Friday, November 15, 2013

Just a Little Lizard...:)

Hello and happy Friday evening! I am so happy to see the weekend arrive. I am even more excited to only have 5 days of work and then have a week off work which means 9 glorious days in a row off work! I am beyond excited and ready for it. Anywho, I love my job (most days), but teaching kindergarten is exhausting to say the least and I need quiet time. Kinders are not! I do get to have some fun at work too and today is proof of that.....although some of you may strongly disagree, or maybe even question my sanity. 

Today, a Florida Wildlife Control officer came to school to share a friend. This friend he brought was a 2 year old baby Florida alligator. Isn't he cute?

Alligators grow about 12 inches per year until they reach maturity and stop. That's how we know the approximate age of this cute little fella. That's water on the table. He was transported in an ice chest with water in it. 

His mouth is taped to keep him from biting...:)

Isn't he a cutie? 

Here you can see the flap that covers his eyes when he is under water. It works like a mask does on humans. 

The kids were allowed to touch it if they chose. Of approximately 90 kinders, I would say 80 or more touched it. One said it felt like corn on the cob. Too funny, but actually parts of it did. The skin on the back  and sides is pretty bumpy. The sides of the neck and belly are so smooth though. I couldn't resist petting it and after the kids left, I had to hold it. This is a horrible picture of me, but oh well! 
It is what it is!

This reminded me of when my son was in kindergarten and loved snakes. I mean, he was obsessed and wanted one for a pet. Of course, I told him no way on Earth would we have a pet snake. His kindergarten teacher was such a sweetheart and had a lady come in with her two ball pythons especially for Dakota. He was in awe....strange I know! He still likes snakes and will catch non-poisonous ones just to hold them. I actually held one of the ball pythons that day many years ago.....only difference was the snakes mouth was not taped. 
Don't know if I m still brave enough to do that or! 

I hope you enjoyed looking at this little Florida alligator. They are really interesting creatures. Have a blessed evening. I'm hoping to share a few treasures over the weekend, if I can find time. it's going to be a busy one...


  1. Oh, I bet your kinders talked all night about meeting a gator. Dakota has the right idea about snakes. I'd rather have snakes than vermin.

  2. Thanks, but no thanks. I don't like reptiles. I bet the kids did tho, that is so cool that you were able to do that for them. This past summer our library had a program with endangered species and one thing they brought and the kids got to hold was a huge snake, they loved it. ENJOY YOUR DAYS OFF!!!!

  3. He is cute...but quite big. :)

  4. Looks like you could join 'em on Swamp People! Choot 'em!

  5. Cute when they're little, but when they are as big as the canoe you are in, not quite so cute! Miss living in FL some, but don't miss those gators. Sure the kids enjoyed that visit. Good for you for holding that gator, I'd have passed, LOL!

  6. We are surrounded by that little one's relatives. I'm watch them from afar. Cute? Well, I guess but they are FAST!

    I'm sure the kids enhoyed the visit.

  7. Oh, I think I'd have nightmares after a day like this... Even this small, it scares me. The kids are braver than I.


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