Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Sweet Gesture!

I am so excited to have time for a quick post on this lovely Tuesday evening! I wanted to share a special blessing I received in the mail on my way home from work yesterday. I opened the box to a large, yellow envelope....I wasn't expecting anything so I was quite surprised! When I pulled it out of the box and looked at the return address, I saw that it was from my friend Bev from Tablescapes by Bev. I remembered her e-mailing me several days earlier asking for my address to add to her address book, but seems she had another plan in mind...:) I immediately opened the surprise package to see what it contained and was thrilled to find this gorgeous strawberry table runner and these precious strawberry napkins inside! 

So pretty!

I was even more blessed by the sweet sentiments Bev wrote in the card. She said she remembered me posting about a strawberry tablescape a while back and she had been thinking about me since this post I wrote a couple weeks ago, so when she found this table runner, she immediately knew it was for me. She then stumbled across the napkins in the same box and had to send them to me as well. These items belonged to a precious lady from her church who had passed away, so that makes them more special. I had tears in my eyes and a smile on my face as I read Bev's sweet words to me. I don't know if I have ever been more moved by such a sweet and thoughtful gesture from a friend...especially one whom I have never met in person. I am truly amazed by the kind and thoughtful ladies I have become friends with through my blog. I had no idea when I started this, that I would make such precious friends. I value each and every one of you and so enjoy communicating with all of you. Bev...if you are reading this, thank you again for your kindness.....it means so much to me. You are a blessing! 

Now....let me share the ironic thing about this sweet gesture! Bev recently wrote this post to share the items she had purchased from the sweet lady whom these strawberry items had belonged to. She featured the napkins that she sent to me along with many other items. Well, Bev sells items via her flea market shop as well as online, so I wrote her this comment after reading her post over the weekend....

Lovely finds from a lovely departed friend. What an honor to have some of her things. I love all your finds and your table is beautiful. My favorite of all are the sweet strawberry napkins. Are you selling those? Have a blessed week…:) Vicky
Life On Willie Mae Lane

The very next day I come home to find them in my mailbox! Isn't that amazing? It certainly was to me since she had no idea I would inquire about buying the napkins and I had no idea she had already sent them to me. 
Funny how things work isn't it? 
Please give Bev a visit....she sets some of the most beautiful tables and she is a lovely lady to get to know. You won't regret stopping by for a visit!

I also wanted to share the lovely glasses I found at the Dollar General. I spotted them on the shelf in the Christmas section and thought they were plastic. I picked one up just to be sure and imagine my surprise when I discovered they were glass! They are gorgeous and cost just $1.50 each!!!

Look at the pedestal....it looks like candle wick around the edges! They will be gorgeous on a Christmas table, at Valentine's Day, and with my gorgeous new strawberry items from Bev!

I also bought these two jars for $2 each while I was there. I love the shape of them and you all know I love jars! I have an obsession with them...:)

Well ladies...I am off to plan some science activities for my sweet kinders! I hope you have a blessed evening and rest of the week! Thanks so much to everyone who has signed up for the ornament exchange! I am beyond excited about it and think it is going to be so fun! 

Until next time.....


  1. That Bev is such a sweetie! I know what you mean about friendships made through blogging. Some of the kindest biggest hearted ladies in the world. It was meant to be that those napkins came your way! Love the red goblets! WOW!

  2. Awww...how sweet of Bev! She sounds like a darling lady and after I am done here I will go visit her :) IT truly is amazing to see the friendships that form through blogging - they are such a precious treasure. I agree with Linda, it was meant to be :)

    Big hugs to you!

  3. Thanks so much for your kind words. I was so happy to surprise you with those items. I saw those glasses in DG also and had planned to get them. However, when I found the ruby red at the estate sale last week, I no longer need them. Can't wait to see your table with them! I appreciate your friendship as well, and it is really amazing how we bloggers become friends without ever really meeting in person....

  4. Oh, that's very sweet that she sent you those table linens, I love the runner! It is so nice to make friends... even far away friends that we may never meet!


  5. What a wonderful gesture and a precious lady to send you the strawberry pretties. I have met wonderful friends thru blogging and I have to say they are the best! I love your glasses you found. I need to make a trip to Dollar General!

  6. What a thoughtful gesture. You're going to have an amazing stawberry tablescape next spring (strawberries are ripe in late June here).

  7. What a lovely gift from Bev, I know you will make a lovely tablescape with those cheerful strawberries!

  8. I had a friend who set her table with strawberry linens. She would love these. How nice of Bev to remember your desire for some.


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