Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Walking on Faith

Today I'm sharing a beautiful, local spot that I always enjoy visiting. 
This old train trestle crosses over the Suwannee River and is now used as part of a walking path called the Nature Coast State Trail. Last Saturday I walked to it to see my niece Taylor have some pictures taken before her prom. While we were there, I snapped a couple photos to share. 

I love the architecture of this old train trestle and the rusty patina makes it even more gorgeous. 

Our Suwanee River is so high right now. There is no possibility of taking the boat out any time soon due to the logs and debris floating in the water. It is very dangerous when it is so high. This is the third summer in a row that our river has been too high to go boating. I miss is always soothing to my soul. Life is so busy right now and some health issues for both myself and my hubby have me worried. I would love to take a ride out on this beautiful river to restore some peace to my soul. I just have to keep my faith and give my worries over to God. That is so much easier said than done sometimes though. I am trying...I really am. I would appreciate any thoughts or prayers you have to offer. 

Want to see something pretty? Look at the gardenias I picked from my mama's yard. I just love these gorgeous white blooms and the smell is heavenly!

Now...just one more thing....I want to share a bit of AWESOME news! 
Some of you have been praying for my friend Heather who has Stage 4 Colon cancer that had spread to the liver. Well, Monday she had a PET scan and MRI and 3 of the 4 spots on her liver are gone and the 4th one has shrunk by 1/3 and she's only halfway through her chemo! God is working a miracle in Heather's body. She is so full of faith and positivity and so am I! I have felt all along that God was going to heal her. She still needs the prayers as she has a long way to go but I just wanted to update you. 

Her son took this picture of her...he has recently taken up her photography hobby. He is really good!
Thanks so much for thinking of and praying for my beautiful friend. 
Have a blessed and beautiful rest of the week!
Until next time.....


  1. Oh Vicky! Great news on your friend! God is so good. I always wonder why we struggle so much to trust Him! I'm sorry for your struggles right now and the stress you are feeling. Have you read the devotional book called "Jesus Calling"? I can't tell you what a comfort it was when we were going through my brother's illness. It gave me daily reminders of Jesus' presence in my life and saved my sanity during an extremely stressful time.
    Hugs to you, my friend.

  2. Hooray, I am so happy for your sweet friend! We all seem to be having health issues or challenges. Keep your eyes on the Son...
    The days are so busy and time just goes so fast! We need those summers like when we were kids (remember them)
    Have a great weekend...Roxy

  3. Vicky, we have only just 'met' here in blogland, but the news of your illness saddened me so very much. I hope it is nothing too serious, both for you and your husband. I've always said if you have your health you have everything you need.

    The news of your dear friend Heather is indeed wonderful! She looks like such a sweet soul. I wish cancer would just drop dead!!! Enough already.

  4. Praising the Lord about your friend! What a precious blessing to know she is doing better - she will be in my prayers, dear Vicky. And speaking of prayers, you are in mine as well. I hope your health issue can be resolved, sweet friend. If there is anything I can do, please let me know!

    Love and hugs to you!

  5. Dear Vicky, your photos of the bridge were just beautiful! Your longing to go boating touched my heart, especially since you and your husband have health issues. No wonder my post encouraged you dear friend. The goodness of God :-)
    I will surely be praying for the both of you. Truly, rest in the Lord, Vicky, for His ways are best, and he cares for you. Look to Him every step of the way through this situation. For He is worthy!
    To God be the glory for your friends good health report.
    The Lord bless you, Debbie

  6. Vicky I am so happy for your friend. I am keeping her in my prayers and you and your hubby also. Life is such a journey and the ups and downs keep us on our toes for sure. These few days home are restoring me before the final push to move Mom. Next week I will have both my daughters home and that always makes me so happy. Gorgeous photos. Sending hugs, Linda

  7. How wonderful for your friend - beating stage 4 cancer is indeed a celebration!
    Prayers being sent for you and your husband too Vicki!
    Love all the images - what a shame you can't get on a boat and enjoy it - but still it's there for you to gaze at - which is pretty special too !

  8. First, wonderful news about your friend - amazing!

    I love the bridge photos - a beautiful spot.

  9. Wonderful news about Heather's good news. I will add you and your husband to the prayer list and hope it is not too serious. Loved the sewing basket you made over in the bright colors. We had a train trestle in the town where I grew up. It became too dangerous and had to be torn down. People were so sad they raised money to have it rebuilt as part of a walking trail.

  10. Lovely pics...I can see why you like it so much. My thoughts and prayers are with you and husband with your health issues and praise for Heather.

  11. Such wonderful news for your friend. I wish her continued good health xx


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