Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Hello and Happy Mother's Day to each of you. 
Here are some lovely flowers from me to you....:)

Mothers are Angels

There are Angels God puts on this Earth
Who care for us and guide us.
You can feel their love and gentleness 
as they walk through life beside us.

They do great things for us every day
they whisper in our ears, 
they even hold us in their hearts 
when we are filled with all our fears.

They are always there to give a hug
and try to make us smile.
They treat us with respect and love, 
they treat us like their child.

God blessed me with an Angel, 
I’m proud to call my own.
She’s been with me throughout my 
life, been with me as I’ve grown.

She’s guided me the best she can, 
she’s taught me like no other, 
and I’m thankful I’m the lucky one 
who get’s to call her... MOTHER 

~Kathleen J. Shields

Hope your day is blessed and beautiful. 
Until next time.....


  1. Happy Mothers Day to you also!!!

  2. Very Lovely! Happy Mother's Day Vicky!

  3. I enjoyed this poem so much! To honor our Mother is huge! And I know your children will be honoring you! Enjoy this day dear friend!

  4. Happy Mother's Day! Sending you big hugs.


  5. Happy Mother's Day, Vicky!

    I love that poem.... so precious!

    Have a wonderful week!



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