Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fun Food On the Cruise!

OK....I promised you Fun Food today and I am here to deliver! I took photos every night of my meal and tried to snap a few at lunch and breakfast too. I was really impressed with not only the presentation of the food, but also the taste! I am a foodie so I know good food when I taste it!

First up is dinner on night 1. I didn't think to snap a photo of  my lunch that first day because we were late eating and I was starving and just not thinking of photos! Apparently I forgot to take a photo of my appetizer on night 1 as well....:(  The menu always had several choices. One side is always the same and the other changes daily. There were around 10-12 starters, entrees, and desserts to choose from each something for everyone! My first night, I chose brisket with mashed potatoes, and roasted veggies! It was incredible!

For dessert, I chose the chocolate melting cake.....MMMmmmm!

I didn't photograph my breakfast every morning because we usually went to the buffet instead of the dining room and I usually chose the same things to eat. Most mornings looked something like this......grits, bacon, pancakes, eggs, or hash browns. I usually don't eat a big breakfast but I couldn't resist with all this delicious food I didn't have to prepare myself!

Lunch day 2 was a bowl of something called Jamaican Pepper Pot soup, a tasty crab salad on a roll, and a black cherry & chocolate ice cream dish for dessert. I am all about trying new things and while I can;t remember everything that was in the soup, I do remember it had peppers, okra, and coconut in it and it was very tasty!

Dinner night 2 was the Captain's Dinner.  I chose stuffed mushrooms in a delicious, creamy tomato sauce, lobster & shrimp, and a yummy white and dark chocolate bread pudding

Lunch on Day 3 was on Half Moon Cay (pronounced key) Island. It was a delicious barbecue style lunch. I had a cheese burger and a small piece of jerk chicken, an long with fresh salsa and chips, cous cous (which I had never tried before), fruit and a cookie for dessert!

I'm not the only one who enjoyed the lunch...:)

This was such a pretty display of fruit, I had to share.

Night 3 I chose a fried shrimp with plum sauce I cucumber salad for my starter  and almost forgot to take a photo! Fortunately I still had one shrimp left when i remembered...:)

I had a delicious jerk seasoned pork tenderloin with mashed yams, fried green beans for garnish and fried rice. This was one of my favorite meals.

Dessert was a deliciously light coconut cake...:)

While watching the ship dock the next morning in Nassau, I watched a seagull land and try to clean off someones breakfast plate. One of the waiters was patiently waiting for myself and another lady to take a picture before he cleared away the mess. Those folks don't leave messes anywhere!

While in Nassau, the hubs and I went to a restaurant called Senor Frogs for lunch. It was exceptional food! I had what I would say is one of the best pasta dishes I have ever had anywhere! It was bow tie pasta, shrimp,  red and yellow bell peppers, asparagus, & mushrooms in a slightly spicy and very cheesy cream sauce! Oh my....I would love to have another dish of this now! I am going to try to copy this recipe some time soon!

The hubs had a grilled chicken sandwich and fries.

Night 4 I had a shrimp cocktail, corn chowder, and fried shrimp and fish with onion rings and curly fries. I didn't eat the onion rings and curly fries though...too much fried food! I am sure they were good, I just can't handle too much fried food at one sitting! I also didn't eat dessert in the dining room because I was too full. 


I wanted to show this that was on the menu each night. It was called didja and each night was something different.....gator bites (which the hubs had and I tried...although we have had gator before), frog legs, caviar, etc. I thought it was a really clever addition to the menu!

Here are the gator bites along with some fried potatoes and onion straws.

I did eat breakfast in the dining room on day 5....Belgian waffles with blueberry sauce, hash browns, and bacon.

I guess I forgot lunch on this day! Dinner was a crab cake starter, bourbon and honey glazed chicken with roasted veggies, and a chocolate amaretto cake for dessert!

They also had 3 soft serve ice cream machines on board. I did have a couple cones! This one is chocolate and strawberry swirl!

I didn't eat any of the following desserts, but I did snap photos because I wanted to share the variety and beauty of some of them! This was in one of the buffets.

Just look at these gorgeous cheesecakes! Now I'm wishing I had tried a piece!

So, now that I have your mouth watering, get up and go fix yourself a snack! Thanks so much for stopping by to see some more of my cruise photos! Tomorrow I am sharing my favorite group of photos....Fun on the Islands! I hope you'll stop by again! I'm off to Tallahassee to spend the day with the family and celebrate the Hubby's birthday a day early!

Until next time.....


  1. Vicky I am always amazed at the food on a cruise. I would gain a ton of weight because I could not resist trying new things and dessert!!! Enjoy your trip to Tallahassee!


  2. Okay, I am now officially hungry! Those desserts have my mouth watering....yes, I am a sugar lover :) I would be like Linda - I wouldn't be able to resist trying the new food. Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs to you!

  3. Hi Vicky,
    I just started a new mobile home renovation blog, Finding Grace, Going Mobile and added you to my blog roll. I can't wait to see some of your mobile projects! I found you through Geneva at My Heart's Song.
    Blessings, Theresa @ Finding Grace, Going Mobile

  4. I am now starving and i have nothing close to these delicious dishes. I would have to roll off that boat after seeing all they offered! What do they do for people on special diets?

  5. My mouth is watering, that all looks soooooo good1

  6. All that food does look delish....and it doesn't compare, one bit, to the crap I sometimes pull out of the freezer from a box and cook.

  7. Oh my word! I'm full up already and that's just looking! Those cheesecakes...well I would have had a VERY large bag and they would suddenly disappear! Oh well, diet starts tomorrow! Take care. Chel x


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