Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Treasure Hunting...Again!

Hello and happy Wednesday! I have had a really busy week so far! How about you? Meetings after school every day this week and I have been trying to come home an walk a couple miles every day...until today that is...:( I started noticing a tickle in my throat yesterday causing cough attacks and today it is terrible, along with aches and pains and a low fever. Don't know what it is but I pray it is short lived. I came home and started taking some medicine, had soup for supper and have basically been lazy this evening. I really hope I can go to work tomorrow but we'll see.  

Anywho, not much going on to share this week but I never did share my last few treasures I share I shall! I went to the Hospice Attic last Friday after work and of course, managed to find a few things. I was really hard for me, but I did!

I thought this little gravy boat was a great deal at just $0.99. I may keep it but it will probably go to my Etsy  stock. I saw one just like it listed for $12.

I loved this adorable little cloche. Now, I think it was originally a tea light holder, but for $0.39, it came home with me to become a cloche. One day I will have to do a post of my cloche collection...:) I love them!

I got this vintage set of 6 heart tins for $0.99. They were still in the original packaging. 

I am trying to come up with a creative use for them for Valentine's Day. Maybe a garland....

I have a hard time passing up vintage dictionaries...especially when they are just $1! 
It's the teacher in me!

I bought this piece to put up until fall. A wooden pumpkin basket with metal handles and trim...$1.99.

Hearts were everywhere that day...they had recently put out all the Valentine's Day items. I got two bags of these glass heart taper candle holders for $1.29 each. Each bag had 8 inside. They hold a very skinny taper but I don't plan to use them for candles. Right now they are just piled in a bowl. Trying to decide what to do with them...ideas?

Here's a close up of a couple.

This new set of bakery stencils was just $0.29. I thought I might make cupcakes for my kinders....might! I am really trying to avoid sugar...:) One of the things I am trying to be BETTER at this year.

Close-up of the designs.

And, I was on my way to the cash register when I spotted this beauty in the glass display cabinet near the register. I saw the sticker said $3.99 and had to bring it home. It is just gorgeous. It has to be old...look at the brown showing through. I tried to find one like it and failed. I thought this would be perfect for fall or even Christmas decorating.

Do you know what kind of fruit this is! Most likely a berry since there are thorns on the stems.

The very next day, the hubby and I went to his mom's house to work on her pump and she took us out to lunch at Beef O' Brady's when we were finished. I had some delicious steak me some Mexican food. It's my favorite! On the way home, we stopped by a thrift store I had never visited before. I found this beautiful cut glass, amber colored bottle. It looks like a short decanter. Not sure, but I love this color and have been wanting something in this color for a while now. It was a little more than I would normally pay at $3, but I just love it. 

I bought this unfinished wooden H for $1. I have a hard time passing up the letter H and the number 4 if I find them.

And the last thing I found there were these two small cloches for $1 each. 
Couldn't pass them up for that price. 

I am off now as my cough is making me crazy and I think I will try to go to bed early. Thanks for visiting and as always...have a lovely week my friends!


  1. Hot lemon juice with some honey! Hot chicken broth! Vicks! For Vicky! Love all the finds, but the heart tins (BANNER!) and the gravy boat are my favorites. Of course, the dictionary would have been mine right away. Could the fruit be quince? Would a dowel fit into the heart taper holders. If so, you could make hooks for a rack. Wrap up tight and have a good night.

  2. So, I just bought my first cloche and don't know how to use it. The one spot I like it is on a shelf that my clumsy family bump a lot. I don't want it to break.

    Are you trying to make me feel old. That "vintage" dictionary looks exactly like the one I took to college.

  3. More lovely finds, I love that cloche too!

  4. Love your finds...that decanter is beautiful! And the die for! I first thought persimmon until you pointed out the thorn. Put rose hips in google images...looks a lot like that to me. You know, the "seed" or "fruit" of the rose that is left after the blossom drops off. Great find! You will love that for a lot of years.

  5. Hi Vicky, Great finds... thanks for sharing, I always enjoy seeing what kind
    of treasures you have found. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  6. I sure hope you are feeling better! Two of my grandsons are home sick today, I'm hoping the 3rd one and the parents don't get sick. The parents are smokers and I think that makes matters worse. I love all of your finds. the only thing my little brain could think of for the candle holders is to place a glass marble in the holder indention. I can't wait to see what you do with your treasures.

  7. I LOVE your thrifty finds! I am kinda new to the whole thrifting/junking idea and I'm pretty sure that I am hooked! Have a great day!

  8. I love those finds my friend. I could think of repurpose ideas for all of them. Just loved it. GREAT fun day shopping when you have treasures like that. Have a blessed weekend

  9. Oh look at your lovely finds! Your house must be filled with many beautiful treasures :) And those vintage heart tins are fabulous! I think a garland would be perfect - can't wait to see what you do with them

    Blessings to you, friend! Big hugs being sent to you

  10. What a fun bunch of finds! I envision the tin hearts in a garland alternating with cinnamon sticks tied with frayed red-check fabric. Don't know why - LOL - maybe I've seen that somewhere before. Always enjoy seeing what you've found!

  11. Feel better soon! Love all your finds but the platter and the little gravy boat are my favs!

  12. Love the gorgeous platter! Lots of nice finds. Love the tin hearts too. Lots of sickness going around. Tea with honey, Nyquil or aspirin and bed; then stay home tomorrow and repeat. :)

    Feel better!

  13. Hi Vicky, I do hope you are feeling better and not sick with a cold! I love everything that you bought and such great prices! Take care and feel better.


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