Monday, December 2, 2013

Treasures...Bought & Received!

Hello and happy Monday evening everyone! I am popping in for a quick post tonight featuring a few recently found or received treasures! First up is this beautiful set of vintage strawberry glasses. There are 8 of them! My sister stumbled upon these at the Hospice Attic during their 50% off sale and bought them for me. They were a whopping $0.90...that's right, about eleven cent each! I was thrilled...:)
I really can't wait for spring to set a strawberry table...:)

Next up are the treasures sent to me by my sweet friend Linda from A La Carte! A few months ago, I won a giveaway Linda was hosting. Well, this wasn't long before her once in a lifetime trip to Paris and in the midst of all her preparations, sending the package got put on hold for a bit. Totally understandable...:) Well, Linda told me she would pick something up in Paris for me to include in the package when she sent it. This really wasn't necessary as I totally understood her not being able to send it earlier, but being the lovely lady she is, she did pick up a few things for me. Well, last week, I received this package from Linda and in it were so many treasures. I had so much fun unwrapping each one. Not only did she send the things from the original giveaway and a few Paris items, but she also sent some extra vintage and Christmas items. The note she sent was the best part though...I appreciate  kind words and comments so very much...from all my blog friends...:) 
Look at all the treasures she sent me!

This plate is just lovely and will be adorning a shelf in the new guest room soon! If you haven't had a chance to see it yet, please pop over and let me know what you think...:)

Look at all the Christmas goodies!

The sweetest set of vintage ornaments, still in the original box.

Most of these are items from the original giveaway...:) The little bird is living in the nest on the lamp in the guest room.

A few Paris themed items...:)

I love the snowman postcard ornament!

But my favorite piece in the entire box was this lovely strawberry dish towel/runner! Linda is such a precious lady and sweet friend. If you don't already know her, please go pay her a visit...:) Thank you again Linda, you are such a dear!

I found this pretty set of aqua blue snowflake salad plates at a Goodwill store. There were 7 of them in three different designs for $3.

These are some of my favorite plate finds ever! They are just gorgeous and were just $2 for the set of 4 salad plates. I look forward to creating a tablescape around them.

I found these awesome vintage postcards with the glassine envelopes for $0.49 each! 
I just love them...:) Now I am trying to decide how to display them! Ideas?

And I bought yet three more apothecary jars. I know I have a serious problem people....I can't pass them up! These were all around or under $1.50 each if I remember correctly. The biggest one is made from two pieces that I don't think were original to each other, but it is so pretty with the fluted edges and the big glass ball on top! And for the record, I did not have a bell shaped jar! They are sitting atop a set of 4 white and silver winter placemats that were new with tags for $2. They will look so pretty with my snowflake plates above!

Well, that's it! I have already found homes for all of the above items and am proud to say I have started sorting and purging every time I clean. The great thing about vintage is you can buy it and use it for a while and then resell it! Of course, my ETSY inventory is overflowing the shelves I have it on, but maybe eventually I will get that up and running! 

Until next time....


  1. Vicky I am so glad you enjoyed your package! I could have kept packing it with things but it got full! You were so sweet to understand my delay in sending your giveaway win, but you are such a sweet lady I'm not surprised. Love the new plates you found both the blue snowflake and the b&w plates also. I love 'married' jars, so interesting! Thanks for being such a great blogging friend. Hugs, Linda

  2. I also meant to say that you can display those post cards with vintage vase frogs or they also look cool clipped on old wooden hangers! You will find a great way to display them I know!

  3. You are one lucky lady!!! Congratulations, such cute stuff. I LOVE the post cards and always have my eyes open for some, enjoy! BTW, your Christmas header looks very nice.

  4. Great gift! Love the postcards and the vintage Christmas ornaments. I pick up those curly wire photo holders at the thrift shop and use them to display my vintage postcards. Also the glass frames with the metal clips - I take the fiber board backs off them, put the postcard in the middle of two pieces of glass and clip them together. I display it on an easel so you can see both sides.

  5. I love the postcards and love all the great gifts. I love the idea of a vintage christmas (ornaments) Just beautiful my friend. As always wonderful inspiration

  6. Wonderful finds and gifts! I love them all. Those strawberry glasses are really cute.

  7. Vicky, it was fun to see all your treasures and gifts and I can't wait to see what you do with them all. You have some of the best blogging friends, and that's because you're such a good friend. Blessings! Geneva

  8. Those strawberry glasses are so cute and with the strawberry dish towel/runner you could really make a colorful table setting. Love that black and white flowered plate too!

  9. These are some awesome treasures! If I go into Goodwill , or any thrift store for that matter, I don't usually come out empty handed :) You can use those apothecary jars for SO many things!

  10. Hi Vicky, wow what wonderful things you received in the mail from your friend! It's so much fun opening up presents! Take care and have a wonderful weekend. Julie


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