Sunday, December 1, 2013

Guest Room Reveal...:)

I finally have a chance to share my new spare room with you. If you have visited me over the past couple weeks, I am sure you have heard mention of this. The hubby and I have been working hard to get this room ready for our daughter's visit over Thanksgiving break.  This room is tiny...seriously tiny. It is approximately 100 square feet counting the closet! It is our fourth bedroom and has served many purposes over the years, from playroom to closet to bedroom. We had some major water damage to the ceiling, floor and one wall some time back so the back wall and part of the ceiling and floor had to be torn  out and rebuilt. This room has been serving as a junk room while we were saving money to remodel it. We have been wanting to replace our old carpeting for some time now and found an awesome deal on laminate flooring with Lumber Liquidators that we couldn't pass up, so we bought enough flooring to do our entire house minus the two bathrooms, my craft room, and my son's room. Our plan is to work on one room at a time until we get it like we want it and then start another one.
With all that said.....I want to share the room we just finished. We have one more project left to do in here,  but we ran out of time to do it, so I will share that soon!

I am very pleased with how the room turned out. We painted it all white to brighten it up and make it appear larger. I painted the chest of drawers and headboard black. I love the black against the white walls. The old chest was belonged to my Granny Valentine and was in pretty bad shape before I redid it. I ordered glass knobs for the top drawer and am waiting on them to come in. 

I still have something to do to the headboard and I will share it when I finish. It was one of my thrifty finds for $7 earlier in the year. The wall pocket on the left was thrifted a couple years ago. It holds silk hydrangeas and an old hankie. The bird canvases were a gift from my sister a few years ago. There are four of them....two on each side of the room. 

The prints above the headboard were purchased at Beall's Outlet last weekend. I fell in love with them and knew they would look great in this room. By the way, these pictures show the room being lived in. That's Miranda's leather messenger bag I bought her for her graduation from Florida State University last year. Her laptop bag is sitting beside it....she's a blogger too..:)

I love the way the sun is streaming in the window in the photo below. This little room gets the best morning light! See it in the glass knob on the wall rack and on the curtain covering the closet in the left. This picture shows the luggage rack which was thrifted a few years ago for $2 and has been painted red, pink, and now aqua. It used to hold my printer in the craft room. Makes a great luggage stand doesn't it? The rack above was a gift from mama a couple years ago. The little afghan hanging from it was crocheted by my husband's aunt for Miranda years ago. A thrifted tassel and a bird hang from two of the hooks.

I love the window ledge my hubby built. He built me one in my craft room too and I love the extra display space. You can see the gazebo out the window that my dad built for Joey and I to get married in over 25 years ago...:) It needs a little TLC too.

These two pieces hang on the tiny wall to the left of the closet.....they were both thrifted. The closet holds lots of stuff and I will share it one day soon.

Here is the closet wall. For now I have a vintage sheet hanging here. I am on the lookout for something different though. The arrow points to the area where we have a project to finish.

Here is a close up of the floor. I love the has an aged, weathered look to it. 

This little thrifted vanity tray sits on the chest of drawers and holds a small devotion book, the hand I thrifted a while back, a cute little bird, and a thrifted crystal clock. 

It is such a pretty tray. I paid a little more for this than I typically do, $10 I think, but I just loved it. After I bought it home and did the research, I found I got a great deal on it as they go for $50-$100 on ETSY and ebay.

This aqua blue mirror was a gift from my mother-in-law several years ago. It came with lotions and perfumes and was originally unpainted wood. I painted it a couple years ago and like it so much better now. I think it looks good on the chest of drawers. I just noticed I need to clean it...I left streaks everywhere! My mom gave me the lamp a while back. She was tired of using it and passed it on to me. It looks perfect in this room.

Here's another window shot and you can see the ceiling in this picture. 

Here is another shot with more of the ceiling in it.

Here is a close up of the valances. They are black and white sheer toile called Country Life by Waverly. I bought them at a yard sale for $2. There were four of them. The other two hang over my kitchen window. I really like them in this room.

Last photo for now...a close up of the cover on the bed. I wanted a white chenille cover, but my mother-in-law had this one she was putting in her yard sale and I love it. It has a very pale yellow background. It is perfect in the room. 

Well, I am off to get ready to head up to my mother-in-law's house for lunch and to help decorate for Christmas. We are having a huge family get together there before Christmas and there is lots to do! 
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Have a blessed day everyone and until next time.....


  1. Your guest room looks beautiful! I love all the little birds scattered about. I'm sure your daughter will love sleeping there, it's such a cozy and calming room.

  2. Vicky the guest room looks so warm and welcoming! Love all the special touches. Thrifty, family things and crafted! You made a great room for you daughter to stay in when she visits! Enjoy decorating today!

  3. What a gorgeous little room! I love the clean of black & white. The luggage rack is perfect since it is a guest room. thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Vicky, the guest room is so pretty the way you decorated it in black & white! You can add so many accent colors with black & white! My guest room is also my craft room and storage room! Lol. Take care and I hope you have a nice week. Julie

  5. You have decorated this beautifully Vicky. The colours are classic and the accessories look so perfect in this setting. My son's room is black and white and it just looks so fresh and modern. Have a wonderful week xx

  6. I love how the room turned out, very bright andyet full of personality with all your items. The valances are perfect. I have a thing for toile! Should I write a post about the gorgeous ornaments I received or is there a special date when I sould share about them?

  7. Wonderful! You are so right; your clever decorating skills along with the floor and walls have definitely increased the size of the room. Love the valances and spread...perfect together...

  8. Okay, so when is Miranda leaving so the rest of us can come and stay? You made an excellent decision to keep the color palette simple in the small room - it gives it a very open feel. Love all the birds and that black and white toile. Enjoy the decorating! I have the same question as Magali.

  9. Great job on the room! There are sooooo many treasures in there. I can't imgaine there is anything else to be done in that space.

    Hope you had a great weekend.

  10. What a pretty guest room. You did a great job. Love the black and white.

  11. Oh Vicky, It looks really nice! Great Job!!
    Loved all the decor also! Let me know when it's available for the next round of company HINT HINT :)
    Have a blessed week dear friend! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! And don't look now but here comes Christmas :)
    Blessings, Roxy

  12. Your guest room turned out just lovely Vicky! Love the black and white toile valance, and the aqua blue mirror is very sweet..

  13. It is just gorgeous, you did such an amazing job redoing this room and it is truly beautiful. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  14. It's a fabulous room and anyone would be honored to stay there! I'm sure they will feel right at home and welcome. Love your re-do!


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