Monday, January 6, 2014

Decorating Up High!

Hello and happy Monday to you! I am back to work today, although I'd rather be home piddling around the house. I love having lots of breaks as a teacher but those breaks just make me remember how much I love to be at home. I had a fantastic two weeks off though and got lots of things done that needed to be done, but I also got lots of rest, enjoyed spending time with friends and family, got my craft on a few times, and had time to tweak some areas around the house...such as the kitchen, and my craft room
This week the focus was the top of the fridge, and top of the entertainment center....thus the post title....decorating up high!

I had basically the same things on top for a couple years now and would occasionally change things around to freshen it up, but I was reading a blog recently and saw a great idea. She bought a large basket at a yard sale and put it on top of the fridge to house cookbooks. Well, all my baskets were either too small or too large, but I happened to remember this metal freezer basket I bought at the Goodwill last year. I was using it to store some things in the craft room under a piece of furniture and really didn't need it in there, so I emptied it out to see if it would fit on top and it did.....perfectly!

I added several cookbooks, a jadeite mixing bowl, rolling pin, a dish towel from Ikea, and small glass measuring cup. After I took the photos, I aded my white ceramic muffin pan to the mix. I also added a sign to the front like the one I saw on the blog...can't remember which blog though. It was a new one to me.

You might remember the little wooden sign from this post. I sprayed it with chalkboard paint, had the hubs drill two holes in it, and added a piece of jute to hang it. I like it!

Here's another view. You can see cookbooks in the open cabinet in the background as well from this angle. 

Funny how changing one thing can make such a difference and make me so happy. It's the little things...:) 

I also tweaked the top of my entertainment center. I have been adding gold and silver touches around the living room. I have never really mixed these two before but I really like how it looks. This is the center portion. The book titles are all in gold, as well as the scripture (my favorite) on the big, red plate. The two candle holders are mercury glass and the angel has silver wings. I got the large mercury glass candle holder with my Michael's gift card my sister gave me for Christmas. It was a Christmas item and normally cost $14.99, but I got it for under $5! I really wish I had bought two of them now. The small candle holder was one of three I bought after Christmas a few years ago. I use them all the time! The angel was an after Christmas clearance item from a couple years ago. She watches over us all the time though...not just at Christmas.

The right side cabinet got a new silver basket I found at the thrift store the day I went to the dentist. I love it! It was $2.99. Another mercury glass candle holder sits beside it. The "Z" bookend is gold toned.

The left side cabinet holds the other bookend and candle holder, as well as a metal ice bucket I thrifted a few years ago. I have never really used it to decorate with but for some reason, I am really digging silver and gold things lately and I happened to remember it,  plopped it up there, and I love it! I actually had it in a spray paint stack along with several other items.....I'm so glad I didn't paint it.

Here's everything all together. I am loving it. 
Adding the new silver elements with the gold really works for me. 

I've also been tweaking the three side tables in the living room and will share those soon.

Thanks as always for visiting. 
I hope each of you have a beautiful week. 

Until next time.....


  1. Great ideas for your "up high" decorating. I really love your jadeite bowl and the silver basket.

  2. I like what you did Vicky! You are so creative and clever. Have a wonderful week. Julie

  3. Very creative Vicky! Love books and yours are so pretty with the gold. The top of most refrigerators are usually a jumbly mess, yours is so cute! My hubby built a cabinet over ours because he said I always has a mess up there, lol.

  4. Up high decorating can be so hard for me, but you did a great job! I love the basket on top of the fridge! Stay Warm!

  5. Love what you created up high.

    I have a shelf in the dining room that had the same arrangement for about 10 years. I finally changed it, but I just don't look up there that much.

    I love that you decorated with silver. I moved that way on some of my decorating too.

  6. I love your basket on the top of the fridge... I have been obsessed with jadeite recently. And your silver and gold composition with books is very elegant. Good luck with the kids back at school tomorrow.


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