Sunday, June 28, 2015

Red & Blue and Thrifty Too!

It's hard to believe June is almost over!
I took a little time to add a little red and blue to the living room for the Fourth of July! I also wanted to show you my new rug. I really liked the chevron rug in there, but every time Sadie stretched or moved, it wrinkled up even with a rug pad underneath. That never happens with this new rug and it is super plush and feels so good on bare feet. It also blends really well with my furniture and curtains.

My decor is very simple this year. I never got my decorations out of the shed. I used books from my bookshelf with red and blue spines. If you haven't been a reader for long, click on the link and go see the beautiful bookshelf the hubby built for me last summer! I love using books to decorate with. 

I had to flag in some old scrapbooking supplies and the starfish was taken from the guest bathroom.

Here's a shot of the room from the TV wall. My living room is pretty small, but that's OK. Less to clean!

Sadie LOVES the new rug!

The table in the corner only has books and white decor.

The coffee table has just the July edition of BH&G! I haven't even had a chance to look at this one yet!

The clipboard got a new piece of "art" too! I love the free printables that can be found online with a simple search.

Here's the TV wall. I am still loving our plank walls and I really think I always will. The little heater to the right will not be staying in this room after our central heat and air unit is hooked up. I am going to put it on the porch when it is built. I have a really cute idea for it!

This is the vignette on top of the heater. The paper straws and pencils are the only Americana purchases for this year. I got the cute gingham pencils from the Target Dollar Spot and the paper straws from TJ Maxx.

Now, let me share a few thrifty finds from last week. I was pretty excited about these finds.  had actually looked at a similar piece online for my bathroom door. I didn't want to spend too much on it though, so I never ordered it. I found this one for $1.99 at the consignment store where I take my clothes. I love it!

I also found this plaque with a hook on the bottom. It will be used for a hand towel holder. I am putting both of these items up until we remodel the guest bathroom. Both bathrooms and the master bedroom are the only rooms that haven't been redone. Hopefully this year, but if not, definitely next!
This piece was $2 or $3....I can't remember.

I bought this wooden "V" to makeover and hang in my craft room.

I found three really nice baskets. This one is about 10 inches across.

This one is the cutest! It reminded me of a wicker laundry basket. I bought it to put in the laundry room to hold loose change.

See how small it is?

I love this basket! Not sure yet what I am going to use it for, but it was too pretty to leave behind. I think I gave $3 or $4 for all three baskets.

Just as I was about to leave, I spotted this beauty! Ignore my feet in the! This piece is solid wood and has three cubbies along the bottom with metal tag holders/hooks. I have plans to redo this piece for my craft room. It will get a coat of paint and the mirror will most likely be turned around and made into a chalkboard. I have another idea in mind too so I'm not sure which one will win!

Here's a close up of the cubbies/hooks. I love this piece and the best part is, it was only $5! 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I sure did! My daughter came home for the weekend and we enjoyed spending time together. Friday night she and I went shopping and to dinner. Yesterday was a lazy day until we went to the races to watch the Hubby race his car. He did really great and came in 2nd place. A couple more laps and he would have won it! Today we had a nice lunch at my parent's house to celebrate all of the June birthdays (me, my son Dakota, the Hubby, and Mama)  and Father's Day. It was the first time since Christmas that all of the family was together. It's really difficult to get everyone together under the same! It was a great day...despite the headache I've had most of the day. I have a busy week ahead but am looking forward to it. I hope to share my 4th of July tablescape soon! I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Until next time.....



  1. Wow, Vicky...everything looks so great. You have done so much. I love how well the rug goes with the curtains and Sadie looks quite happy with it.

    You always find the nicest things when you are out thrifting.

    So happy you had a great time with family. Hope your headache goes away.

  2. Hello there dear Vicky!
    Oh, what a fun post...I so enjoyed seeing your decorations for the Fourth (it sounds like a delightful celebration...makes me wish we celebrated it here - lol!) And some of the gorgeous goodies you've added to your lovely home!
    I especially love those little bathroom signs...I can see why you bought them:)

    And Sadie looks like she is loving the new rug...:)

    Have a wonderful week ahead, Vicky! Oh, and before I forget, I posted your parcel on Saturday, so I hope it won't take too long to arrive!

    Hugs and lots of love,

  3. Like you, I can't resist a good basket. One can never have too many as far as I'm concerned.

    Your rug looks great, and of course the important thing is Sadie approves. ;).

    I had a bit of a headache today as well. I rarely get them and when I do I find it's usually because I haven't eaten. You know that commercial with the 'Brady's' telling the macho guy to eat (but it's really their daughter Marcia?) Well, I'm like that when I'm hungry lol.

    Have a great week Vicky!


  4. As always, I love your finds...those baskets are great. Wonderful rug...looks great with Sadie on it!

  5. Vicky, the living room looks great. I love your 4th of July decor, simple and just enough. I have to share my cubby soon. Your bathroom finds and the baskets are cute, but that shelf is really great. I think you and I have come to the same place in thrifting, practical with a touch of whimsy now and then!!

  6. Well hello there! It's been a while since I've been on, so I'm trying to get caught up with everyone. I love your home, it's turned out so wonderful. I bet it feels so good to have a whole new look, doesn't it? I absolutely LOVE your laundry room. I love the metal you did. And the baskets and sign was an awesome touch. My laundry room is teeny tiny and we did give it a fresh new color of a bright yellow. It always feels so nice to change it up a bit. We are also painting our homes this fall from a tan color to a green moss color. I am so excited! This month sure did fly by!

    I hope you have a wonderful Independence Day! Be Safe and Enjoy!

    Hugs, Amy

  7. My favorites are the La Bain signs.

  8. Hi Vicky! Sounds like you had a wonderful day yesterday! You have a beautiful home and I love your July 4th vignette and your super, thrifty finds!

  9. I am loving the decor Vicky. The rug goes so well with the curtains, a great buy! Your little touches to the room really lift everything and make your living area so welcoming. Well done to your hubby in the race by the way! xx

  10. Sadie is the perfect accessory for the lovely rug. Great finds especially the cubby with the mirror.

  11. Your living room looks great Vicky and that teeny-tiny laundry basket is adorable!!


  12. Such a fun post with a little bit of everything. I didn't get out all my decor for the 4th either, just a small vignette. Think we are all so summer busy, and I'm way behind from being sick for so long. Your Sadie is so cute!

    Sweet your whole family celebrated together. In today's busy lives, not an easy feat! Keep enjoying your summer. :)

  13. Great decorations, it is nice to change things up a bit isn't it! xx

  14. How clever of you to add 4th of July cheer with pencils and straws. I think that is the teacher in you because I would never have thought of it! Your new rug does look comfy. Your new finds will be great when everything is done to use them. I love finding things before something is finished so it is all done all at once! Have a great holiday weekend!

  15. Hi Vicky, so glad that you liked my blog. It was so nice meeting Julie, She is a wonderful sweet person and we had lots of fun. I will be following you = it's so nice to meet you.

  16. Hi Vicky, what lovely decorations you have for the 4th of July! I love how Sadie likes the rug! Nice baskets too! Have a lovely 4th of July!
    Hugs, Julie xo

  17. What a great post! Everything looks great. I don't know what I like best. The baskets look nice..I'm a basket lover. Hope everything is wonderful heading into the weekend.


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