Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tweaking the Craft Room!

Wow! I can't believe how fast this week has gone by! 
Eighteen years ago on this day, I gave birth to the most amazing baby boy who filled my life with light and my heart with joy! Happy Birthday to my "Kota"....Dakota Cole! I love you with all my heart and soul! 
I guess I'm in a rhyming mood! I haven't been home too long. I had a Dr appointment today and my mom, Kota, and his friend went with me so we could buy a couple last minute cruise items! Dakota will be styling on the elegant dining night in his new white linen slacks and pale yellow shirt...:) After shopping and the Dr, we went to Red Robin for lunch! My first visit ever....Red Robin is new in our area, so I had to try it! I didn't even know it was there until today.  It was excellent....I had a sauteed shroom burger. I am a mushroom fanatic....they are one of my favorite foods! While we were there, I asked if they did anything special for birthdays and they did not disappoint! Several of the employees came to our table with an ice cream sundae and sang to Kota....:) He was just a tad bit! Here's a photo.....sorry it's blurry!

OK.....since the post title is tweaking the craft room, I guess I should get to it! So, I am NOT finished in there and won't be until I get home from the cruise and have more time to work in there, but I am slowly getting it cleaned up and organized again and tweaking as I go. First thing I did was move my To Do, To Pay, To File box to my desk so I might make better use of it. Right now, I just pile everything on my desk until I have time to go through it and then put things in the To File drawer when I'm done. I'm trying to make myself get in the habit of immediately going through my mail and placing things in the appropriate drawer. For instance, the car insurance bill.....tear off the part that gets mailed in (or in my case paid online) and place it in the To Pay drawer. I keep a calculator, address labels, pen, notepad, & calendar in this drawer. Next I would take the bottom portion of the bill (the part I keep) and place it in the To File drawer. The To Do drawer is for things that I need to get to but aren't urgent....for instance, an offer from the credit union for an insurance policy I might want to read up on or an upgrade for cell service, etc.  No bills go in this drawer. 

I thought if I moved this box to the desk, I might be more likely to use it. The problem is I feel like when I put something in the drawer, I might forget about it. Weird I know....that's why I needed it at arm's length so I can check it every day or two.

On top of the box is my carousel of "junk"! No, really, this holds lots of things.....markers, chalk, oil crayons, Sharpies, calculator, etc. The drawers hold things like staples, tacks, rubber bands and other small items.


The hooks hold a couple of keys. The ladybug key is to our shed. Everyone knows it always hangs here and they have to return it to this spot! I also have a couple of buttons from activities my daughter was involved in that I can't bear to part with!

Across the room (which is tiny by the way) is a shelf that I have been working on. It used to house craft books, canisters & jars full of stuff, paint, etc. It now houses all my ETSY items that I will be listing this summer. These are all vintage items, but I hope to make a few crafty items to list as well. I really wish there was a place locally that I could set up to sell from. That way, the stuff wouldn't be in my house and I wouldn't have to worry about listing and shipping items. There is one place I am going to check into and see if they would let me sell there. 

The last craft room photo I'm sharing for now is my apothecary jars full of stuff. I have apothecary jars all over my house and they are all used all the time. The contents change, but I love my jars! Most of the ones below were purchased at yard sales or thrift stores for $0.50-$1.00 each. Numbers 1 & 4 were purchased at TJ Maxx a few years ago. Number 2 is a vintage straw holder my Aunt Loretta gave me years ago. I have had silverware (for a craft project) in it for a while but I am going to switch the contents of  #3 & #2. I just didn't think about it before I took this photo. case you're wondering, here is a list of the contents:
1. Glitter....all the S & P's contain glitter too
2. Silverware
3. Paper straws
4. Lace
5. Washi Tape
6. Foam Balls
7. Vintage Napkin Rings
8. Rhinestones & Crystal accents

I know some of you may not care what's in the jars and that's ok...:) I'm a nerd though and I'm always curious about things on other blogs I read and I thought you may be a nerd!

I'll share a more detailed before and after post IF when I finish in here! 
OK....before I go, I have just a couple thrifty finds to share. I haven't been doing much thrifting lately, and I am trying very hard to be more selective in what I bring home. My house is getting too cluttered and I don't like it! I am about to pare down and sell some of my stuff.

I thought this large ceramic flower pot was really pretty for $3. If I ever get my new porch, it will be so pretty on it! 

I lucked up and got 5 spools of ribbon for $1 each at Michael's the other day. The rhinestone and pink ruffles were in the bin by accident and should have cost over $5 each, but they had to let me have them for $1 since it was their mistake. Big score! 

I found this adorable little milk glass vase yesterday for $0.50. She has such nice curves and I instantly fell in love with her petite size. Isn't she sweet....she fit right in with the other girls!

Well, it's back to packing and working in the craft room. 
Thanks for visiting and until next time.....


  1. Sounds like you had a fun day, but I bet Kota gets you back for the restaurant singing! When you return from cruising, you could come here to organize me! Love the apothecary jars.

  2. Wow you are super organized, you would keel over if you saw my craft room lol. Happy cruising and Happy Birthday to that handsome boy of yours!

  3. Looks like a fun family birthday celebration! No Red Robin here, but have heard it's good. You are a super organized crafter. I really need to work on getting my crafty things more organized. Love the glitter in the shakers!

  4. Happy Birthday to Kota :) Sounds like a wonderful day. Love your craft room and all those apothecary jars - too fun! Thanks for sharing with us and have a great weekend, friend!

    Hugs to you!

  5. What a handsome young man! I know you will have a wonderful time on your cruise! Love your craft room. I'm hoping to have a craft space in my new home. We will see! LOL!

  6. Beautiful craft room...........I have a craft/junk filled basement that I use. SOMEDAY I'll get back down there again to clean it up. 41 years ago on the 13th I gave birth to my middle son. .....making me a bit older than you. Have fun on your cruise, I can't wait to read about it!

  7. Love your room! I'm also trying to pare down a bit. When I had my house up for sale I put a bunch of stuff in storage. It's still there and I've decided that I really haven't missed too much of it so I'm having a garage sale at the end of the month!

    I love that little milk glass vase, how sweet! :o)



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