Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Random Tidbits...:)

Just a few random tidbits to share with you today. First up is the new curtain panel for the guest room closet. I found a set of two of these at Ikea and knew they were perfect for the room as soon as I spotted them. Only one was needed for the closet, so I still have a full panel left along with enough to make a valance that I cut off this one. I don't know why it looks a little grey in the photo but I assure you, it is white. 

I love the tree trunks, leaves, and especially the sweet little birds...:) 
Perfectly fun and funky for the room!

I took this next photo when I came home from work yesterday. I walked in the kitchen and the way the sun was shining through the window and blue glass bottle was so pretty to me. I love the blue tint on a couple of the plant's leaves. 

Props to my team....the Florida State Seminoles for their National Championship win against Auburn last night in Pasadena, California! They scored the winning touchdown with less than a minute left in the game with a final score of  34-31! I was a bundle of nerves watching the entire game but they pulled it off and I am so happy for them....they truly deserved it! Jameis Winston, FSU's Heisman Tropy winning quarterback couldn't have received a better gift for his birthday yesterday. A perfect end to a perfect season....:)

And the last random tidbit for today is my string of twinkle lights with cupcake liner shades I hung in my craft room! You may remember me sharing them a few months ago. I made them for my classroom and while they looked really cute hanging in there, I never plugged them in. They wouldn't have been as pretty during the day in the classroom anyway, and besides that, the fire marshall might have made me take them down. So, before that happened, I decided to take them down while I was working today and brought them home to my happy place...:)

They sit perfectly along the longest wall and even hang down on each end. I just love the twinkle and glow they give to the room.

Such a dreamy look.....:) I can't wait to get in there and create something soon! I am thinking I need a comfy little chair and ottoman in there so I can sit and read with my lights twinkling.

But...for now, I need to go call all the kitties in for the night since we are supposed to have another hard freeze....ugh! Sadie Lou is already snoozing on the couch, but she is about to get called to her crate so I can hit the hay a little early tonight. I do not care for cold weather and the Florida humidity makes it feel even colder than it is. I know our weather is mild compared to so I'll stop complaining. I know I am blessed to have not only a warm home, but also a bed to sleep on and food to fill my stomach. So many across the world do not.
Have a wonderful Wednesday, and until next time..... 


  1. Love the way the lights look...good call on moving them home.

  2. The twinkle lights make me so happy! Love them in that room of yours! The IKEA print is so cute! Love IKEA! Stay warm and be blessed my friend!


  3. Love the pretty twinkling lights, Vicky :) I agree with Linda, they make me happy too!

    And your fabric for the closet is quite charming! Have a wonderful day, sweet friend!

  4. As a former Floridian with lots of friends still there...YAY Seminoles! :)

    Love your twinkling lights. Left my little white lights up on the indoor porch after xmas, white lights are good anytime!

    Very cool curtain design too.

  5. I have twinkle lights on the console table in the living room on a topiary. I love the soft glow. The bird print is great since you have added so many bird details to the room. I am glad the polar air is going back home! Get a good rest!

  6. That curtain is so cute! I love how it looks like doodling. Have you ever heard of Zen Tangles? It reminds me a lot of that!

    Unfortunately where I am at we haven't seen the sun in days :o( We had freezing rain last night and we have a weather warning for this weekend of winds up to 70 mph. I hate that... that means another roof patch job.


  7. I love the way the cupcake lights turned out. I was tempted to move my Christmas lights to the kitchen but hubby was having none of it! I hope the weather improves for you soon. We are have a bit of respite from the wind but the rain is still hammering down. Keep warm my friend. xx

  8. Hello Vicky, Your not complaining... Your just using your freedom of speech :)
    No matter the temps, we are all really blessed.
    Have a good week-end It's Friday!!

  9. I think the curtains are nice. I love the natural drawings; they look handmade. I've seen some cupcake lights on pinterest and had thought about them, too but I haven't made any. Everything looks good. Have a great weekend!

  10. The lights are so cute... what a fun touch to a fun room!

  11. I sure like the curtain panel - birds are one of my favorite motifs and these are adorable! You should absolutely put a comfy chair in that room... I have one in my mom-cave and it's sooo nice! The lights are such a neat idea!

  12. I love that new curtain in your guest bedroom. The birds are so cute on it.


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