Saturday, April 26, 2014

Treasure Hunting Again!

Hello everyone! What a beautiful day we are having here in Florida! A little too hot already at 86 degrees, but still a beautiful day. I rode to a couple yard sales and thrift stores with my sister, Nancy and nephew, Riley this morning and found just a few things. I could not pass up this little foot stool. It is metal and wicker and there is some damage to the wicker top, but I am going to redo it. I thought it was too cute to pass up! I paid just over $4 for it. Any suggestions for the top would be appreciated. I thought about making a cute fabric cover for the top. Not sure yet.

The little birds on the sides are the reason I had to have it. I am still gathering things for that porch I am going to have someday!

I bought these adorable little metal frames. I have a few of these already. I love the shapes of these old frames. They were $0.84 each.

I got this Lucite computer monitor stand for just $0.50 and plan to use it to sit my TV on in the craft room to free up storage underneath. 

I was thrilled to find another Scrabble game! They are hard to find you know! I will probably resell this one. 

Good thing was the games were buy one get one today and I got this adorable game for my kinders to play. 

I got this cookie press for making Krumcakes for just $0.50.

I did a little research on this little gem and found some identical on ebay for $40 to $120! I believe I will sell it, but I would like to keep it too. Decisions...decisions! I know I will NEVER use it if I keep it though, so it will probably be listed to sell in that Etsy shop I have started but have yet to open...:) If not before, it will be opened this summer when I have time to!

Isn't the design beautiful? 

I don't know why, but I had to have this! It's a scrabble board but it is covered in clear plastic and it rotates. I thought I might use it in my craft room as a lazy susan. It was $2.50.

This is the base. Pretty cool...right?

Last thing I bought was something pretty for my yard. It's called Yesterday Today and Tomorrow. The blooms are bright purple at first, then fade to lavender and then white. It is very unique. I hope it doesn't freeze here in the winter. I did a little research and it is not really cold hardy and is grown more in south Florida.  I might plant it in a large container so I can move it for the winter. Also, I read that it is toxic to dogs and cate and I don't want ot plant it in the ground and risk Sadie digging it up and chewing it up. Not that she would do that or She dug up a Matchstick Bromeliad I had recently planted while I was at work the other day! I was not very happy with her! I couldn't stay upset with her for long though...she's such a sweetheart....:) I really should be cleaning my craft room but I am going to my sisters house for grilled steak instead. I am choosing lazy today because I have been anything but lazy lately! I hope to work on my craft room a bit later on..we'll see. I just haven't felt like tackling it yet. 
Have a happy Saturday friends....:)

Until next time.....


  1. Hi Vicky, I think the wicker stool will look great with fabric. I always love looking at all your great finds. Have a nice weekend.

  2. I worked my behind off today painting. I only shopped for five minutes and was a good girl and did not buy a child's wardrobe though I wanted it in the worse way. The rotating Scrabble gameboards are great when crafting. Lucky you to find another maroon one. Love the bird design on the stool. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. Some fun finds. Love the scrabble lazy susan!! I'm so busy but trying to gather things for a community yard sale here next weekend.

  4. Great finds Vicky. I love that cookie press, but like you I would never use it but I love it anyway. That stool is very sweet. A fabric top is a great idea!

  5. Great finds. I really love that cookie cutter.

  6. Sorry, the new computer and I aren't best friends and it sent my comment without letting me time to wih you a great Sunday!

  7. I like all your finds, I think I probably would have bought them all too :o) I think for the little white wicker stool I would just make a padded seat... unless it's damaged on the sides too.

    Yesterday was kind of a lazy day for me too, I didn't do hardly anything except hang out with a friend all day!


  8. Grilled steak sounds yummy! Loved seeing your new treasures! I`m sure that they will look lovely in your home!
    Greetings all the way from England!

  9. Great that footstool, looks like it will be really versatile. Thanks again for showing your great buys!


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