Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Taggin' & Walkin'

I have been having so much fun making tags! I find it very relaxing...perhaps because of the simplicity. Now, I know mine aren't anything extrordinary, they are not artistic, or distressed, or anything really unique, but I still like them and plan to make more! 
Here are the ones I made on Sunday....

I've been trying to use items I already had and never had a use for. I found this metal ornament with the key on it and thought it would go great with the washi tape covered in vintage keys...:)

The tag on the left with the strip of fabric was an experiment with my double-sided duct tape I bought to make fabric tape with. It is super easy and fun to make! The yellow gingham floral on one of the smaller tags was done the same way. 

I like the  way the Christmas ones turned out too...especially the snow one. The bottom is a piece of double-sided duct tape covered in white glitter.

The fall ones turned out pretty too...:)

I like the washi tape bunting I made for this one.

I am looking forward to making more. I also want to make a few to hang in my craft room to label some bins and baskets. So fun!

Now....a few photos from my evening walks the last couple days...:)

Sunday evening, we walked by my Aunt Loretta's house for a few minutes and I noticed this beautiful pop of color when I was opening the gate to go in the yard. 

After we left and headed back home, we noticed these massive deer tracks on the road. They were not there when we left!

Time changed Sunday so it was dark when I arrived back home and this is the sight I was greeted with. In case you don't recognize it, this is my craft room. I had been busy in there before I left to go walking and left the lights on while I was gone. It looks all cozy and warm inside and it made me smile when I walked up to the house...:)

These next few pix are from yesterday's walk.
I love these pretty leaves...we don't get a lot of beautifully colored fall leaves, but I do enjoy the few I see!

Daddy's lemon tree is loaded!

My Aunt Loretta's calf....isn't it a cutie!

I didn't take any photos today. I left in a hurry and forgot my camera. I had been working in my guest room which has recently been used for a junk room! We had to tear a wall out a while back due to a leak and we are about to finish the inside of the wall and ceiling, as well as do some painting and put new flooring in. I am so excited and can't wait to get it finished! My goal is to finish it by Thanksgiving so my daughter had a room to stay in again when she comes home. If not then, definitely by Christmas! I'll be sure to post pix as we go! 

Well, I'm happy I had a few extra moments to write a new post. I am so very excited about the ornament exchange and the participation from lots of you! I am ready for the weekend so I can match everyone up. It's going to be such fun...:) Thanks so much to all of you who have signed up to participate! If you haven't heard about it and want to join the fun...click here and go read all about it! I would love for you to participate...:)

Oh yeah....here's a picture of my lazy helper. 
She laid right beside me while I typed up this entire post.....lol!

Until next time......


  1. Oh, that sweet Sadie! You are getting good with those tags. I am going to have to step up my game. I do want you to try a few distressed ones. Just soak the tag in some leftover coffee for awhile, stir with a metal spoon to scratch them up, then dry in the sun. Love the walk photos. Our leaves usually just turn brown and fall like yours. Every time you mention a deer in Florida, I think of The Yearling!

  2. It looks like have both been busy "tagging".

  3. Your tags are so adorable. I love the findings you added to them. I also love Washi tape!!

  4. Loved your tags and all your pictures. Very nice. I need that lemon tree. Ha

  5. Hi Friend! I love your sweet tags! Each one is very pretty and unique :) And the one with the banner is adorable! Have a lovely Wednesday! Hugs and blessings.

  6. Love those sweet tags my friend. And that little MOOO Cow at the end ..TOO sweet. HUGS and have a blessed day

  7. I really like your tags! I want to get some space fixed up so I can do some crafting before Christmas! I love the photos from you walks! Can't wait to get my ornament exchange partner!! Fun!!

  8. Your craft room is going to look so lovely with the tags, you are so organised! Really excited about the ornament exchange!! Enjoy the rest of your week... and try to rest my friend xx

  9. Oh your helper is such a sweetie & really getting big! I love all your tags, I've been making them for a couple days, such fun really. Good idea to make them as labels for your crafts. We have a lot of deer around here too, love the footprints they leave. The lemon tree is great. When are they ready to pick? You can make lemon squares.

    :) Pam

  10. Hi Vicky, the tags are really pretty that you made. Yes I am looking forward to the exchange too. Please come visit my blog for the anniversary giveaway! Take care Julie

  11. Adorable tags Vicky, what fun! You must live in paradise! Lovely pictures from your walks :)

  12. These are great! So creative...I always love your nature walk pics.

  13. The tags are all so cute. You've come up with so many! A lemon tree seems so exotic to me! It would need to be in a conservatory here!


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