Saturday, April 19, 2014

Just a Few Finds!

Hello everyone! I am here to share a few thrifty finds from my day out with the hubby today. It has been rainy and dreary here for the past couple of days and I had an itch to get out of the house. We decided to go see a movie and eat a late lunch. After lunch we went to a few thrift stores, Lowe's, and grocery shopping. This is the movie we saw...

It was really good...we both loved it! After the movie, we ate at Texas Roadhouse...the hubby's favorite place. He had beef tips with onions and mushrooms and I had grilled chicken covered with portabello mushrooms and cheese. Both were yummy!  After lunch, I talked the hubs into going by the thrift stores for a few minutes. I haven't been much lately since I am trying to downsize and declutter. I do still love to go occasionally though and of course I came home with a few things. 

The first thrift store had a special of half off if you spent over $10. I got this beautiful set of 5 place with tags for $0.63. SCORE! 

They have the prettiest colors in them and will work well with many of my dishes. I really like them. 
I love the aqua blue stripe!

This vintage lace table runner is about 4 feet long and very pretty. I paid $0.50 for it.

I am in love with this set of saucers. I was just going to buy one for my plate wall but since I got the whole set for $1, I bought them all. I'm still using one on my plate wall though. I may sell two of them...we'll see!
Aren't they just gorgeous? They have no markings at all on the back so I have no clue how old they are, but they are definitely vintage!

This dinner plate definitely came home with me for my plate wall. The swirly design is gold...not black like it looks in the photo. I love it and it was just $0.25!

This adorable little aqua blue creamer was also just $0.25! 
It is so cute and you know I love the color!

I got this pretty paper weight for my daughter, Miranda. She loves globes and travel themed items. I knew when I saw it she would love it! It was $2.

All of the above items, along with an Old Navy t-shirt my hubby wanted was just $5.02! I love a bargain!

The next stop was the Goodwill, where I only found this set of strawberry salad plates. I instantly fell in love with them. So pretty..:)

I love that they are embossed. I paid $4 for the set, but I think they were worth it. I don't mind buying sets of small plates and saucers since they are easy to store. I have quite a collection and enjoy tablescaping with them. Speaking of...I need a new one! Maybe I'll go work on that now...maybe! I'm pretty lazy right!

And that's it folks! I am pretty proud of myself for walking away from several items I normally would have bought. It's easier if I remind myself that I don't want too much clutter in my house. Speaking of my house...that's why we went by Lowe's. We were pricing some things for our upcoming remodeling projects we are planning. I could look at light fixtures, faucets, and tile all day...:) I love building supply stores!

I hope you're having a wonderful Easter weekend. Mine has been lovely so far. Last night I got together with my besties for a birthday dinner and we enjoyed some good conversation while sitting and rocking on Heather's new porch. It was so nice! I'm blessed to have such good friends and I'm blessed to have such wonderful blog friends as well...:) 

Until next time....


  1. Hi Vicky, wow what great things you bought at the thrift stores. The movie looks good, I didn't see it yet but I hope to and lunch out is always fun. Have a wonderful Easter.

  2. The cream pitcher is so lovely! Great finds - I can never believe the prices you pay - much higher here. Have a joyous Easter Sunday!

  3. it sounds like a nice start to the weekend. I've read the book Heaven is for Real and loved it, haven't seen the movie.

  4. Lovely finds! I would steal that aqua pitcher from you if I lived near enough! And I also love spending time in building supply stores. Happy Easter!

  5. Happy Easter! Looks like you had a great time. The movie sounds wonderful. I love your plates and that pretty. You are doing a great job of picking up things you just love and need! Plates fall into the need category in my home for sure :)
    hugs, Linda

  6. Just catching up on blog reading after the chocolate fest yesterday! Oh dear, BIG mistake getting on the scales this morning!! Anyway, some wonderful finds yet again Vicky, I do love that globe paperweight. Have a wonderful week x


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