Monday, December 9, 2013

Three Tabletops!

Can you believe it's already December 9th? This month is flying by and I have so much to do and very little time to do it! I have barely begun my Christmas shopping and don't even know what I am getting everyone this year....except for my daughter Miranda. She's always so easy to buy for...:) Anywho, I wanted to share a couple thrifty finds I bought yesterday and have added to my Christmas decor already. The hubby and I had to town to return something and he wanted to run by the flea market for a bit, so of course I said sure. I am trying to not buy so many treasures just because they are a good deal. I have to either have to know what I am buying it for and have a good plan for it, or it has to be something I already collect. I am even trying to be more selective in choosing things for my collections too. Well, I found this gorgeous tray for just $1 and had a perfect plan for it! It just needed a new coat of paint. 
Here is the before.....

You can see the difference in the gold here.

I also bought this cute little deer for just $0.50 and knew I could use him in my Christmas decor. I didn't like the color of his antlers, so.....

They got a new coat of gold paint as well.

I also bought this Christmas Carol children's book for $0.50. I started collecting versions of this story a couple years ago after I found an old Dickens theme ironstone bowl at the flea market. This makes my third book.

Here is the bowl I found. It is one of my favorite finds ever. I just love it. This is the scene on one side. The words at the bottom left of the picture says Dickens Days.

Here is the other side of the bowl.

The blank sides have painted holly and berries on them.

And here is everything all put together. I already had most of this on the table, but switched out my burlap tray with the new one, and added the deer and new book. The little white pitcher is one from my collection and holds fresh cedar trimmings from a huge cedar tree on my parents' property.

Here is what the bowl favorite candy! Lindt Lindor Truffles are so smooth and creamy. The white chocolate are my favorites! 

That's one of my side tables in the living room. The other two hold my mini nativities. 
Here is one.

I have had this little nativity set for a long time...almost my entire married life. The new book, The Christmas Journey that my sweet sister, Nancy bought me a few weeks ago lays on the table beside it. 

The last table in the living room holds some others. I just realized I am missing one of them. It must not have gotten unpacked...:(

I love this one! My cousin's wife, Lali is from Peru and when she went home for a visit a few years ago, she bought this sweet little Peruvian nativity set back to me. Isn't is adorable? 

I hope you enjoyed my three tabletops. I will be back to share more of my Christmas decorations soon. Thanks for stopping by to visit! Until next time.....


  1. The gold antlers.. too cute! Great decorations. Hope you have a good evening.. -Tina

  2. Paint is such a miracle thing isn't it. Cute vignette for sure. I love your Nativities! I'm still working on my Christmas gifts and want to do some baking also. Hugs!!

  3. Sweet, sweet nativity them all. Your ability to transform "finds" into treasures continues to amaze me!

    1. Thanks so much're too sweet!

      Blessings, Vicky

  4. So enjoyed your sweet tabletops. Thanks so much for sharing them, and your blog header is adorable.

  5. Great job on the antlers Vicky! Love all your decorations.

  6. LOVE the nativity set. It's so fun.

    I wanted to stop by to wish you a Merry Christmas. Although I'm not blogging these days - for many reasons- I hope to get back to it in 2014.

    Big Christmas hugs to you! Marla


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