Saturday, May 3, 2014

Because I'm HAPPY!

HAPPY is the theme today! 
I was off work for my niece Taylor's graduation yesterday and it was a beautiful day! It rained all day, but the time spent with my family members was precious. The graduation ceremonies were very nice...Taylor graduated Magna Cum Laude! After graduation, we had a delicious Italian dinner and then did a little shopping at TJ Maxx. A very HAPPY day!
We'll start with part three of my craft room reorganization. I shared parts one and two earlier in the week. I know I have shared a lot of reorganization/redecorating posts about my craft room over the past year and a half, but organizing & decorating are two of my favorite things to do and this is my HAPPY space, so it is going to change many times over the years.
Today I worked on the office portion of the room. 

I didn't do much different here, but I did add the Lucite riser I bought last weekend for $0.50 under the white roll top organizer. The white organizer was thrifted a couple years ago for $2 I think. I painted it white and it holds notebooks and notepads and such. The milk glass pedestal dish on top holds crayons (only Crayola brand) and the napkin holder holds post-it notes (only Post-it brand for me!) I've said it before and I'll say it again....I'm an office supply snob! I can't help's the teacher in me. I'd rather pay a little extra for quality..and those things make me HAPPY...:)

I placed items I use often underneath...tape dispenser (only Scotch brand for this girl...remember I'm a, my stapler, paper clips, and a basket of glue sticks and extra rolls of tape.

You might also remember the vintage letter holder I bought for $1 a few weeks ago and painted aqua. I'm still loving it...:) And also, my raggedy lampshade I made a while back! I want to do something different with the pink base but am not sure what. It used to be ivory colored with gold trim and a Victorian couple in the center. Pretty...but not my style. I painted it red the first time and it has been pink for a while. I'm thinking of painting the handles, base, and oval frame a different color and adding a V to the center. 

My remote control even has a pretty place to live. I do love my multi-purpose milk glass pieces. I have quite a large collection and they house anything from remote controls (in here and the living room) to plants, crayons to my kitchen sponge! I average paying around $0.50-$1 for my milk glass pieces. Can't beat those prices! 

This corner makes me HAPPY
Just look at all the aqua blue pops of color there! I am still debating on whether or not to paint my amazing desk chair below. I like the way the wood looks with all the white and bright colors in the room. It does however need to be sanded and maybe stained. But...I still like the idea of painting it white too. I'm having a hard time making up my mind..can you tell? I still really want to repaint my green walls white this summer too!

Here's a HAPPY from TJ Maxx! 
I found this white leather bound journal with gold foil stamped pocket watches on it. I am in love...:)

I also bought a set of two dish towels for $3.99, but I'm using this one for a table runner. 
I loved the color of the stripes...:)

This was the other one. Super cute, but since I don't decorate with anything nautical, I will be turning this one into a tote bag. I can just picture it lined with a pretty coral colored fabric and rope handles! I would like to get an H monogrammed on the green stripes in coral colored thread if I can find someone to do it for me. I guess I could paint it on if I can't find someone to do it.

When I returned home today, I had a package waiting for me!
 It was from this place.....

My receipt came in this cool envelope...I am keeping this for sure! I have never ordered from Anthro...too spendy for this girl, but I finally ordered something I have been desperately wanting for months!

This makes me oh so HAPPY!
I saw it online on a plate wall some time back and fell in love with the color, design, and shape and knew I had to have it for my own plate wall. 

The bee is just so pretty! I have a thing for bees...I think it started when my daddy used to keep bees when I was young! I got an e-mail from Anthro on Monday that shipping was free of anything for the day, so I immediately jumped on the deal. I can't wait to get it hung on my plate wall this weekend...along with the two I thrifted last weekend.

Earlier in the week I had to go grocery shopping and I of course ran into the Hospice Attic. You know thrifting makes me HAPPY! I only brought home a few's what I got. 

A couple vintage sheets for $1.99 each. Love the colors and design of this one.

And this one too! They will look beautiful in my stack...:)
Vintage sheets make guessed it....HAPPY!

I found these two little frames for $0.49. They will paint up beautifully!

I realized when I got home with them that they are magnetic...:)I may print something to place inside them, paint them a pretty color and put them on my fridge. 

Last thing I bought were a couple for my daughter, Miranda, and this one for me. I like this author and did not have this book. Books most definitely make me HAPPY!

I hope you found something here that made you HAPPY!
I am looking forward to two more days off...I love a three day weekend! I'm going to watch my nephew Jake play Lacrosse tomorrow. He is an amazing player!
I hope you have a blessed weekend. Want to listen to a song that will make you HAPPY?
If so, click on the link below...this A Cappella group is amazing! 

My daughter first introduced me to Pentatonix last Christmas. They do an amazing, give you chills rendition of Drummer Boy. I know it's not Christmas now, but listen to it anyway. I did...twice while typing this definitely makes me  HAPPY!
If you listen to them...let me know what you think...:) Their talent amazes me!

As always...thanks for visiting!
Until next time....


  1. Good Morning... I am so Happy also thanks for sharing that clip I loved it so much!
    I have a copy of it and will post it one day and think of you!!
    Loved the plate so BEEteful!
    Thanks for Linking Up with me at my party. I hope you will continue to come!
    I feel Happy from listening to that song, I do want to be thought of as being a Happy person. Have a great day, and I look forward to your next great treasures. Love, Roxy

  2. My word Vicky you make me DIZZY with all your creating and organising!! Oh to have your imagination! I have given you a little shout out on my blog this week for the beautiful banner you made me at the beginning of the year. I look at this often and it reminds me of just how creative and lovely you are! Have a wonderful weekend. xx

  3. Visiting you makes me happy!

    hugs, Linda

  4. Me be happy about the Bee Plate!!! Okay, I must be the last person on this planet to hear of Pentatonix. I have been watching video after video and have got nothing done. Unlike you, Ms. Super Organizer! Of course, all teachers are office supply snobs. Sometimes I go to Staples just to buy random supplies. And to smell the crayons - Crayola!

  5. Hi Vicky, wow you have such a nice and cheerful craft room/office. I love your frames too. Have a nice Sunday.

  6. You've been very busy Vicky and you craft room is looking great. I love that bee plate. I saw Pentatonix on The Sing Off a couple of years ago. It was an a capella competition TV show and it was quite awesome. Lots of great a capella talent out there. Their Drummer Boy rendition is really beautiful and uplifting. I will definitely be watching it again and again. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Vicky! Thanks for your sweet comment! And for being my new follower! :)
    I truly enjoyed seeing your lovely craft room and all your beautiful new and old treasures! I love TJ Maxx too! Wishing you a lovely long weekend and I`m happy that you all had a wonderful time spent with your beautiful niece! And many CONGRATULATIONS again! <333

  8. This post makes me happy Vicky! :o) I always love to see your craft room and the thrifty finds that you redo.



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