Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Simple Valentine's Vignette

Well, I did it. I finally got my table cleaned off and decorated for Valentine's Day. I have been trying to play catch-up around here after work each day. I am about to get there but still have many things on my to do list! I kept the table simple and it was super cheap too! I already had everything but the baby's breath and I paid just $3 for a bouquet of it that I separated into 4 pitchers. I love how it turned simple!

I love the white ironstone with the red glass and silver pieces on top of the burlap. 
What do you think?

Thankfully I have a 3-day weekend to finish getting caught up. Thank goodness for President's Day! 
The hubby and I are hoping to take the boat out for a few hours on Saturday or Sunday. The weather is supposed to be good....we have had some gorgeous days recently. Today has been cold and rainy but the weekend is supposed to be really nice. A boat ride is always rest for my soul and I am looking forward to it. So many things going on around here. Monday, my dear friend Heather started her chemo treatments and unfortunately had an allergic reaction to one of the types they are giving her. She ended up in the hospital last night. She goes in for a PET scan in a couple weeks and they are going to decide how to approach her treatment after that.  Also on Monday, I heard about a local 18 month old baby who drowned in a fish pond. My son works with the grandfather of the baby and played football with the baby's dad. Such a tragedy. This coming up Monday, my daddy is having 2 skin cancers removed from his nose. I am praying they aren't too deep and there will be minimal scarring. I have so much on my mind and am just trying to stay positive and have faith. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers for Heather, my daddy, and the family of the precious baby who is so hard sometimes. 

I'm ending this post on a happy note...:) 
Look at this sweet picture of Sadie laying on my son, Dakota. She loves him so much. She loves all of us so much (and we all love her). She has little things that she does with each of us that is unique. She loves to play with Dakota. He will lay on his belly and put his face down and call her and she will sail onto his back and start trying to root her nose under his head to get to his face so she can lick him. She is so funny! That's what she had just been doing in this picture and then she got tired and took a rest. She is so spoiled...:)
I really hope she likes the boat this weekend!

Well folks, I do hope you have a lovely end of the week. Two days left for me and then three days off. I am looking forward to tomorrow at work. We (kindergarten teachers) are having a cook-off with our pre-k teachers. The theme is strawberry. I made a new dessert and I think it is going to be delicious. I'll let you know how it turned out and share the recipe soon. Friday morning, the office staff is preparing breakfast for everyone. That's always a treat! Then of course, my classs has their Valentine's Day party Friday afternoon. That will be a lot of fun too...:)

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So.....until next time....



  1. Life does have it's challenges Vicky. I am so sorry to hear of Heather's allergic reaction as well as the baby's drowning. I'll add them as well as your Dad to my prayers tonight.

    Enjoy your cook-off and Valentine's Day breakfast. Can't wait to read the recipe of your special strawberry treat.

    Hope you all - including Sadie - have a wonderful time on the boat.

  2. Prayers for you friend and your dad.

    I hope the strawberry recipe has no grains, sugar, or dairy in it. Is there such a recipe?

    You need to put those photos of the baby's breath in the white pitchers on the Blissful Whites party. Blissful Whites Wednesday at Timewashed

  3. A beautiful vignette . . . a sad, sad story . . . and so sweet to end with your son and the sweet puppy.

  4. Hi Vicky, I love your table decorated for VD! I do hope you have a Happy. Valentines Day and I it looks like you really need some rear and relaxation. Enjoy your boat ride!

  5. Very pretty Vicky! Love that doggie, so cute. Ours loves the boat. Enjoy your long week-end.

  6. I love the baby's breath, makes such a pretty table. Praying for all and hoping you do get out on the boat this weekend. Our snow is starting to melt today!
    hugs, LInda

  7. Sounds like you deserve a nice long weekend, and a boat ride sounds perfect to me!!! Enjoy! I'm so sorry to hear about Heather and your dad and those poor people who lost a child, my heart goes out to them. Have a great weekend!

  8. Love this...simple and sweet...hope your weekend is a good one.

  9. Very sweet post.Happy Valentine's Day!

  10. I hope you'll get to relax during that weekend, you deserve it. I love your white flowers in white ironstone, perfect.


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