Monday, May 26, 2014

Wall Cubbies Before & After

I have a little before and after project to share today. This piece was a freebie that I got from my mother-in-law. I have been wanting something like this since I saw Linda's over at A La Carte. She is always changing what she displays in hers and I just love it! 
Here it is before. 

I'm not sure what it was covered was thick and bumpy and I didn't like the color.
Farrah is checking it out...:)

The hubby was kind enough to take it to the shop and take the sander to it to remove the finish. Apparently it had been painted white at one point as you can see below. I decided I liked this look and am keeping it this way.

I didn't however want to leave the cubbies in the ugly orange toned I decided to paint the insides.
Here you can see I chose the mint green color that I used on my mirror project a while back.

Here it is all painted but still wet.

There were handles on both ends, but I decided to only put one back on top.

I shopped the house for the perfect accessories and here is what I came up with.
The top two cubbies are larger than the others, so I was able to put some taller accessories in them. I chose two of my old medicine bottles and an iron Fleur de lis.

The next two cubbies got a little bird and a small white ceramic juicer and tiny jar of honey. I am going to add something behind the bird...just not sure what yet. The bird was actually part of a giveaway I won from Linda last year...:)

The third set of cubbies got a small white creamer and some more vintage bottles.

And the bottom two cubbies hold an old insulator and small vintage teacup.

Here it is all styled. Now I just need to decide where to hang it! It will definitely hang in my dining room I like the way the distressed finish on the front frames each cubby. 

I'm happy with it although I'm sure it will get changed out occasionally. Not bad for a totally free project! 
Well, it's back to work tomorrow. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 4-day weekend. Only 9 more days with the students. I'm looking forward to summer break but I sure will miss my little kinders. They have grown and learned so much this year. I am so proud of them. I hope each of you have a wonderful week.

Until next time.....


  1. Amazing transformation on this piece Vicky. I love that you left it unfinished after your hubby sanded it and then you painted it on the inside. Of course you already had some sweet treasures for each cubby.

    Enjoy your close to summer break.

  2. Love how you chose to redo leaving the old white wash look and painting the inside. Sweet little treasures you filled it with. Oh yeah, the fun will be changing it out now and then. Glad your school year is coming to an end. :)

  3. Of course I LOVE your cubbie and I'm so honored I inspired you. Love the finish and the inside color. I'm scrolling down and I say to myself, I have that bird! WELL no I guess I don't anymore, it is yours now! LOL!! Truly it looks great and it's so fun to change out it's treasures.

    Our school year has ended here and so I'm having some time with Sara and I enjoy that each summer. I think Kindergarten is a a great year as you see such growth in the little ones. Hugs to you! Linda

  4. Love that you kept the worn white paint look... and the pop of color in the cubbies - so cute! Gotta love those freebie projects, sometimes those are the best ones! Blessings.

  5. Dear Vicky, I have always love those little boxes that I could place a little treasure in! I know your little people will miss you also, they can get very attached to their teacher. Love all your projects, look forward to more.
    But enjoy your summer days and nights to the fullest!
    Love, Roxy

  6. A gorgeous project Vicky, I love the colour inside as it marries with the rustic white paint. Your accessories match perfectly. I hope your next nine days go well and you have a well earned rest for the summer break my friend xx

  7. So cute! Love the way you made it over and the way you styled it. As always, I covet your creativity!

  8. This may be my all-time favorite project of yours - what great patina on the cubby. Love the pop of mint green inside. Great styling!


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