. Not too shabby in my opinion.....especially for a little darling like this! Here she is showing off her dandelions and dragonflies...:)

And here she is sitting by her reading corner partner....the chair I recently recovered. You can also see the buntings I have been working on hanging on my china cabinet. I love how it all works together! 
Makes me smile...:)

A little closer up....and yes, that would be Farah on the arm of the chair. She is such a curious little thing!

And, just for kicks....here she is before, during, and all complete! What do you think?
 I would love to hear your opinion. 

Well, that's it for today folks! I am pooped.....my son and I moved all my school stuff today. I had to go to my old classroom and haul it to my new one. It took two trips and the schools are 10-12 miles apart. We had to work around the rain as well. We have flood warnings out now. The river is steadily rising and there is water standing in the ditches everywhere. It amazes me that we can be drenched here and people across the nation are desperate for rain. I wish we could send some their way. Oh...one more thing, I noticed I have 45 followers on Google Friend Connect now, so I am starting to think about what to do for a 50 follower giveaway, so stay tuned! 

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  1. "Cuteness" is definitely the right word for this reading shelf. It looks great with the chair and the bunting. The excitement of going back to school is high around here. I miss it terribly. Please do a post on the completed classroom.

  2. So cute! This will look so sweet brightening up a corner of your classroom.

  3. OMG, it's adorable! I love it when something ugly turns out so sweet! :o)


  4. They turned out great Vicky!
    Those decals are too cute.. and what a fun
    place for the kids to enjoy.

    Great job!!!!
    -Tina (@clutteredcorkboard.com)

  5. What fun! Makes me wish I was one of your students. What wonders they have in store...

    Blessings, Theresa @ Finding Grace, Going Mobile

  6. Your classroom is going to be so darn cute! Love the little shelf and the makeover is adorable! and yes CUTENESS is a word!!


  7. Oh Vicky, this is absolutely adorable!! LOVE the polka dots! I am going to have to do this for my craft room :) Thanks for sharing your creative ideas with us.

    Love and hugs!


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