Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Just a Few Thrifty Finds!

Hello everyone! How is your day going so far? As I sit here typing this post, I am listening to one of my favorite sounds in the world....the rain falling on my tin roof and the occasional clap of thunder. Just a few minutes ago, there was an Earth shaking boom! Startled me and my nephew Riley just a little! It has me wanting to nap, but I decided against it since I wanted to blog. When I finish, I need to get up and clean and catch up on laundry! 

So, today is just a short post in which I am sharing a few finds from yesterday. I am trying to cut back on my thrifting and have been pretty successful, but I did have to pop in my favorite consignment yesterday while running errands.
First thing I spotted was this little lighthouse decoration. 

The lighthouse itself is ok, but I loved the little life preservers stacked on it. Aren't they cute? I am thinking of making a garland or wreath with them. Not sure though....what do you think? There are three navy and three red! I only gave $2 for it....not bad!

I also found a few books! I love books and this is one thing I can always find a home for. This like new copy of The Alchemist was just $1. It sounds like a very good book and it is a quick read!

I loved the cover of this book....Between, Georgia. It is about a town in Georgia named Between and the folks who live there. For $1.50, I thought I'd add it to one of my bookshelves.

This decorating book is missing its jacket, but it was just $1.50, so it came home with me too. I like the title....Creating The Not So Big House. Perfect for me!

And just when I was about to leave the book section to check out, this little beauty caught my eye! 
It was just $1.50 as well.....no way I was leaving this in the store!

What a perfect cookbook to display for the summer in my kitchen! The colors were just perfect in my kitchen...:) Happy colors!

Well folks....that's it! Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate each and every one of you! 
Oh...if you have any ideas for the little life preservers, please leave me a comment! 

Until next time.....


  1. I think they would be perfect for a wreath. You could add some small frames with cruise photos in them! Love the selection of books. reminds me I am almost out of summer reading!

  2. I love your book finds! The very books I would have picked myself. Too bad we can't spend a day going thrifting, looks like we have the same taste. ;)

  3. Vicky you really found some great books! Love the Gooseberry cookbook! Adorable little life preservers! I think on a wreath would be cute or as votive holders? Lots of things, for $2 that was a great score!

  4. The life preservers would be adorable as a wreath..

    Oh, I like the votive holder idea that was mentioned above.. maybe even napkin rings on your table? Might be too big for that.. but would be cute no matter what you decide to use them for.

    -Tina (clutteredcorkboard.com)

  5. Those life preservers are so cute and I love the books, I always look for old books when I'm thrifting and it looks like you got some good ones.

  6. I love the little life preservers, can't wait to see how you use them.


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