Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Jingle Bells!

What hangs on your door for Christmas? 
Do you make or buy something new every year or are you like me and hang the same thing on your door year after year?  Years ago, I believe it was before my husband and I even married, his grandma made the "wreath" that adorns our door each year. Grandma Lottie was one talented and creative lady and I am blessed to have known her. Down here in Florida, we have plants called palmettos. They are of the palm family. They are plentiful and grow wild in these parts. Anywho, she could take one frond and split each leaf and somehow plait them to look like the one below. They are bright green and very pliable when they are fresh cut and then dry out to look like this one. 

She made hats and other things from them as well. I added little red bows and bells to the end of each braid years ago and it makes the sweetest jingle each time the door is opened. This is one of my favorite Christmas decorations and it will always adorn our door at Christmas. I really want to paint the door black next year and I think it will look really nice against a black background. What do you hang on your door for Christmas?

I wanted to share a sweet little something I received in the mail from my lovely blog friend Chel from Sweetbriar Dreams. Chel sent me this adorable little stocking ornament as a thank you for hosting the ornament exchange. This was so very sweet of her...she is such an amazing photographer and I urge you to go check out her blog if you don't already know her. You will not regret it! She is featuring a photo a day for  the Advent season and I look forward to this each evening!

Chel is from the UK and she said she sent me an ornament all the way from Blighty (that's a nickname for Britain). I just love it! Thanks are so thoughtful.

Inside were a few gold and silver coins...chocolate coins that is! :)

I hope your week is going well and stress free! I am having a fun and busy week with my kinders. They are such fun at Christmas! Have a lovely Thursday my friends and until next time.....


  1. It is so wonderful to have a handmade and heartloved decoration for your door. I love braided palmetto items and this one is quite lovely. Such a sweet little stocking.

  2. Hi Vicky I love what you have hanging on your door and the little stocking from Chel is adorable. Julie

  3. Oh Vicky, I love your door decoration made from palmetto, a very special decoration indeed. We always put up the traditional 'fake' evergreen wreaths with a red bow. Hoping to do something different next year.

    Love your stocking from sweet.

  4. Your door decoration is just great...and how special that it is from 'grandma'!
    Isn't that fun and sweet that Chel sent you that cute ornament all the way from Blighty such a nice addition to your tree. xo

  5. Love the braided Palmetto! I do miss a lot of thing about Florida. How special it was made by your Grandmother! Very sweet ornament. Isn't it wonderful how many great folks we met through blogging? :)

  6. Love your door ornament. So different and so Florida! That little stocking it so cute!

  7. Love your door decoration and even more that it has such a special family memory.

  8. I love the door decoration, it looks like lots of corn dollies. And so glad you have received the little stocking. Just a little token to say thank you from good ol' blighty! xx


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