Wednesday, June 3, 2015

And Just Like That...It's Over!

Hello my friends! I'm finally slowing down enough to take time out for a blog post. It's been a whirlwind these past several days. The end of the school year is as busy as the beginning for a teacher. It seems as if there are a thousand things that must be done by the last day. It is exhausting to say the least. I can hardly believe the year is already over! Tomorrow is the students official last day, but most of them won't come to school. The last day is an early release day so we always have our parties on the day before the last day and then gently encourage the kiddos not to come the next day since we will just be cleaning and packing stuff up. :) 

They sure did have a blast today. We rent those HUGE water slides and they love it! I totally forgot to snap a picture of the slides, but I did want to share a few photos from my day. It was a fun, happy, crazy, loud, stressful,  bittersweet day.

My two crafty moms blessed me yet again with these sweet gifts. I have been wanting to make myself one of these painted burlap "pencils" forever! now I don't have to.

And, I was just admiring one of these crayon covered vases on Pinterest last night! Now I have one of those too! And you all that know me well, know I am a Crayola brand snob! So sweet...:)

We had  a smorgasbord of treats! Here's my plate...:) Speaking of plates, aren't these plates and napkins adorable! I couldn't resist buying them for our party day.

I rearranged my "office" space a few weeks ago. You can see my new pencil sign hanging up there under my blog name.
It's a busy space visually, but I love it...:)

I made all my kiddos treat bags to take home. They were super excited about them. The bag contains a bottle of bubbles and a splash ball....that's why the words blew and ball are capitalized and bold print. :)

It was a day filled with joy. I will miss "my" kinders this summer. I always have a couple I really worry about. I pray they are safe and loved this summer and they have food to fill their tummies. Sad to think that could be a problem in this great nation, but unfortunately it is. As I was driving home after work, I looked up and my Blessings ornament that hangs from my rear view mirror caught my eye. It has hung from my mirror for years now. Today though, I paid special attention to it. I was thinking about all the blessings in my life. Too many to name really...but among these are "my" students. They are like my own children while they are in my care throughout the year. I am blessed to have been called by God to teach. I cannot think of anything else I would rather do. Even in the midst of all the craziness that is a teachers life....the constant changes in education and the push to perform miracles with those same kids that don't have supper every night or have parents in prison, or worse, have parents who NEED to be in prison but aren't. Even with all of the impossible things we are expected to do, it is a calling and I am honored to have the chance to impact young lives. I love "my" kids....I love my job. They are among my biggest BLESSINGS. 

Thank you for letting me share what's on my heart and mind here today. I'm always a little emotional at the end of the year. I hope you are all experiencing a wonderful week. Just a little heads sure to visit me Friday. It's my birthday and I am going to have a little fun with it that will involve a giveaway!

Until then.....


  1. It must be so hard to say goodbye to all these sweet children you have had the pleasure to teach all year. I know you are an amazing teacher and love those kiddos! I hope you have a wonderful summer!

  2. It is wonderful that you recognize your blessings, Vicky. But I am so sure that you are a huge blessing to "your" kids throughout the school year. I love reading your posts about your job. It shows your compassion. Special indeed!

  3. Sounds like a great end to your school year! It is so good to know that there are caring teachers in this world who pray for their students and know that teaching is not just a job.

  4. You had me almost in tears as I read your super post. LOVE the special gifts you received. Some people are so talented and thoughtful enough to share. You are a wonderful teacher, I'd have picked you for my grands if I could. I'm glad to know that some teachers really do care about 'their' kids. God bless you and have a wonderful summer!!!!

  5. Every time you speak of your job and your students, it just reinforces what I already are a fabulous, caring teacher. It must indeed be hard to say goodbye, knowing, as you say, some may not be totally safe from harms way. Just continue to do what you do Vicky. I have no doubt your presence in their lives makes a huge difference.

  6. Oh...dearest Vicky! You are such a blessing and a beautiful example of Christ-like sweet how you gave each child a goodie bag - how excited and touched they must have been! It is truly the little things that count, and I think they must love you very tenderly... It saddens my heart to think that so many precious children have such difficult circumstances and live such desperate lives...I always appreciate my upbringing and Godly parents all the more and thank Jesus each of my sisters have love and safety to grow up in... I just long to give each child a hug and help them in some small way! It is wonderful what you are doing, and I pray the Lord may continue to use you to bless and inspire these children!

    What sweet gifts you received and I LOVE your teaching corner...the black and white chevron caught my eye straight away!
    I will most certainly be visiting tomorrow...birthdays are such lovely things, aren't they...?
    Have a blessed and peaceful sleep!
    Hugs and love always!

  7. I hope that you and "your" children have a great summer!!! xx

  8. I just loved my son's kindergarten teacher and loved giving her personal gifts. There is just something so special about the teachers in the primary grades....they really care! You sound like the one's I have experienced with my kids. Have a wonderful summer!


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