Monday, November 18, 2013

A Few Treasures & a Makeover!

Wow....I can hardly believe I have time to blog on a Monday night! I have had a productive afternoon and evening since my boss told us to go home early today after the kiddos left. I definitely took her up on that offer and came home to get my package for the ornament exchange finished so I can mail it tomorrow. I have to stay late at school tomorrow night for a parent night we are hosting. I am on the parent involvement committee so I have to stay. I am super excited that next week is Thanksgiving and we have the whole week off from school. Nine glorious days in a row....bliss!

Well, back to today's topic! Last week I had the opportunity to run into the Hospice Attic thrift and was thrilled to see a sign on the door stating everything in the store was 50% off! They were trying to move inventory to make room for new things. I managed to find a few items. Are you surprised

First up is this brass candle stick. I love the brass and think it will look nice in a fall vignette. It would also be pretty spray painted. Not sure yet what I will do with it, but for $1.25 it came home with me.

This burlap is a lighter color than the burlap I already have and it was only $1.25. 
Couldn't pass up a deal like that.

This frame was to pretty to pass up. It is scratched up a little, but will look good as new painted. It was just $1.

This sweet little ironstone pitcher had to come home with me. It is pretty old and I love the gold floral design on it. It was $1.25 or $1.50...can't remember.

There are three of them around the base.

These dessert plates were just $1.25 for the set. 

This sturdy wooden tray is ugly right now. It looks like a leftover from the late eighties in that country Fortunately, I can see beyond the ugly paint job and see it repainted with a nice graphic in the bottom and maybe some new glass or rope handles...:) It was only $1.25...too cheap to pass up. I am planning to use it on the corner of the bed in the new spare room.

I was fortunate to find another soup tureen, although this one is really small and missing the ladle. 
I love it though! It was just $1.25.

Last up are these two sweet little bowls. They were $1 each.

You may remember my violet collection I shared here earlier this year. Isn't this just the sweetest little thing? It has joined my other violets in the china cabinet.

Love finding such great deals, especially on things that I actually collect. 

One last thing! I wanted to share a little makeover I finished. I started with this red tray I bought at Kirkland's a couple years ago. It is really pretty, but I had other plans for it.

I turned it into a chalkboard! What do you think? Never mind my not so neat hand writing. I need practice writing with! 

Hope you all have an amazing week! 
Until next time.....


  1. Great finds. Love the plates and that little soup tureen is so cute!! Have a great week!

  2. Love that pitcher! The chalkboard makeover turned out really cute! Great finds!!

  3. It looks like you found some neat pieces to add to your collection, and that chalkboard project is so cute! Great job!

    I am looking forward to seeing how you fix up your wood tray.

    Have a great evening.

  4. A teacher who needs to learn how to write with chalk - you crack me up! I cannot believe you found another white pitcher - I have searched for months to find some small ones to no avail. Are the tiny bowls salts or butter pats?

  5. What wonderful finds! Love them did great.

  6. Hello lovely lady :) More delightful items - how do you find so many? LOVE the pitcher and dessert plates - I would eat lots of dessert so that I could use the plates all the time....oh wait, I already eat lots of dessert :) And I wouldn't have passed up the burlap either - what a great price :) Great finds, sweet friend. Hugs!

  7. Vikey, It is all wonderful. I love a good find don't you . Just love it … HUGS and here is to a beautiful week my sweet friend.

  8. Vicky, you always find the nicest treasures and have such good ideas how to use them. Sometimes it takes true vision to see a diamond in the rough just like you did with the red tray..great job? xo

  9. Hi Vicky, wow what great items you purchased and the burlap wow! You are so lucky to have found all that at such great prices! I love the tray and your handwriting is just fine, you did a great job. Take care and enjoy the rest of the week. Julie at

  10. Hello Vicky, Happy Thanksgiving to you!!
    I saw a burlap Christmas tree skirt the other day and thought that would be easy to make. I have really gotten so many of my pretties up and put away so I do not have to dust them :)
    I hope you have some wonderful and restful and blissful days off next week!
    Blessings, Roxy
    PS I am so sorry I just could not get myself up and running to do the ornament exchange, maybe next year...

  11. Great finds Vicky! That burlap was a great deal. Love the soup tureen, and I love chalkboard anything. Your tray turned out fabulous!


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