Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My New Cruise Bag!

Happy Tuesday everyone!
And, for me, it's happy official first day of summer break...:) 
Can I get a Woo! Hoo! 
I can't describe how much I look forward to and love summer break. It is a time of R&R, but it's also a time of playing catch-up on things I might have slacked on during the school year. I read a lot and usually craft a lot as well...:)
 Today, I want to share a couple things from my recent shopping trip. If you're a regular reader, then you know I am going on a cruise in a few days!!! I leave Saturday the 15th and will return Thursday the 20th. I am so excited since this is my first cruise! I went shopping for new clothes since I really needed some. I had not bought summer clothes in quite some time. I also bought a new bag for the trip to hold all my "stuff" I need and want to take. I am going to share the bag as well as the contents with you if you care to see my "stuff"! Next time you see it, it will probably be beside me in a lounge chair somewhere out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!

Here is the bag I chose. This wasn't what I originally had in mind, but I fell in love with it when I spotted it. It is the East/West tote by Dena. I had never heard of or seen this brand before, but I could tell it was very well made and the accents are leather. I found this bag at TJ Maxx (one of my absolute favorite places to shop). I paid $24.95 for it. I found it online for $79.95, so I think I got an excellent deal! I just love the fabric colors, the leather trim (just look at that cute little tassel), and all the pockets!

OK....so, here's what I am putting in it! 

First up is my new sunglasses (please excuse the fingerprints, I haven't cleaned them yet).

And of course, my reading glasses. I'll definitely need those to read the books I'm taking!

Of course, my wallet and iPhone. I probably won't use it much since it will be roaming and charges will be astronomical! I am going to Verizon and check on adding the International calling plan though. I'm having a hard time coping with not being able to communicate with my daughter while I'm gone! Even if I don't add that to my plan, I may need the camera!

Speaking of, how do you like my new Fossil wallet? I got it at TJ Maxx as well, for $24.95. Half the price I found it online! I love the color...how about you?

Next up is a notepad. I have to have something to make lists & take notes while reading, etc. 

In the photo below, is my chevron bag I always carry in my purse. It contains random things like ibuprofen, tissues, a nail file, throat lozenges, feminine products, etc. I also found this cute little floral bag at TJ Maxx for $3.99. I plan to put my cosmetic items in it....lip gloss & compact.

I just love my little camera. I bought it a few years ago with birthday money and have used it thousands of times! It takes really good photos and the color just makes me smile! I do need to pick up a new SD card though....mine is full! I will keep it in this cute little case that came with my new Waverly toiletry bag.

I am taking my new Charles Martin book. He is my favorite author. He is a  southern, christian author and his books are very clean.  He can weave such amazing tales! I would compare him to Nicholas Sparks....my 2nd favorite author! I own and have read all of his books! You can check him out here.

I am also reading some professional development books. I started this one last summer and never finished due to starting it at the very end of summer. 

I downloaded this one on my Kindle Fire. I am currently reading it too. Speaking of my Kindle....my new case is supposed to arrive tomorrow!

I'm also taking my new book I bought over the weekend, just in case I finish Teach Like a Champion.

Here are a few photos of the bag. I love the leather trim.....I know I already mentioned that...lol! The handles should hold up well!


The designer's tag.

There are pockets on either end as well as one on the front and back and inside! Here is my eyeglass case in one end pocket.

Here is the back pocket.

And lastly...here is the bag all packed and ready to go! Now I just need to pack my suitcases. I started on that today...:) You think I'm ready to go? LOL..:) 

This week is another busy week, even though I'm on summer break. I have my annual visit with my gynecologist (JOY....NOT!) Thursday the 13th (which happens to be my son's 18th birthday) and have a few last minute things to pick up before the cruise that day as well. I have been busy cleaning, catching up all the laundry, packing and gathering, and trying to reorganize my craft room a little. (Maybe I'll share that tomorrow!) Also, my mom's birthday is Saturday the 15th...the day we leave. So.....we are all getting together for a supper Friday night to celebrate their birthdays and Father's Day as well as my hubby's upcoming birthday. My son wants lasagna so I'm sure that's what we'll have.  And, since I have so much to do, I really must stop rambling and get busy! If you stuck around through this entire post....bless you, and thank you! I appreciate you so very much...:)

Until next time.....


  1. Vicky I am so excited for you! I love love that bag! I find the best things at TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Ross!! All your goodies for your purse are perfect. I am always looking for a new author so I'm putting Charles Martin on my list. Oh and your camera, I have that same one in PINK! You have some busy days ahead! Enjoy!


  2. Have a wonderful trip, it sounds like fun!

  3. Your bag is beautiful.. I hope you have a wonderful summer vacation, and great time on your upcoming Cruise!

    -Tina (@clutteredcorkboard.com)

  4. A big fist pump for the end of school! I enjoyed packing with you - the tote bag is beautiful and i can't think of anything you have forgot. first on my list would be sun screen - don't forget. I also loved your trip to your fiend's house for more b-day eats and the trip to your daughter's. Be careful, Vicky, before you know it school will be starting! Please take many, many photos of the cruise so we can live vicariously through your vacation.

  5. I love your new cruise bag and am excited for you! How nice!

  6. Whoo Hoo for you! You certainly are packing it all in, and I don't just mean your fabulous bag. Happy birthday to your son and to your mum and I can't wait to see photos on your cruise. Take care. Chel x


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