Sunday, May 4, 2014

Find Beauty Everywhere

If you truly love nature, 

you will find beauty everywhere.

~Vincent van Gough

Nature fascinates me. Those of you who have been visiting here for a while already know that. Being outside, discovering & photographing, enjoying the feel of sunshine on my skin, & breathing in the fresh, clean air are some of my favorite things to do. I love to look at the big picture and then take the time to zoom in to discover that which I might have missed had I not taken the time to look.

Here's the big mama and daddy's container gardens....

and fruit trees.

The big picture is beautiful on it's own...

but just look what you find, if you take the time to look. 
Such a pretty cluster of beans. They are going to be picked soon. There's almost enough for what we refer to in the south as a "mess" of them. Basically that means...enough to be worth cooking!

Peek through the leaves and see what's growing in there...a plump, green bell pepper.

Do you know what this hairy little guy is? Why, it's a cucumber of course!

The squash blossoms are such a vibrant shade of yellow. Look at the water pooled in the center of the flower after a couple days of rain.

The zucchini blossoms are pretty too, and just look at that  perfect zucchini attached to it!

Tomatoes are coming along nicely!

And the citrus trees are putting on fruit too...lemons, oranges, and grapefruit!  
I think these are lemons.

If you enlarge this photo and look really close, you'll see a little friend behind the stem underneath the blossom. A fat, little bumble bee. I tried to get a better shot of him, but he flew away!

The angel wing begonia blossoms are so pretty and the sun peeking out beyond was a welcome sight after so much rain.

I wanted to show you this planter my daddy built for mama. He built her two of them to plant some of her lilies in. She planted spider plants and impatiens in the triangular cut-outs. The pipe in the middle is for water.

The jasmine blooms remind me of a pinwheel and they smell so sweet!

Look at the blackberries! I love these tasty little berries! My granny (Willie Mae) used to make blackberry dumplings for the grandkids when we were little. Such sweet every sense of the word!

I love how the grapevines grab onto and wind themselves around whatever they can find.

And just look at the baby grapes....:)

Walking home now and I had to snap a picture of my sparkle berry tree.The rain washed the little white blooms off and the ground looks as if it is covered in snow.

When you zoom in, you will see that the little blooms look like bells. So pretty!

On into the house now...I decided to clean the table off and placed my new runner on it with a simple white pitcher. It needed something in it and when you live in the woods, it isn't hard to find some greenery. I went back out to the sparkle berry tree and cut a small branch off that still had some blooms on it. Here it is....simple but I love it!

I'm hoping to get to the plate wall later this afternoon. I have three new additions and can't wait to see them hung!

I pray each of you has a lovely Sunday afternoon. 
Mine will be...we're headed to mama and daddy's in just a bit for an early birthday dinner for my daddy. Today is also my niece, Taylor's 18th birthday. We celebrated hers last night with a little surprise party after she got home from work. This has been a lovely weekend filled with many wonderful family memories. I do wish my daughter Miranda could have been home, but I hope to see her next weekend since we have a family reunion and it's Mother's Day! 

Thank you for dropping by and until next time.....


  1. So enjoyed this post and the great pictures. Living in the center of the city I don't get to see gardens like the ones you photographed very often. But I too, enjoy sunlight, my camera and being outdoors. We had rain last night and the aroma of a spring night was lovely. Enjoy your sweet day!

  2. Love it, Vicky! The big picture us beautiful but the close ups have so many details we miss if we don't stop and look. ( kin of like life, mm?) thank you for sharing! Blessings back to you!

  3. Nature is beautiful and you capture it perfectly in your pictures. The jasmine flowers are a miracle in themselves by the perfection of their shape.

  4. I had hoped to have a vegetable garden this year, but Lulu changed that.

    Everything looks so lush and green.

  5. You sure do have a wonderful garden! It amazes me that you show pictures of vegetables grown and we will not plant until June here. :-) we still have some snow in our yard.
    The bear was here visiting yesterday, he tried eating our barbeque. He tore the cover to shreds, then visited last night and took the screen off the kitchen window and tried to get in. He's a two year old cub, bless his heart.
    Life in the mountains, never dull.
    Joy! Debbie

  6. Love your beautiful all of your produce looks delicious!

  7. I just loved all your container gardening pictures. Thanks for sharing! Be Blessed!

  8. The photography is so lovely. I would love to live near you so maybe I could score a mess of green beans. My granny made blackberry cobbler - hot from the oven with vanilla ice cream!

  9. Great garden photos. I always enjoy seeing them. I have some tomatoes and peppers planted in containers this year, with fingers crossed!

  10. Delightful post, my sweet friend! Your garden photos are lovely and have me craving fresh produce :)

    Thank you for sharing, dear Vicky! Love and hugs!

  11. Your veggies are growing! We just planted ours to day. It's late planting this year for us but as long as I produces it will be great.
    The pitcher is gorgeous filled with flowers!

  12. Nature is a true beauty of God.... Everything about it speaks life and has a fresh new start... I just love it too!

    I love all the little produce you are starting to get.... I would really love to plant a lime tree... What fun would that be! I could make an abundant amount of key lime pie! Yum.....

    We have yet to plant our greenhouse, we are a bit behind this year.. but we will get it done soon. I have been outside watering and weeding... Trying to get my strength back from being sick..... One day at a time.

    I hope you have a wonderful day!


  13. Hi Vicky everything is growing so nicely. Sadly I don`t have a garden, but if I did I would love to grow some of my own veggies just like you are doing! :) It must be such a treat, being able to use your own produce... Hugs Debbie

  14. I am SO jealous of all the veggies! Thanks for sharing the beauty of it all. Hope your weekend is wonderful!


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