Friday, July 5, 2013

A Rainy 4th!

Happy Independence Day....a day late! I decided to take a day off from blogging yesterday and enjoy the day with my hubby and son. Our weather here in good ole sunny Florida was less than desirable for the 4th! In fact, it has rained every. single. day. this week! Now mind you, I'm really not complaining, because the rain is always welcome and needed, but it makes it nearly impossible to get things done outside! I have been trying to paint a couple projects all week. It also made for a wet....really wet, 4th of July celebration! We managed though and were able to just finish our picnic before the gulley washer blew in and then it stopped raining just before time for the fireworks! So....all's well that ends well!

We have a local guy that owns the store up the road from my home who is kind enough to purchase fireworks each year and put on a show for all us "country folk"! It is such a nice gesture for our community. Here area few photos of the sky just before the rain. This is the field where the fireworks are set off. Not sure what these giant spools hold, but I thought they were really cool! They look like giant film reels.

These photos were taken about 20 minutes later.

I wasn't able to get very good photos of the fireworks....partly because of my camera and partly because of the smoke in the air. With all the moisture in the air, the smoke couldn't dissipate very quick. They were pretty to watch though! 

Here are the desserts I made for our picnic. I baked white cupcakes, cut them in half and added a layer of cool whip inside. I then topped them with cool whip, fresh strawberries and blueberries. They were oh so yummy! and everyone loved them!

I also baked some easy peasy Pillsbury break and bake sugar cookies. I rolled them in red and blue sugar crystals to make them a little more festive. 

I love sugar cookies and usually only bake them at Christmas. My mom suggested I bake some though so I did!

I think I have a few left....I see a snack in my future! 

Hope you and yours had a blessed Independence Day my friends! Thanks to all of those brave men and women who have served and continue to serve our beautiful nation! 
I'm oh so proud to live in the good, old USA! 

Until next time.....


  1. Oh, Your cupcakes looks yummy!
    I may have to try that. :0)

    Have a great weekend.

  2. We had a soggy Fourth also. But since we were busy cleaning our carpets, it did not matter! :>))) Love those giant reels.

  3. You are a very creative baker. That's an art - to see beyond the taste and add to the visual. Your photos make me want a cupcake AND sugar cookie!


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