Monday, July 15, 2013

Opinions Needed...Please!

Hello and happy Monday! I don;t know about you, but I have been a busy camper today! I started the day with a trip to Gainesville for a doctor appointment. My mom rode over with me and after my appointment, we went to Target so I could look in the Dollar Spot for teacher supplies. They didn't have much yet, but I did find a few things. After that, we went to Olive Garden for lunch...and then by Publix so I could buy some groceries. The pantry and fridge were pretty bare due to me being gone a week.! We got home around 1:30, I put my groceries away, and then went down to my Aunt Loretta's house to visit with my cousin and his family who just arrived for a visit from Utah. I visited for a while, then came home and started a couple projects! Here is one of them. Remember the wall basket I shared yesterday? Well, today I painted it pink. I decided the first shade of pink was too pastel, so I used up the rest of my Watermelon Pink left over from my shed project and now I love it! I will be hanging it on the wall in my craft room and filling it with something soon. 

I also completed another super cool project that I will be sharing tomorrow, so be sure to check back!'s the reason I titled this post Opinions Needed!
This is a chair left over from my original dining room chairs. It's the only one I have left. I painted it red some time back and recovered the harvest gold velvet seat with a pretty green, white and grey floral. I still love the chair, but I am planning to take it to my new kindergarten classroom for my reading corner chair until I get something more cozy. Here is my dilemma! I ordered some new fabric to make valances, buntings, and other things for my classroom, and I am having a difficult time deciding which fabric I want to use to recover the seat. I need you to help me decide! You can click on the photos to enlarge them if you want a closer look!

I think they all look great, so will you please leave me a comment and let me know which one if your favorite? I will use the one that gets the most votes...:)
 Do you prefer 
Option 1, the zig-zag 
Option 2, the alphabet 
Option 3, the quilted look
Please help me decide!
Farah seems to prefer the way it is!

Here are the 5 fabrics I chose. I love, love, love them! When I make my valance, I will probably use all of the fabrics. I always make cute valances for my classroom. I am planning to make buntings as well and maybe s couple other projects if I have enough fabric.

I am also planning to make one of these sweet twinkle light strands like Jamie from Raising Up Rubies. Have you visited her blog? If not, you should go....she makes the sweetest things!

 I am trying to find cupcake liners that coordinate well with my fabrics. Isn't this the cutest? I want to make my read aloud corner a magical place for my little kinders!

Well, I'm off to work on another project! I'm quickly running out of summer and still have so much I want to do. In order to do it all, I am going to have to be diligent and stick to my lists! Thank you all for stopping by and please leave me a comment with your favorite!. I will give it a day or two and then go with the fabric that got the most votes! Thanks for helping me out...:)

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  1. They're all cute options but my favourite is option 3. I like how it's bright and has some of the red but not too match-y.

  2. I love the little quilt squares, option 3. Actually I like them all. Let us know!

  3. Option 1 has my vote! =). I think chevron prints are adorable and I love the multi-colors =)).

  4. I think it is so wonderful that you go that extra mile for the kiddos in your class. All the fabrics are just adorable, but #3 is my fave!

  5. I love option 3 ... You've been a busy lady and always inspiring!

  6. First of all love the Watermelon color!! Your room is going to be so cute and bright...lucky Kinders to have you as a teacher. I think #3 is the best fabric for the chair! Can't wait for photos of your new classroom!

  7. Hi! I think option #3 is the cutest. I get the best cupcake liners at Michael's. A lot of times I can get them 4 packages for a dollar on clearance. Love the twinkly light valance!

    Your schoolroom is going to be so much fun. Visual stimulation!

    Have a lovely day, Theresa @ Finding Grace, Going Mobile

  8. The teacher in me and my love of the alphabet says it has to be the alphabet fabric. Before I saw the alphabet, I was leaning toward the chevron pattern.

    The 5 fabrics together look great.

    I laughed when you said the $1 bin at Target. I would go into Target or Michael's and run to the $1/$2 bins. I would grab tons of stuff and be shocked at the checkout stand by how much it added up. I spent way too much money on my classroom and lessons.

  9. How fun..
    If I must choose.. I would go with fabric choice #1.

    Look forward to seeing which fabric choice is the winner. :0)

    Have a great day!

  10. I kept going back to the photos but I think Option 1 was the most striking and the red zig zag matches the chair perfectly (I'm a bit obsessional about matching things up!!). You've given me a wonderful idea for some outside lighting with those cup cake liners, I think to make them waterproof (hey, I live in England - what can you do!), if I bought some of those pretty silicone ones and strung in some solar powered lights that would make a pretty garland don't you think? Have a wonderful week my lovely. Chel x

  11. #1 for the zig zag and the kids will get a kick out's just plain FUN! Cheerful and happy feeling!

  12. I must say I love the idea of using the alphabet fabric for a reading nook!

  13. I'm a terrible decision maker but I think the zig zag. The idea about making the light strands is so sweet. Lighting makes all the difference. I bet you will have the coolest classroom around. Too bad about Summer winding down. Vacations just never last long enough, do they?

  14. The quilt pattern is my favorite. Love all the fabrics you chose. I really miss getting all the things ready for back-to-school!

  15. Definitely loving option 3!!!

  16. I think since the chair is for a kindergarten class reading corner I think the fabric with the alphabet would be cute!



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