Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekend Recap!

Hello Friends! I hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine...:)  
Just thought I would share a few photos from the weekend. Friday was my last full day of work!!! After work, I came home, showered, and got ready to go to my best friend Jeana's house for a belated birthday dinner. My sister picked me up and we headed that way. It was such a fun, relaxing night and a perfect end to a rather busy and stressful work week! Jeana is one of the best cooks I know and is a phenomenal hostess. She is blessed with so many talents and I am blessed to have her in my life. She is a wonderful person and the best friend a girl could ask for! Love you Jeana! Here are a few photos of the spread!

First is the yummy dinner she cooked! Pork tenderloin with sweet potatoes and apples, green beans, scalloped potatoes, Homemade rolls (not pictured), and a delicious appetizer.....Mmmm! My friend Heather made a tasty salad as well, but it's not in the photo.

Next up is my cake! Jeana makes some amazing desserts, but this is hands down my favorite! Not only is is simply gorgeous, but it is amazingly tasty! White cake layers with strawberries and butter cream frosting layers, covered with chocolate covered strawberries and drizzled with chocolate. I imagine this is what the angels eat in Heaven!

And, as if that wasn't enough, she made some chocolate ganache cupcakes and more chocolate covered strawberries. These had pecans & toffee bits sprinkled on them...:) Beautiful, and oh so yummy!

Here's my little, huge slice of cake and a glass of yummy punch with fresh strawberries. Is your mouth watering? Thank you so much Jeana....I loved everything and even more than that, I love you and your friendship....:)

Ok....we'll move on before you short out your laptop by drooling on it...LOL! So, Saturday morning, I got up, put away some laundry, straightened up the house, and headed out to Tallahassee to spend the weekend with my daughter Miranda. This is one of my favorite things to do since she moved up there a few years ago! I snapped a photo of the capital building while waiting at the red light. Isn't it pretty?

I got to Miranda's place a few minutes later and this is the first thing I spotted when I walked in the door...:) She said they have started buying fresh flowers every week or two to keep on their island in the kitchen. Love it!

I unloaded my stuff and then we set out to meet up with her boyfriend's mom for lunch! I have met Christine once before and we are Facebook friends, but it was so nice meeting for lunch....just us girls! She is a teacher too, so we had a lot to talk about...:) She also reads my blog and had so many kind things to say about it! Of course, we also talked about Miranda and John and what is going on in their lives. John is in med school and has a HUGE 8 hour test Tuesday. (prayers for John's test are welcomed and appreciated) Miranda is ready for a job change and patiently waiting to see where God leads her...:) Anywho, Miranda and I really enjoyed lunch with you Christine! We'll have to get together again soon!

After lunch, Randa and I set out to do some shopping for my cruise. I really needed new summer clothes! We went to TJ Maxx, Bealls, & Ross Saturday. I got some really pretty things, which I'll be sharing at some point. I was really pleased with my success. After a few hours of shopping, we were beginning to get tired and decided to go to the grocery store and pick up the ingredients to make queso dip, tacos, and brownies for dinner. Miranda has two roommates, so we cooked enough for them, John, and couple other friends. After we ate, we played a game called corn hole. It is so fun! This was my first time playing, but Miranda and her friends play all the time. I wasn't very good at it, but with practice, I think I could be. I want my hubby to make us a set! After corn hole, we came in and played a card game called! It was a strange, but fun game too. We had brownies for dessert, talked for a bit, and then everyone parted ways and we went to bed. 

This morning we slept in, then showered and dressed to go for round two shopping. I only had to pick up a couple things today, so we weren't out too long. I made a quick trip into Barnes and Noble to use a gift card from a student. I bought a book for work...see below. I always like to read a couple professional development books over the summer to help improve myself as a teacher. We went to Burlington Coat Factory as well. After that, we went to a delicious place called Jason's Deli for lunch. I had the tastiest French Dip half sandwich and a cup of soup.....chicken pot pie soup! It was a very tasty lunch. We also stopped by a donut shop Miranda recently discovered and picked up a half dozen. Miranda had one and so did I (on the drive back home) and the rest were split between my hubby, son, mom, and dad.


We headed back to Randa's place so I could get all my stuff and head home. My time in Tally is never long enough, but I enjoy every second of the time I get to spend with my beautiful daughter. She is a gift from God and I am so very proud of her. I love you Randa! On the way out of Tally, I stopped at the red light in front of the capital building again and snapped this photo of the pretty flowers and red and white striped awnings on the windows. I'm sure those awnings help to keep out the hot Florida sunshine!

And, as I am sure you have figured out, I am home now and relaxing a bit from my busy weekend. Mama came down and I put on a fashion show for her..:) I cooked a quick supper of grits and eggs, and now I am sharing with you all. I better get up and go clean the kitchen though since it won't clean itself. Hope you have a blessed Monday my friends. Tomorrow is my last day of work for the 2012/2013 school year! 
Let SUMMER Break begin!

Until next time.....


  1. Hi Vicky,
    How special for your girlfriends to bless you for your Birthday! Sounds like you have been really ramping up for your Summer cruise and fun in the sun. I just love Florida!! I would love to spend the winters there, when my hubby retires. Have a great week!
    Blessings, Roxy

  2. Wow! What a great way to start your holidays! The food looks amazing and your cake...where's mine??! I hope your John's test goes well, what a long time though. Can I just ask what are 'grits'? Have a wonderful week, which I am sure you definitely will my lovely. Chel x

  3. Vicky you did have a great weekend! Awesome food and a trip to see your daughter! I know how fun that is. When I lived in So Ga I loved to go to Tallahasse shopping!! The capital with the stripped awnings always made me smile! Glad you found some new clothes for your cruise. I will be shopping soon for my Paris clothes!


  4. Looks like a fun weekend! I would love a bite of that cake. :)


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