Sunday, December 8, 2013

Florida Snowmen

Ahhh.....sweet Sunday afternoon. Can I just say I am relishing my time this afternoon. I have had an extremely busy past few days and am enjoying sitting down to catch up on reading blogs and write a Christmas post. I was out of town for two days and nights at the Kindergarten Conference in Orlando. It was absolutely wonderful and I learned so much! I also did a little shopping for Christmas and went to Ikea and found curtains for the guest room closet. I can't wait to get them hemmed and put up so I can share. They couldn't be more perfect. 
Anywho, I started decorating the day after Thanksgiving and finished it in two days, but just haven't had a chance to share anything yet. That's why I'm here today....:) 
I love snowmen and have quite a collection of them. I of course, don't buy just any snowman I see since there are oodles of them everywhere, but if I see one that speaks to me and says "take me home", I will occasionally buy one. Many of mine were gifts from Secret Santas at work over the years as well. I decorate my entertainment center and side cabinets with my snow related things. 

One of my favorite things is this adorable metal snowflake bucket I have filled with sparkly "snowballs" and an adorable tag. The tag was in the ornament section and I got it on clearance after Christmas a few years ago. It is all glittery and I love it!

The snowman on the left started my collection several years ago. She is all metal and there are springs under her skirt which allow her to bob up and down. She is quite large at around 18 inches tall. The top right corner photo shows a gift from a Secret Santa a few years ago. It is a snow family standing around a camp fire....too cute! It holds tea light candles as well.

This shows my entertainment center and side cabinets. See the big snow girl on top. I hang clear snowflake ornaments from the handles of the two side cabinets. I love that they light pretty.

Here are the two top shelves of the light up cabinets. The left shows my teacher snow girl that my Aunt Loretta gave me years ago. She is so sweet with her glasses, apples on her dress and slate and ruler in hand. I surround her with snow students of all shapes and sizes. I love the big headed one in the red hat and green scarf in the middle and the long legged one with the green and red stripe scarf on the right. They are all too cute (just like my real students)! The left side holds a painted wood and metal snowman that was a Secret Santa gift a few years ago and a skiing snowman angel in the back right corner.

The left middle shelf holds another Secret Santa gift snowman...the one on the left with star cutouts. He holds a tea light candle. I love the one with Believe on the bottom snowball too...:) The only new one I bought this year was the small one on the right holding the FSU sign for Florida State team and my daughter's Alma mater! They have been undefeated this year and are going to Nationals! The snow globe snowman has a scarf in the FSU colors of garnet and gold as well. The right side holds another Secret Santa snowman....the metal one with the big poinsettia on the left. He holds a tea light as well. I love the one on the right that is all crooked. He is made from three yarn balls and is just the happiest little fella!

The bottom left holds a couple ornament snowmen and an adorable snowman holding a star that my daughter gave me a few years ago...:) The right side holds a skiing Lucite snowman as well as another smaller Lucite snowman and a bowl full of snowballs.

I spread snowflakes and snow all around to make it more festive and love it even though it is a mess to clean up every year. I absolutely love snow and hardly ever get to see it but at least I get to enjoy my snow friends each Christmas. They bring me lots of joy! These next two stinkers bring me lots of joy as well....and they seem to be enjoying the Christmas season too!

Sadie fell asleep in front of the tree...:) And Farrah decided to take a nap on the Christmas tin that holds my Christmas movies. Sweet...:)

I hope you enjoyed looking at my collection. I will be sharing more over the next week or two. I have an extensive gingerbread collection as well! I pray each of you has a wonderful week.
 Until next time.....


  1. Love all the snowmen! Wonderful collection and great display.

  2. Beautiful collection! I love snowmen!

  3. Hi Vicky, you have a nice collection and I love the way it decorated! So festive for Christmas! Have a wonderful week.

  4. I am trying to decide whether my snowmen will make an appearance this year. But after seeing all your cute ones, they may come out and play. Love the teacher vignette. Sorry about FSU going to the Championship - I was pulling for Duke against all odds. have a happy week. Bet those kinders are climbing the walls with excitement.

  5. your snowmen are so cute! One thing nice about them (at least here, in the Midwest), is that we can leave them up long after Christmas. Cats are funny- they can fall asleep in the strangest places.

  6. Vicky you have such a sweet collection of Snowmen!! Love how you have them displayed! Charlie has been sleeping under the tree! hugs, Linda

  7. Love all of your snowmen. I have a lot of snowmen, but I didn't put many of them on display this year.

  8. I LOVE snowmen too! You have an amazing collection Vicky. Thanks for sharing pics...your home looks so festive :)

  9. Your collection of snowmen are just too cute! Your home looks so pretty and festive for Christmas, Vicky :) I hope your Monday is going well!

    Love and hugs to you!


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