Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pretty Little Solar Lights and I Won...Twice!

Hello everyone! I told you I would be back to share a really cool project today, and I hope I don't disappoint! A couple weeks ago I was browsing Pinterest when I ran across this idea by Cindy at Shanty Insanity. I knew instantly that I would be making some of these little beauties for my own yard! I already had the ceiling fan light globes, so all I had to purchase was the solar lights. They were only $1 each at Wal Mart. So, this is what I made.....pretty hanging solar lights!

OK.....here's how I made them. First, take the end off and pull the tab to activate the light. Replace the end and pull the clear part off the stake.

Next, I took some wire and looped it around the neck of the glass globe and twisted the end up one side of the handle. Decide how long you want the hanger to be and cut the wire. Run it under the wire on the opposite side and fold the end up and twist it to secure it.

I then got my E-6000 glue and put a dab on either side of the solar cap.....see photo below. I then placed the solar cap on the rim of the glass globe. It site nicely on top of the rim and would probably be fine without the glue, but I wanted to make sure it wouldn't get knocked off easily.

I didn't have any extra shepherd's hooks laying around, so I asked my hubby to hang them from the end of the hand rails of my little porch. I love how they turned out!

Here they are lit up at night. Excuse the blurry photo....I fell asleep early in the chair last night and when I woke up in the middle of the night, the first thing I thought about was needing to take pictures of the lights at night so I could post today! So...I stumbled outside in a sleepy haze and took the photos you see below. I didn't even notice it was blurry until today when I put the SD card in my laptop. Oh well....you get the idea, right?

This one is much better....I really love how they turned out! 

These little sweeties would look great hanging in trees too! I am definitely going to keep my eyes peeled for some pretty light globes. You can find them by the dozens in thrift stores. So, what do you think? Not bad for $2....if I do say so myself!

I also wanted to share a couple sweet giveaways I won recently! I was ecstatic to win not one, but two within two weeks...:) The first one was from Chel over at Sweetbriar Dreams. If you haven't visited Chel before, you really should hop on over there now! She lives in England and takes the most gorgeous photos! I feel like I've gone on vacation almost every time I visit her. I feel as if I know her and could sit and chat for hours in her beautiful gardens! Chel sent me a sweet little package containing a box of assorted English toffees, a sweet cut work wooden heart ornament, and a cute little magnet! Check it out...:)

And here is the magnet displayed in my craft room. I also hung the heart in here until Christmas time! Thanks again Chel....I just love it all!

Now....the second giveaway I won was this gorgeous Royal Albert Old Country Roses pedestal bowl from Bev over at Tablescapes by Bev. Bev and I have a lot in common....she was in education until she retired and we both love tablescaping. Now...she is way more experienced with it than myself, but I hope to one day be a good as she is at it! She has some really beautiful things! Be sure to go visit Bev...you will be glad you did! This package arrived while I was on vacation so I had a sweet little surprise waiting for me when I arrived home! Just look at this little beauty...:)

Isn't is just lovely? And....look what I put in it for now! Yep, the English toffees from Chel! I love it! I am going to try to eat only one toffee each day so I can make them last! 

Thanks again Bev...I just love my bowl and will treasure it always!

Well, I hope you enjoyed today's post. I certainly enjoyed sharing with you all...:) 

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  1. The hanging solar lights are a GREAT idea Vicky. Thank you for the tutorial. Very easy to follow :)

    Congratulationson your wins! You deserve them.

    Kind regards,

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words about my blog. I love it that you put the candies in the bowl...how appropriate! We also have our love of Old Country Roses in common.

  3. Very cool lights.. Thanks for sharing! Gotta try that, cuz you know how I love those solar lights.. ha, ha! :0)

    Congrats on the wins.. that bowl is beautiful!


  4. What a fun post! I love all things English, and I collect Royal Albert Old Country Roses, so two new blogs to check out.
    I can use the solar idea for Mobley. I was thinking, put the solar lights out to collect rays by day and hang them in the breezeway at night. What fun....... My favorite post yet, lol.

    Blessings to you, Theresa @ Finding Grace, Going Mobile

  5. I love your little solar lamps! How cute!!! (would love you to link up with Thrifty Things Friday tomorrow). It is always so much fun to win giveaways and you got a couple of sweet one's!

  6. I love your solar lights...Very Nice! I see those little shades at Habitat all the time and always wonder what I could do with them...now I know. :)
    Congratulations on your big wins as well...how Exciting!!!

  7. So glad you liked your little parcel, it seems so funny to see them all the way over there! Enjoy the toffees!! xx

  8. You know I love this idea! Thanks for linking up with TTF this week! I want to do this!!!


  9. Vicky, you are one of my TTF features this week. Post will be up on Wed morning!



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