Sunday, February 23, 2014

Painting Memories

Hello friends! I hope this Sunday finds you doing well. It's raining out and has been most of the day. I have been productive in spite of the rain though. I spent the morning making breakfast burritos for the week. I now have around 20 of the in the fridge. After that I cleaned the kitchen and then sat down to write lesson plans for the week. I also prepared my vocabulary cards and story questions, as well as my weekly report. I am happy to have all that done! Now, I am sitting here preparing this post to share with all my lovely readers. 
Yesterday, I spent the day at my dear friend Heather's house to celebrate her birthday. Heather is the friend many of you have been praying for. For those new readers or folks who don't know, Heather is battling colon cancer. She is an amazing lady, full of faith and positivity! She loves to paint, so we decided to have a painting party! My best friend Jeana came up with the idea and we all loved it. Here is the amazing cake Jeana made. She's the best cook I know! Not only does she make delicious food, but her presentation is beyond beautiful...:)

Of course,  you can't have a paint palette without some paintbrushes!
Tasty Rice Krispie treat brushes that is!

Here are a few of the yummies we had for lunch! 

OK....enough food! I'm sure some of you are drooling on your! 
Here's the set-up for our painting party!

Here we are a while after we got started. You can see the inspiration painting on the i-pad on the corner of the table.

There were six of us and we had an absolute blast!

Here's Heather....I think I caught her mid-laugh about something. Probably one of the girls making fun of their painting abilities. This was the first time attempting something like this for some of us...myself included. I think everyone did a fabulous job though...:)
It was such fun and we definitely plan to do it again. 

Here we are...from left to right: Jeana (my bestie), Nancy, (my sister), Moi, Heather, Shannon (Heather's sister), and Shea. A couple of our friends couldn't make it, but since we plan to do it again, they can join us next time!

Aren't they all beautiful and unique? 
I love the yellow moon Nancy and Shea chose to paint...reminds me of a Harvest Moon. We all wrote a word in our paintings. Some of them are hidden in the painting, but still pretty easy to spot. You can enlarge the picture to see. I chose love. The others are enough, friendship, hope, live laugh love. 
Heather chose healing strong.....that's exactly what she is doing.

This one's mine. My branches are too fat, but I love it anyway! I had so much fun painting that I can't wait to get to Michael's and buy some canvas, paints, and supplies! I am also planning to buy small canvases and have my students paint for our upcoming Art Night at school. I am so excited!!!

The day was absolutely perfect and one of the best I've ever had. As we were leaving, the sun was beginning to set and we noticed the beautiful Redbud tree in Heather's back yard was blooming. I love these trees. Not sure why they call them Redbuds since they have pinkish, lavender colored blooms, but they are so pretty. 

Do you agree? 
Such a beautiful reminder of life. 
Live it to the fullest....every day, even in the midst of a storm. 
Heather is a beautiful example of that. 
We can all learn from her and others like her traveling this cancer journey.

Have a beautiful week everyone and remember to live life to the fullest!
Until next time.....



  1. What a wonderful idea and love the finished works! So glad all of you can come together to love and support Heather.

  2. Wow, you have been busy... and what a fun day you got to spend with your friends. Your paintings are all lovely.. it is neat to see how each person painted it! and that food looks like it was delicious! Have a great rest of the weekend. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a wonderful & inspirational post! Celebrating Heather's fight, her birthday, and good friends; what a wonderful day. The cake looks fabulous and the other food looks yummy too. I've never painted, but it looks like a great deal of fun. Looking forward to seeing more paintings, love the idea!

  4. Food, cake, friends and paint - what a wonderful recipe for fun. There might be a Dali in there somewhere. I like the idea of having your students do something similar. Let Heather know she is an inspiration to those us residing in Blogland.

  5. I love the idea of a painting party - but I think I would have everyone paint my living room instead! LOL I'm so glad to see a redbud tree blooming somewhere - it's my favorite tree and I look forward to them every Spring. My thoughts and prayers are with your friend Heather - what a lovely way to spend the day with her and other friends!

  6. Love this post Vicky! There is nothing like friends having fun...good karma!

    Sending positive thoughts for Heather. Love all the individual creativity of your paintings.

  7. I am so impressed with everyone's artwork - wow! Also, it was so sweet of you to celebrate Heather's birthday in this way. Wishing her the best of health from this day forward!!

  8. What a fun party and I love the smiles on everyone's faces!

  9. Hello Vicky, what a grand idea to have a painting party. And the cake was so cute! It is so important to make time for these get together's. It inspires us and allows us some creative ideas to share. Glad to hear she is doing well!
    Our attitude plays such an important part!
    Have a great week, Roxy
    Finally got an okay picture of my new curio cabinet, it was hard to get a good picture, being so tall. Hope to post it someday...

  10. Oh what fun, Vicky! I love how each one is different even though the subject is the same! It looks like you all had fun. Nothing like friends to keep each other strong!
    My redbud is starting to bloom too. They are beautiful!


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