Friday, November 22, 2013

Nuts About Violets!

Hello all my blog land friends! I cannot tell you how elated I am tonight as I sit here typing this post! I am officially on Thanksgiving break....and have 9 glorious days off! These breaks help teachers keep their sanity...:)

I have a few totally random things to share with you today. First up are these absolutely gorgeous violet salt and pepper shakers. I came home yesterday to a package from my dear friend Beverly from Tablescapes by Bev. You may remember Bev sending me these lovely strawberry linens a few weeks ago. Well...she surprised me again! This time, she sent these as a thank you for my hosting the ornament exchange. She had read about my love of violets and decided to send me these. Bev is fond of her S & P's so this was a super sweet gesture and certainly not expected. She bought them from the same estate sale where she bought the strawberry linens. Thank you're such a dear and not just because you sent me such sweet gifts. Your participation in the exchange as well as everyone else participating and having fun was gift enough for me! 

Check out these beauties! They will look lovely with my violet collection. You can see that here!

As I was preparing to write this post, I heard someone pull up in my yard, so I went to the door and it was my cousin Luke who lives down the road. He was holding a quart sized Ziploc bag full of delicious.....

He asked me if I liked them and of course I replied....I love them! So sweet of him to share...:) They are so yummy....I already sampled a few! I had to pour some in my fall leaf bowl just to see how pretty they looked in there.

On to my next topic. (I warned you this was a random If you have read any of my most recent posts, you know we are working on my spare bedroom. I shared the photo on the left the other day of our board and batten treatment on the ceiling. Well, we (or I should say the hubs) painted it and here is how it looks now. This was taken in the dark so the quality is poor but you get the idea. I LOVE it! And the best part is, we did it with furring strips which only cost $1.25 each for 1" X 3" X 8' pieces. We are always on a budget and do all our remodeling and projects on a cash only budget. Not bad for less than $20 if I do say so myself!

On to the next project! You might remember this rack I bought a couple weeks ago. 

Well, I painted it with some left over Krylon Satin Nickel paint (you can barely see a couple of the ends poking out) and hung it in my closet to hang my scarves on. Sorry I forgot to take a picture before I hung my oodles of scarves on it! It barely holds them all! But, it works for now...:)

While I was in the closet, I decided to snap a picture of  my homemade necklace holder I made a couple years ago. It is made from a drawer front from a nightstand that had seen better days. I used the existing knobs, had the hubs drill 3 more holes, moved the original knobs to two of the new holes and put three green plastic (although they look like glass) knobs in the other 3 holes and voila!...a necklace holder. I was inspired to share this after seeing Tina's (from Cluttered Corkboard) homemade jewelry holder she shared this week. She is having a giveaway for one, so you need to hop on over there for a visit and enter to win!!! She shares the best homemade items and makeover items and is always budget friendly!

In case you were wondering about the picture above the jewelry holder, I made it too. I used a thrifted frame, repainted it, glittered some paper to put behind the leafy cutouts, drew a tweet sweet little birdie with Sharpie on old sheet music and instant artwork! Artwork to me! A couple years ago, I tried to spruce up my closet and make it cute. I would share more, but it is in need of another purge and clean out! So...maybe another day!

I started my Christmas shopping via Amazon this week as well. Have any of you started? I want to get it done early this year since we will be remodeling in the midst of all the hustle and bustle. Kinda nervous about that, but so excited too! I hope you all have a blessed weekend! The hubs and I are headed out to Tallahassee early tomorrow morning to pick up our new flooring! I am so excited....:) We are going to meet Miranda for breakfast too, so that's just the icing on the cake!


  1. Hello Vicky...
    I was reading your post and Boom... saw my name! :0) You are so sweet, and I certainly appreciate the shout out. Thank you. Your makeover looks great.. and less than 20 bucks... high five girl! That is awesome. Wow, a 9 day vacation.. definitely something to be excited about! Schools here do not let out until Tuesday... Hope you have a wonderful weekend and vacation.
    I think there may be a Hallmark Christmas movie on and some hot chocolate calling my name. Have a good evening.

  2. Love your closet details, so cute! I'm like you in that respect, I want my closets to be cute just like the rest of the house!


  3. SWEEEEETTT S&Ps...your followers LOVE you.

    The ceiling looks guys do good work :)

    Safe travels to Tally tomorrow...happy that you will get to see your daughter.

    Enjoy your 9 days off!

  4. Thanks for showing the salt and pepper shakers...not too hard to part with once I realized how much you liked violets and I do have several hundred other pair still! Love the ceiling makeover...congrats on the great work.

  5. The violet S&P's look just like you. I am glad that ceiling turned out so great - hard to believe you had the water damage there before. Why is it every teacher has at least a hundred scarves. I donated a boxful last week. My favorite of the post? That sweet bird art!

  6. I just love your posts! You sound so happy. My daughter is on break also and I know she feels like she needs this time off for sure! Love the S&P!!
    hugs, Linda

  7. Yay for breaks, we all need them and I'm sure you are long overdue for yours! Those S&P's are so lovely Vicky, how sweet of your friend to send them to you. I love the treatment you are doing on the ceiling I would have never thought to do that and the price is perfect! Love all your projects you are always such a busy girl :)
    Hugs, Teresa

  8. Hello my lovely Vicky! I can't tell you how nice it is to stop by your blog and see what you're up to...and by the looks of it, you are a buys gal :) Your ceiling turned out beautifully! On Thursday and Friday I painted the new home and I am hoping one more day will finish it off. I have 2 bathrooms, the laundry room, dining room, and living room left. Lets just say I hope I don't have to paint anything for a long while once I am done :)

    Love your scarf hanger and the scarves are pretty too :) How have you been? I have missed visiting you, friend. Enjoy your weekend! Much love!


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