Monday, April 28, 2014

New Life Abounds

Spring is such a special time of's the time when new life abounds. My kindergarten class had two caterpillars given to us by the pre-k department at our school. They were delivered in two tiny clear plastic cups with lids. After just a couple days, the caterpillars had attached themselves to the underside of the lid and turned into a chrysalis. Of course the kiddos thought this was amazing, and is! I didn't have a butterfly habitat so I brought a mesh pop-up hamper I had at home and attached the lids to the top so we could keep an eye on them. Well, just a few days later, one of my little girls ran up to me all excited because the butterfly had "hatched"! Here is the sweet little butterfly. Unfortunately, our other one never emerged from it's chrysalis. I don't know looked like it was going to but never did. 

We took this one out today and opened up the bag and it flew out and away. 
The kids were so excited as we watched it flutter away into the beautiful blue sky...:)

Yesterday, while visiting my mother-in-law, she pointed out a robin's nest in one of her small citrus trees. I had my phone in my pocket, so I took it out to snap a few pictures. This little mama was not too frightened by my presence. See her there...

This one is better. She let me get closer but after I got about 18 inches away, she flew out of the nest. 

 I was very careful not to touch anything near the nest. I didn't want to risk her not returning. sweet are these little eggs.....each of them holding a new little life. Hopefully nothing will harm them before they can hatch.

There's something so precious about a nest full of tiny eggs. Love the brown specks on the pale blue. So pretty...:)

I wanted to share a picture of my Yesterday Today and Tomorrow plant that I showed you Saturday. I just love these two shades of purple. 

I hope your Monday was a good one! Mine was....we started our standardized testing today and my kids did great. I am so proud of them. Some of them have come so far this year. I have several kinders already reading...and doing a great job of it! We got to leave just after the kids today, so I got home early and had a little happy mail waiting for me. Check it out.....

Some of you may remember that I received some note cards from Cecilia in the ornament exchange I hosted last year. She's a very talented artist and has an awesome blog, The B Farm as well! You should check it out! Anywho, she knew I fell in love with this painting that was on one of the note cards. She ran across this one when she was moving some things and sent it to me. So sweet! Thanks so much Cecilia! I am so blessed to have so many awesome blog friends who leave me such sweet comments, offer up prayers when I ask for them, and are just great friends! Thanks to each and every one of you....I appreciate you ALL! 
Have a wonderful week and enjoy the simple things life has to offer!


  1. One year we had a butterfly release. Just as the butterflies were flying away, a flock of birds swooped down and grabbed them. Luckily this was middle school, there were murmurs and one snide comment, "The circle of life in motion." Glad the testing is going well and I love the bicycle card!

  2. Don't the robins make the loveliest eggs....From around December to February the bright orange monarch butterflies breed/nest in Morro Bay and Pismo beach in the eucalyptus trees, it is a sight to behold. Beautiful!

  3. Hi Vicky thanks for your lovely comment! You are my first commenter on my blog! Yuppie! I`m glad you liked my post about cherry blossoms. Will re-post it again soon! I truly enjoyed looking at your beautiful photos. Specially the speckled eggs! Wishing you a lovely day and please do stop by my blog again! :)) Hugs, Debbie

  4. What a wonderful lesson for your students...great photos of spring.

  5. The nest with the eggs made me smile :) On Sunday my son and I got to watch a Robin build and "fluff" her nest - it was just too precious :)

    Enjoy your day, my friend!

  6. I always love seeing all your photo's... the nest of eggs - So cute! Have a wonderful blessed day!

  7. The nest shows spring is really here! We have a dove's nest right next to my son's window and two little doves have just hatched! I hope they do well as they are perched so high up! Have a great week. xx

  8. You're so sweet! Thank you for the sweet comments. I'm so glad you like your picture...can't think of anyone I'd rather it go to!
    Love the Robin and the nest of eggs! I just discovered a wren's nest in a plant on my back porch! :) got to keep the pets away.


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