Thursday, January 2, 2014

Treasure Hunting Freebies!

If you read my word of the year post yesterday, you might remember me saying I would be making some more of these....

I have had such fun creating these fun little signs. I have also been having fun playing in my craft room! I'll be sharing soon...but for now, I want to share some finds from my latest treasure hunt. My hubby, Joey took off work during the same two weeks as me and we have been hanging out together. Monday, he asked me if I wanted to go to town with him to pick up some new lenses for his welding helmet. Well, I really wasn't interested in shopping for lenses, but I did want to go to the Hospice Attic thrift, so I told him I would go if we could run by there....:) I had a loyalty card I had filled on my last trip and could get $10 off my next purchase. Woo! Hoo!
I was thrilled to see a 33% off everything in the store sign on the door when we got there as well. It was not easy, but I managed to find enough to use my $10 card....well, total was $9.40! 
Everything you see below was free with my card.....:)

You know me and jars! I had to have this adorable little guy and he was only $0.29 before the discount! The sweet little cranberry glass bowl was only $0.49 and the hardcover books are just $1. I already have this one but I picked it up for my mom or sister.

I had to have this little glass'll see why in a bit. It was around $2 I think. The black book is for decorating and the blue one is a Charles Dickens to add to my collection...both $1 each. And this adorable honey canister that just needs a honey server in it was $2.49. It's Pfaltzgraf, USA Heritage and I saw one on ebay for around $30! It's hard to see but it says honey on the front. I found an adorable honey server on Amazon with a bee on the end but I can't decide whether to get it or a plain one! 

The fringe trim below was just $1.49. There is probably 3 yards total.

The candle was $0.99, and the wood plate was $0.29.

This like new Southern Living cookbook was just $1.

The frame was $0.99...I love these old frames. They remind me of childhood since mama and granny used these type of frames when I was a kid...:)

These oval, wood handles should come in handy for something. I got 5 total for under $1. Ideas?

Now, here are some of the items already put to use.....

The glass basket is now keeping my little one company. My Aunt Loretta gave this to me years ago and I have never found another until the other day. I will use them in my Easter decor this year.

The little jar took the place of another jar on this shelf in my kitchen. It holds can tabs that we collect at school to help support the Ronald McDonald House. The ball jar holds Box Tops which we also collect at school. They earn ten cent each and they really add up over the year!

The cookbook is sitting in my cookbook easel.

The honey canister sits on this little shelf in my kitchen now and looks like it belongs here.

The black book and candle joined a vignette on a side table in the living room. 
I love the gold glitter stripes!

The cranberry glass bowl is sitting on the guest room windowsill. It is so pretty with the sun shining through.

Here is is with the rest of the vignette. 
The picture frame to the right is a new addition to the windowsill as well.

I thrifted it last year because I loved the size of it. I had painted it aqua but I thought black would look better with the bicycle picture. This was what it looked like before.....

And this is it now. I painted it with chalkboard spray paint because I like the flat finish. I added one of my note cards that Cecilia sent me in the ornament exchange. You might remember seeing it. 
I just love the way it looks...:)

I have so enjoyed having time to piddle around the house this week. This time off was much needed and it has been so pleasant. I will feel refreshed and be recharged to go back to work Monday. The kiddos don't return until Wednesday so I am hoping to have time to get caught up on school stuff between trainings on Monday and Tuesday. 
I do plan to fully enjoy my last 4 days of my break though...:) 
Tomorrow I have a dental cleaning and mama is riding with me. We are going to the fabric/quilt shop after my appointment as well as an antiques place and perhaps a thrift store I have never visited! Should be a fun day....I will try to snap a few photos to share...the fabric/quilt shop is just beautiful, as is the antique store. There is a cafe in the fabric store and a chocolate shop in the antique store. I love to visit these places...:) Hope you have a beautiful Thursday. 
Until next time.....


  1. Vicky you really found some wonderful items at that thrift store. I love the Honey canister, so cute! The cranberry bowl is another fav. You are a good shopper. Enjoy the rest of your time off!
    hugs, Linda

  2. I love your new finds Vicky and absolutely adore what you have done with them. Please share info on your quilt/fabric store. I'm always looking for new places to visit.

  3. What great finds. I'm especially taken with the cranberry glass. Wishes for a great rest of the week.

  4. Your finds are beyond that cranberry bowl. I really want to go shopping with you; I don't see how you do it!

  5. I agree with the others - the cranberry bowl is lovely - will look great holding all your Valentine's. I am glad you are enjoying your time off with your husband. I must admit to being a little jealous - none of our thirfts have loyalty cards!


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