Sunday, November 3, 2013

Perfect 10.....Sunday Smiles!

Hello friends! I hope this Sunday post finds you happy and well and gratefgul for life's blessings...:) 
Today I am sharing several things that made me smile throughout this week!

Here goes.....:)

1. My ornament exchange and the amount of participation I have had so far! I am thrilled that so many of you decided to join in the fun.....thank you so much! I will be sending out an e-mail today to get some basic information from everyone for the exchange! Next Sunday you will receive the name of the person you will be sending to! So fun.....:)

2. So many beautiful sunrises this week! Not such great quality pictures, but you get the idea! I always enjoy the splendor in the sky and the sunrises lately have been spectacular in pinks, blues, oranges, and lavender! Our creator certainly knows how to put a smile on my still sleepy face each morning!

3. My beautiful Randa (aka my daughter, Miranda) was home for a very brief visit, but I enjoyed every minute of it! She came home to see a childhood friend who was home for a visit and also for her cousin Riley's 9th birthday party. Riley is my sister's youngest, who was born on the same day as my sister. Their birthdays were on October 22! While visiting my mother-in-law after the party, we were looking at some old photos and came across these sweet ones of my Randa...:)

4. I went to the new Michael's store in nearby Lake City (where I do most of my shopping)! It is a gorgeous new store and although I only had a few minutes to browse, I managed to pick up a few sweet little items!

I plan to use these on some tags...:)

The bubbles and notepads are for my student's Christmas stockings! The Christmas tape is for tags!

5. My $100 Visa gift card came in the mail! I won this via The Shabby Creek Cottage blog through a BlogHer giveaway sponsored by Glidden paint. I was thrilled to have won! decide what to spend it on!

6. My Seminoles won.....again! 
41-14 against the Miama Hurricanes!!! 
They are undefeated and on fire this year and it's looking like we just might have a shot at National Champs this year.....WOOT! 
So happy they are having such an awesome season!!!

7. Sweet little Sadie makes me smile all the time...:) Well, except for the other night when she bumped into my round side table and tipped it over, resulting in a broken lamp (my favorite), vintage coaster, vintage dish, and fall candle holder. The only breakable object to survive was my $2 Dollar General vase! I wasn't smiling that night, but she didn't mean to do it. She is still so stinkin' cute, even if she is in her gawky! Look at this precious picture of her and Farrah sleeping. I know Sadie's eyes are cracked, but she really was asleep.

8. Cooler temperatures...finally! We have had some beautiful weather lately with absolutely gorgeous days! Today, the temperature is expected to barely make it to the 70's.....perfect! I love cool, crisp days like this! No air conditioning or heat needed! It's my favorite...:)

9. Freebies! We paid a visit to my mother-in-law after Riley's party so Miranda could see her before heading back to Tally and she sent me home with several lovelies! Two sets of vintage glassware and pitchers. The green with the grapevine belonged to my husband's granny and is quite old. The other set was hers and it is vintage as well. She was going to put it in her yard sale, but she let me have it. I love them both and look forward to using them in a tablescape. My tablescaping collection is growing and I am running out of room! 

She also gave me a  pretty quilt she got a steal on at a yard sale. I have been wanting.....and needing something new for my bed and this is perfect! 

10. Last, but not least.....I am thrilled to have some time to play in my craft room again today! I really need to find homes for several new things and make some new labels to show where items are stored. I haven't labeled lately!  I am going to fill these new jars and hopefully create a few more tags with my new fall items from Michael's. I have accumulated such a huge amount of "stuff" and look forward to having time to create!

Thank you for stopping by to read what's been going on in my life. I am so very blessed in so many ways. May your Sunday be beautiful my friends.

Until next time.....


  1. Wow, Congrats on the gift card.. what a blessing. Getting ready to watch my fave football team in just a little bit.. (they are undefeated so far this year as well) Puppies! Go figure.. they can be awnery and mess makers and so on, but they sure are fun to have around! Have fun working in your craft room.

  2. Wow! Gift card, that's good news! I know how sorry we are when some of our vintage treasures get broken, but in the end, a puppy is a live being, that's more important, and they learn to be careful with things we love as they grow up.

  3. Hi Vicky, sounds like you had a great week. I am sorry about my blogs little problem and I think I fixed it. Enjoy your week. Julie

  4. A week filled with many blessings and things to be thankful for indeed! I'm looking forward to the ornament swap and will reply to your email this evening.

    Hope you have another great week!

  5. What a wonderful week Vicky! I know seeing your daughter was a highlight, it always is for me when I see either of my girls. Love the fall tag items. I need and want to get crafting but can't until I clear out some space in my spare room. Sigh! Love both sets of pitchers and glasses! You are a lucky lady to have them handed down to you. I'm so excited about the ornament exchange and will be sending you my info soon!

  6. The dark green vine glass set is beautiful. Love the fall photos and the sunrise. No sure I would cheer for FSU, but anyone who beats Clemson is #1 in my book. Sadie and Farrah look just like angels to me!

  7. Hello lovely Vicky! So much to be thankful for and it was a joy to read your list :) I love your vintage glassware - it's gorgeous! And that, what beauty! I can't wait to find out who I am sending an ornament to - such great fun. Hugs to you, friend!

  8. Some lovely things to make you smile.

    I know just what you mean about gathering supplies, but not having time to create. I went to Tuesday Morning for my weekly craft check up. They had 7 Gypsies supplies cheap, cheap, cheap. I bought a printer's tray for ATC cards for $5 and I almost bought it a couple of times for $20.

  9. s it to late to join your Christmas ornament exchange? I did this once quite a few years ago and loved it. IWe've been having sort of mundane sunrises lately as it's been rather grey...maybe this morning it will be brighter.


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