Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Creative Day!

Well...I did it! I found some time to be creative today...:)
I started with the little stool I bought on yesterday's treasure hunt.
I made a cover for the top because it was damaged. I also painted the base aqua blue. I like the way it turned out but I really wanted to paint it turquoise. I had a brand new can of paint too...and wouldn't you know, it wouldn't spray right. I switched the nozzle and it still didn't work, so I will exchange it next time I go to town. So bummed! I was too impatient to wait, so I chose aqua and switched fabrics and came up with this. 

It's a sweet little stool...:)

I made the cover from a dress I purchased some time back just for the fabric. It is a lightweight denim with roses. So pretty and should be durable too. I didn't attach it permanently, so I can untie it to wash it when it gets dirty.

I didn't repaint the wicker, but am wondering if I should. It is a little shabby, but I think it looks OK. What do you think? For now it is in the guest room, but one day it will reside on my porch.

After I finished that project, I decided to make a cover for my sewing machine. I've been meaning to do this forever and finally got around to it. I used a vintage pillowcase I thrifted recently. 

I added some buttons and ribbons to the sides to keep it closed.

I love the yellow roses on this pillowcase. 

After that project was complete, I decided to do something with this box I brought home from school.

It used to hold crayons. When I emptied it, I thought it would be perfect to hold bits and pieces in my craft room. I didn't want to cover it, so I unfolded it and turned it inside out and put it back together. I have done that before with other boxes and it is really easy. This box is very sturdy! I love the plain brown cardboard....and just look at all those compartments. 

I filled them all up! These are embellishments for crafting tags and such.

I wrapped some washi tape around it to dress it up a bit.

And here it is on the shelf. I have another one at school that has 10 compartments that is almost empty. I will bring it home when I empty it and use it to hold more embellishements or maybe lace.

In between crafting, I cleaned and reorganized my big desk. It was piled high with stuff that needed to be put away. You can see the Scrabble lazy Susan that I shared yesterday. 

Here is a close-up. It holds my glass bucket filled with ribbon scraps and ric rac as well as my twine  holder and some small jars filled with alphabet stamps and beads.

The center holds my glitter salt and pepper shakers and several apothecary jars filled with wood craft supplies.

The left side holds my revolving bin and a jar filled with ribbon.

I just love the look of vintage sheets all stacked up. I have more in a cubby below the basket.

Love vintage pillowcases too...:)

I worked on a couple mirror makeovers too but will share those later in the week since this post is getting long. It felt good to get in my craft room today and clean it up, reorganize a bit, and get crafty! I have had so little time for it lately. I hope to get back in there tomorrow night to reorganize my Etsy inventory. I have so many things and am running out of room for it all. I pray each of you has a blessed week. Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time.....


  1. I waited up to see the stool - it turned out great. Love the denim cover and I would leave it shabby for now. I am so delighted with the Crayola box - so glad you kept the brand name when you turned it inside out. I have never seen one. Where did you get it? Teacher supply? I love crayons. Your craft room looks so neat and organized - you better hope I never show up to work there :>) Wait until I post about what I unearthed from Horror Monster today. You will flip!

  2. My, you have been busy. I love the stool with its aqua base and new cushion! It'll be perfect on a porch someday!

  3. Wonderful! I knew that you would make the stool look amazing. Love the sewing machine cover also. So creative!

  4. Vicky, such a fun and colorful post! You've inspired me to finish cleaning up my craft desk and space, lol. Love your little stool. Great use of the crayon box and love the recycling aspect of doing things like that. Sweet sewing maching cover. I also buy vintage sheets and pillow cases. So pretty and usually better quality than some of todays stuff.

    Have a great week!

    Have a great week!

  5. Love how the stool turned out. The colors are so pretty. Leave it shabby for now! You have the best craft room!! The box with the little sections is genus to bring home! hugs!!


  6. Hello my clever little friend :) You amaze me with your talent! I am in love with your sewing machine cover and what a fabulous idea to use a vintage pillowcase! You are one smart lady :)

    Your stool is wonderful and I love the look of it. Happy Monday, my friend. Hugs to you!

  7. Very creative post! I enjoyed seeing all you wonderful finds and makeovers.
    Be Blessed!

  8. Dear Vicky, I was just on another blog this morning and I said hoe much I love the color of Turquoise!
    I love your craft room I want to come over and play!
    And I really liked the sewing machine cover, I think when I was little we had one that looked just like that one!
    Blessing, Hey the Link Up on Wednesday's will be open for 5 days, just scroll down my blog posts and add your link when you have time!
    Roxy xo

  9. I sure enjoyed my visit here tonight.
    You were one busy gal over the week end! I stand amazed at you ladies with such talent, and your craft room would make anyone want to craft. Just beautiful!
    Quite the unique stool, though I would paint the wicker. :-)
    Blessings, Debbie


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