Friday, January 3, 2014

Fabric, Quilts, and Antiques....Oh My!

Welcome to the Suwannee Valley Quilt Shop & Suwannee Rose Cafe! I must warn you that this post is extremely picture heavy but there is so much to share. I could spend hours in this place and still not see everything. I could have taken hundreds of photos!
Come on in and have a look around....

You are being greeted here by my beautiful mama and her sister, favorite aunt.
Isn't this just the cutest place?

I love the painted "quilt" on the sidewalk as you enter.

We stopped in the cafe first since I hadn't eaten all day. I had a dental cleaning appointment at 11:30 and didn't want to eat until after, so I was starving! Here's the coffee cup Aunt Loretta was drinking from. She and mama just had dessert.

Here was Aunt Loretta's dessert....she split it with me. It was absolutely decadent!

I had cheddar potato soup and half a turkey croissant.

There were still Christmas things spread here and there and lots of wintery decor. The ladies have been trying to get the Christmas stuff down and Valentine's Day things up, but they have to do it between customers and they stay pretty busy! The quilted runner over the doorway was so pretty.

I loved the sweet little owls.

I had not visited in over a year and did not realize they had put in an ice cream parlor! It is so neat! Lots of toppings in the jars along the bottom of the phote below. They had so many vintage things in here....LOVE!

All the little details are so charming.

I fell in love with the aqua blue seltzer bottles!

And the bar stools are perfect in the space!

This sweet quilt was perfect in the parlor.

I bought a piece of the fabric shown on this table. I plan to make a runner with it.

This old cash register is absolutely stunning! 
I would love to own this....don't know why, but I would!

There are a few tables and chairs spread around in one of the fabric rooms adjoining the parlor.

Here's an overview of the bar area.

There were many Christmas quilts still on display. 

This wintry decor was so pretty. They sell really unique pieces here.

This is the Christmas fabric room.

And the fall fabric room. I read on the website that there are over 6,000 bolts of fabric in this place!

Quilting books galore along with Christmas ornaments and other things for sale on the table. Love the cozy fireplace and check out the ruffled burlap piece hanging from the a skirt! 
Love it...:)

The door to the!

This area contains mostly food related fabrics.

Veggies, pretzels, fruit, name it! 
This is where I got the ice cream fabric I mentioned earlier.

More fruit themed the colors!

This sections was stripes, polka dots, chevron, etc.

A Florida Christmas net with glittered sea creatures in coral and aqua blue.

Oriental fabrics in this corner.

This parrot lives here and is hilarious. 
He mimics everything and could laugh just like me!

This adorable room holds children's fabrics.

The view from the other side of the room.

Love the old ceiling tiles and the exposed brick around the windows. This huge building used to be a Coca Cola bottling plant back in 1925. You can click on the link at the top of the post and read all about this place if you're into history and want to know more.

Love the signs outside that directs you to the various places to visit on the grounds. Notice the horse head at the top of the post. 

Let's stroll next door to the antique's building. Isn't this a sweet little garden area between the quilt shop and the antiques shop. A perfect place to enjoy a sandwich and dessert outside...minus the rain!

This building used to be an ice house. I only snapped a few photos in here. The weather today was gloomy and gray. It has rained almost nonstop for 48 hours here. I'm ready to see the sun!

So many gorgeous pieces here. Most of them are a little out of my price range..:) 
Still fun to look though! I did buy one little item which I'll share at the end of the post.

This corner houses vintage and antique sewing machines and notions.

Another gorgeous cash register! And I just noticed my reflection in the! You can see my 80's hair in all it's glory....good old Florida humidity!

A kitty cat quilt! There are quilts displayed here as well. There is a long arm machine quilting room in this building.

Lots of memorabilia.

The Ruffled Rose Tea Room...or one end of it. It is a large room full of tables to rent out for events. It would be perfect for a bridal shower or baby shower!

That's all the photos I took in there. I did snap a couple photos of this beautiful flowering bush just outside. I wish I knew what it was. I want one!

And here's the one item I bought! An adorable vintage frame for $2. I love the small size. It's similar to this one I shared yesterday.

And here's the adorable fabric I purchased to make a runner. I am going to actually try and hand quilt it too. Maybe you will see it before next! It will go perfectly with my vintage ice cream dishes and my Williams Sonoma frosted pastel sundae cups
Maybe I should keep my ice cream table and chairs after all!

Well, I hope you enjoyed your tour! I just love visiting these places. Have a blessed and beautiful Friday my friends. I do hope the sun peeks out here tomorrow.
Until next time.....


  1. The quilt shop reminds me of one of my favorite quilt shops. I try to avoid it because I can spend a fortune there. Have fun making your new table runner.

  2. I'm always in awe at what people can do when quilting! I love those little owls very much.

  3. What a great shop! Love the painted quilt at the entrance. The little owls are adorable, and I have a thing for old cash registers too... even though I have no room for one.

  4. Wow, what a sweet place and surely a quilter or sewer's dream! Love all those fabrics. Good for you doing some quilting, I can't sew a stitch. :)

  5. I just love to look at fabric patterns - I could spend days in there especially the florals. Thanks for taking us along with Mama and Aunt Loretta. (I feel like I am on a first name basis with those two lovely ladies!) You have to keep the ice cream parlor set until you finish the table runner.

  6. Hi Vicky, thanks for that tour of the fabric shop, it looks like a great place and such pretty fabrics. Have a great weekend.

  7. Such an amazing quilt shop and looks like a fun day Vicky. If I ever make it up your way I'll be sure to pop in and maybe catch up with you.

  8. Such an amazing quilt shop and looks like a fun day Vicky. If I ever make it up your way I'll be sure to pop in and maybe catch up with you.

  9. What a fabulous place. I think I could take an entire vacation there. We used to get seltzer delivered in blue bottles like the ones you photographed. Love the fabric you chose. What fun!

  10. Oh my, oh my, OH MY! Look at that dessert!! Where can I get a piece? :) Notice I started this comment with what is important - food :) haha Okay, moving on...I LOVE the door to the bathroom! How fun is that?! It looks like such a great place to visit (not the bathroom, but the quilt shop) and the antiques are simply lovely. If I went there I am sure I would end up with WAY TOO much stuff :)

    I have missed you, Vicky, and I hope you had a blessed Christmas. May you have a wonderful New Year, friend! Many hugs to you

  11. That is one great quilt shop! My Mom would love it!! Sounds like you had a great time. Love the fabric and that little frame is so cute!

  12. Wonderful shop! Thanks for the great tour.

  13. I love places like this...I don't know which part of this place I like best. It's all wonderful. Thanks for taking me on a mini tour!


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