Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dinner & A Movie and a Little Thrifting Too!

Happy Sunday...:) Today I am sharing my Saturday with you. It started with a little house cleaning and laundry and then the hubby and I had a day out. I have been planing to go to dinner and a movie since I saw the previews for Labor Day a few weeks ago. It opened this weekend, so off we went to see it. We started the afternoon by eating a late lunch/early dinner at a new place I had been anxious to try. It is called 4R which is short for 4 Rivers Smokehouse. The food was amazing! Brisket is their specialty but their sides are out of this world. Very flavorful food, which is what I love. The brisket was so tender I could cut it with my spoon! Here is my meal....yumminess!

So, after we left 4R, we had about an hour until our movie started, so we decided to run to the Goodwill which was close by. I found a few things to drag home of course. 

This little campfire pot caught my eye. I thought it was super cute and it brought back memories of Girl Scouts camping with my daughter when she was younger. So fun...:) Anywho, I picked it up to check the price and noticed it felt like it had something inside.

Sure enough....a baby pot and lid!

Sorry for the dusty picture, but it didn't make it to the sink before I got the camera out. These two cuties were just $1.99. I think they would make cute planters. I may or may not keep them...haven't decided yet.

Next up, I found this metal basket for $0.99. I loved it, but not the green stones so much!

So, after careful inspection, I realized I could snip the wires holding the stones in place and remove them. I did as soon as I got it home.....much better.

This heavy silver plated candlestick was also $0.99. 
I love it and it will work well in many different vignettes. Sorry....I just noticed it's dusty too!

This adorable little china basket had to come home with me to join my violet collection. It is in perfect condition and was just $0.99. So pretty!

My last find is an apothecary jar. You know I couldn't pass it up. I have never seen one like it and am not quite sure if I like it or not. It looks kind of like a dumb bell shape or a weird baby bottle. It was only $0.99 though so I bought it. It will most likely join some of my others in the craft room.


I spent six dollars and change and got some great stuff! After we paid, we went to the movie theater. We like to get there early to get a good seat and watch all the previews. 
There are several good movies coming out in the next few weeks/months. The one we saw today did not disappoint. It was a little slow, but I actually like slow movies. Overall, it was a great movie.
 I love a good love story...:)

After the movie, we ran into Target for a few minutes and then came on home. Sadie Lou was patiently waiting for us to get home and let her out of her yard. She is such a sweetie and I love her so much! 
She is so big now and still growing. Here she is chewing on one of Dakota's socks she stole..:)

Well folks...that's all I have for now. I really hope to have time later to put up my Valentine's decorations that I have had in a pile for two weeks now! Between having family visiting from Utah, working, and being sick, I haven't had time to do any crafting or decorating. Have a beautiful Sunday my friends!


  1. Amazing finds...I really want to shadow you on a shopping trip one of these days. Love that sweet little basket!

  2. It's hard to beat good food and great finds!

    Happy Groundhog Day!

  3. Happy Sunday to you Vicky. Those finds are amazing and I just love that jar! Have a great week and I hope your health is improving xx

  4. When I saw those pots, I immediately thought of camping! I think that weird-shaped apothecary jar would look great dressed with something spring-like around his middle. Sounded like a lovely date, Vicky!

  5. What a haul - and for 6.00 - I could never find that here in Montreal - the Apothecary Jar alone ( which I so want ) would be more than that!!!
    It's been too long since I've been by - hope you have a wonderful week -

  6. Love the little violets the best. Yum, we have a restaurant that has the same style food that is soooo good! May have to go there now, lol.

  7. Wow, more wonderful treasures. You really do have all the good stuff in your part of the state.

    My mom saw Labor Day on Friday and she LOVED the movie. Guess I'll have to go next.

  8. I love your finds, especially apothecary jar! I'm not a love story kind of girl myself, but I love Kate Winslet, so maybe I should see the movie...

  9. Vicky, those aluminum pots were really cute, two for the price of one, a very good deal.
    I did get a new china curio cabinet on Saturday, I was just blessed so much by my Hubbies gift to me. I have always wanted one. We placed it in the kitchen, I hope to do some pictures and a post soon.
    You have a wonderful week!!
    Blessings, Roxy

  10. Vicky this sounds like a fun date! Thrifting, dinner and a movie! Love your finds, especially the basket after you removed the green stones!!

  11. Hi Vicky, it sounds like you had a nice weekend and had fun with your husband. I love going out to eat and then seeing a movie. I do hope you are feeling better. Take care and have a nice week.
    Julie 😃

  12. Love the metal basket and all your other finds.

    We debated on seeing Labor Day. We go on Monday Date Night to the movies because senior citizens are only $5. We have seen almost all the movies that are up for Academy Awards. We haven't done that since our college years.

  13. You really lucked out! I never find anything worthwhile at our Goodwill, and if there's something I'm remotely interested in, the price is too high. Thanks for sharing and for visiting.


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